DC’s Mayor for Life Has Left This Earth


Rest In Peace, Marion Barry. We’ll never forgive that bitch Rasheeda for setting you up.

“It seems really weird to say that I am clean, it doesn’t really seem possible.”


Pete Doherty pens a thoughtful letter from rehab in Thailand

The Surrealist’s Cookbook

A look through Salvador Dali’s Les diners de Gala

“I Never Ever Want to Go There Again”

Sandy Kim tells a Classic Tale of a forced trip in Miami

Sans Francisco


Apple recently released their first in-house designed font in close to 20 years. Named ‘San Francisco,’ the sans-serif font comes in 23 variations that you can download here

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting

How to Conquer Deadbeat Vending Machines

Window Washing Skills Beyond a Robot’s Reach

Are Wikipedia’s Days Numbered?

How to Fix the New York Subway: Some Alternative Proposals

Wet Hot American Summer looks very, very different when it’s recut as a Martin Scorsese film

What Defines Your Identity? Not Your Memories But Your Moral Decisions

The Secrets Our Passwords Contain

“The Internet Show,’ an Hour-Long PBS Special From The Dawn Of Cyberspace

When Good Writers Turn Bad in Bed

How To Fold The World’s Best Paper Airplane


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Scott Johnston in Mad Circle’s Let The Horns Blow (1996)

Listen Below: Wu-Tang Clan, YACHT, Ghostface Killah, John Wesley Coleman, & More


New and recent music for your desktop speakers
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All Dried Up

Due to one of the worst droughts on record, California’s Central Valley is becoming a dustbowl and leaving its inhabitants and workers with an uncertain future. This terrifically shot film by Matt Black tells the story.

‘God Baby’


Born with four arms and four legs at a hospital in West Bengal, some see this baby as “badly deformed,” some see this baby as “a sign of the end of the world,” and some see it as a new “Indian God.”

“I could go iron now… for days. I love to iron.”

Grandma’s first bong hit was a success

This Is Your Spine on Texting


All that looking down is equivalent to hanging a 60-pound weight around your neck.

The First Brother in the Neighborhood With a Business

At 80 years old, Earl Phillips is one of Cleveland’s last remaining sign painters.

#1 Stunna


Chris Ofili’s new edition on the occasion of “Chris Ofili: Night and Day” at the New Museum is a happy dick on a skate deck.

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Head Kerchief


Wes Lang made art for a bandana by imogene + willie

The Longest Week


Using this new Bacon Making Kit from Williams-Sonoma, it’ll take seven days to turn your freshly bought pork belly into skillet ready delicious bacon.

What’s Real Anymore?


Year After Year, The World’s Best Calendar

A look through 12 months of models photographed by Steven Meisel for the 2015 Pirelli Calendar

{note: boobs}
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The Rise and Fall of John DeLorean by Suzanne Snider

By 1999 John DeLorean was bankrupt and swimming in $85 million debt, but he still hoped that his namesake De Lorean car would eventually come back into style. The thought wasn’t entirely absurd – Volkswagen was enjoying phenomenal success with its ‘new’ Beetle and the retro-styled PT Cruiser was a hit for Chrysler. Then again the De Lorean Motor Company’s signature car, the DMC-12, only had a ten to 11-month run of less than 9,000 cars. In other words, the 1982 De Lorean car was retro by 1983. By 1985 the De Lorean was a joke in Back to the Future, so dated it made for a perfect time machine.

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