Internetzzzz by Brown Cardigan



Because now every day is like Monday* on the world wide web.


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The Choice of a New Generation

LSD’s Long, Strange Trip

Court Appeal


Look ace even while getting aced.

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I’m With Stupid


A new print by Nicole Eisenman to accompany her “Al-Ugh-Ories” show at the New Museum.

Connoisseur of Pain


Justin Schmidt rates insect stings for a living.

Dong Di Dong Dong


A Massachusetts man has received America’s first penis transplant.

Turbo Stealie


Eddie Martinez for Stolen Faces.

Seymour Chwast at War with War


The graphic design legend is seeking to publish a new book edited by Steven Heller that visualizes 5,000 years of war.

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Jonwayne – “Wonka” (Stream)


Beginning to End, One of the Best


Today marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most complete albums ever made, De La Soul is Dead. Listen here.

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


I hereby uninvent the conference call

How did saying “is that a thing?” even become a thing?

The Natural Springs of New York City

A Brief History of Logo Jacking

How the Rolling Stones found “Satisfaction”

The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Al Jaffee Shows How He Invented the Iconic “Folds-Ins” for Mad Magazine

Creatives, designers and drugs: what are they on, and why?

How do you use your purple Crown Royal bag?

Harry Crews and ‘Going Down in Valdez’

The History of Cybersex

A Writing Template for the Content Industry

Shit Furniture


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

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Friday’s Vault

Jeremy Klein in Birdhouse’s Untitled video, 1993

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