Because With Energy Drinks, You Can Do Everything

Like paraglide in Norway through Aurora Borealis.

Melody Le is…


Wednesday’s Muse

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“The best roast in the world”


The Mississippi Roast will make you into a slow cooker in no time.

photo: Melina Hammer for The New York Times

A Business With No Sign Is a Sign of NO Business


With no mention of the heavy hitters… The Revival of America’s Hand-Painted-Sign Industry.

Sign by Jeff Canham


Eddie Alcazar takes Flying Lotus to Sundance.

“I think Trump’s sort of cheap, though”


Andy Warhol reflects on the Donald after a failed commission in the Mid-1980s.

Bird Moves


Gif-out to a year of migration for 118 bird species across the Western Hemisphere.

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What It Is


It’s that one and only time of the year where you have the chance to get on Jeopardy.

R. Kelly question by Vacancy Projects

ArtFits (vol. 20)


A look at people and the outfits they wear to art openings in New York City.

Photographs by Christos Katsiaouni

Location: The Outsider Art Fair (01/21/2016)

Nu Liife


by Andrew Jeffrey Wright / @ajw4ever

Obey My Million Dollar House


Shepard Fairey puts his former Los Feliz home on the market for $1.84 million. With his artwork exclusively gracing the walls, it’s like a solo show at every viewing.

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Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


Hipster Mattresses: Why?

The long slow gentrification of Punk Rock

In Praise of the Quiet Life

Do You Have to Be Rich to Make It as an Artist?

The Man Who Brought Us T-Rex

Where are the Female Music Producers?

Why Chefs Love Popeyes

How L.A. is built to stay as dry as possible

The Life and Times of Clarence Reid and His Profane, Tacky, Visionary Alter Ego

Inside America’s For-Profit Bail System

The intellectual property of jokes


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

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