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Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting

How Darryl Dawkins Changed The NBA

You’re now free to complain about the Wi-Fi

Italian Neighbors Build a Social Network, First Online, Then Off

Should Fans Fear Side Projects?

Airline Posters From Flying’s Golden Age

How People With Disabilities Have Sex

Making Nemo

The mystery of why it’s impossible to pull apart phone books

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain—and Driving the Prop Master Crazy

Stock photos of ‘punkers’

The truth about bathroom sensors (and why they fail so often)

— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Santa Cruz – Streets On Fire (1989)

Starring: Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Natas Kaupas, Jeff Kendall, Claus Grabke, Jeff HEdges, Jeff Grosso, Corey O’Brien, and Skip Engblom

Fist Bump to Cross


Walking in LA is bullshit. As really the only form of exercise I ever got in New York, I thought I would carry the trend on over to the West Coast when I moved out earlier this year. While I still hoof it from place to place in my neighborhood, this city makes you feel uncomfortable doing it. First, there’s the fact that there’s nowhere worth walking to. It just seems that all the best places to go, you need to be driving or be driven. No bodegas either. Secondly, you can’t jaywalk, which is dumb. Let me cross the road when I feel like I can safely enough do it. And finally, this thing where you have to push a button to get a walk signal? Fuck you. Let me jaywalk or automatically turn it on. The unnecessary stress of having to remember to hit that button really ruins a peaceful activity. Great weather though.

Alfredo Adán recently made the task of pushing the walk button a little more enjoyable by turning the act into a fist bump. Good work from him on that.

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“The only thing I think first is ‘make sure them ribs is right’”

Robert Wright, a man who at 3 o’clock in the morning saved his ribs and his kids from an apartment fire in Fresno. The only injury our hero sustained was smoke inhalation, but because he already had other smoke in his lungs, he was unharmed.

Tyler Durden lives!


Fight Club 2 is Chuck Palahniuk’s 10-part comic sequel to his 1996 book.

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Exploring the Boundaries of Perception


Moon Collective’s Corduroy Camp Patch Hat will help you keep your head—and give you some funny textures to touch—as you journey into the unknown.

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The Wide World of Weed


Pot News For Those Who Partake


Hot Box Heaven: Adult Swim announces a Drive-In Theater tour

“Delete and fast-forward,” the mantra of Willie Nelson

Cosmo turns green: What Smoking Weed Can Do To Your Relationship

The Green Rush: Making money on tech in the emerging Cannabis Sector

Higher Ed: Not since the Seventies have more students smoked pot in college…

… Meaning that this news about ganja lowering men’s sperm count is great for Co-Eds…

… Still, shotgun weddings happen, except now they feature cannabars.


China, China, China

Trump, Trump, Trump

Robin Holzken is…


Wednesday’s Muse

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Extreme Consumption

How much of stuff (or lack of stuff) will kill you.

Creators No Longer Creating


Notable deaths from the month of August


Wes Craven, King of Slasher Films

Sean Price, Bucktown rapper

Darryl Dawkins aka “Chocolate Thunder”, NBA backboard breaker

Stephen Pizzurro aka “The Pizz”, Lord of Lowbrow Art

Noah Davis, L.A. Painter and Installation Artist

Sasha Petraske, Cocktail Club Impresario

Nelson Shanks, Portraitist of the Prominent

Frank Gifford, NY Giants Star and Sports Broadcaster

Bob Johnston, Legendary Music Producer

The Catcher of the Fade – EP (Stream)


Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, milo, VerBS, Nietzche Cortez, and William Thedford IV come together for 4 tracks of spaced-out West Coast hip-hop.

Download Here

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