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Because this is when you need the internet the most…

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Before and Further

A look through DABSMYLA’s colorfully massive indoor / outdoor installation at the Modernica Factory in Vernon, CA. This is your last week to see the show, on view through November 15th, 2015.

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And May This Be The End of a Trend


Team Costanza with the walk-off home run.

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


French Vending Machines Dispense Short Stories Instead Of Snacks

How an Instagram Account Became a Portal to 1990s Chicano Gang Life

What We Think About When We Run

How “truther,” a word for 9/11 conspiracists, became an all-purpose epithet

The million dollar bag

One man’s war on Hollywood

New Deep South

The Bill Murray Problem

Questions To Ask Before Giving Up

Evolution of the backpack

Why do we have the taste we have?

The Reinvented Visions of Richard Serra

The Internet Is Just Broken


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Bo Turner in Alien Workshop’s Memory Screen, 1991

A Voluptuous Pour


Todd James made an outstanding Teapot sculpture edition with Case Studyo.

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Q Branch Incorporated

Every Bond Gadget Ever.

Art Across America


Notable openings this week in NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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Sofia Resing is…


Wednesday’s Muse
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Skateboarding Photographs from the Early 90’s


I found this box of slides in my parent’s basement that were left over from the days when I was a “skate photographer.” —Dave Schubert

“I’m just an obnoxious guy who can make it appear charming”

Bill Murray, still just a punk kid on the inside.

The Wide World of Weed


Pot News For Those Who Partake

Willie Nelson’s war on big budda business

Ohio and a potential Marijuana Monopoly

Sean Parker and California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act

How can Snoop Dogg smoke 80 blunts a day?

What life with pot looks like when it’s been basically legal for 40 years

The Secret World of Trimming

Is Marijuana the New Organ Transplant Wonder Drug?


Should You Smoke Weed Before A Date?


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