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by Andrew Jeffrey Wright / @ajw4ever

Boom Shakalaka

The True Story Behind ‘NBA Jam

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


The Post Office Makes America Great

Why Do I Jerk Awake As I’m Falling Asleep

Can an upstart studio reinvent the movie industry?

How to Cultivate the Art of Serendipity

For Internet To Go, Check The Library

What it’s like to be an art handler for real housewives, Wall Street weasels, and Jay Z

“What a film director really directs is the audience’s attention.”

I spent years turning my council house into the Sistine Chapel

Life at the edge of the world

Why George Lucas once sued 2 Live Crew front man Luther Campbell

The Triumph of Email


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Jeremy Klein in the Tracker Stacked video, 1991.



With the help of Yves Béhar, Kodak is bringing back the pistol-gripped Super 8 as a hybrid film/digital camera replete with a mail-in development service.

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Art Across America



Notable openings in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
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You come at the king, you best not miss

An animated homage to The Wire, by Elliot Lim.

Kristina Sheiter is…


Wednesday’s Muse

{note: boobs}
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Applying the Golden Ratio


The Creation of Manchester

The Wide World of Weed



Pot News For Those Who Partake

This week’s Wide World of Weed is presented by Zamnesia, Europe’s largest online Smart Shop

Burn One For Bernie: Bernie Sanders Calls for an End To Cannabis Prohibition

Tasty Nuggets: A look at fast food employees who got blazed on the job

Out of State License Plates: A California Deputy got caught with 247 lbs in Pennsylvania

Save the Fisher: Rodenticide and illegal grows in Northern California endanger a species

High Dining: Meet Aspen’s go-to chef for cannabis cuisine

New York City Diesel: A look inside Manhattan’s first medical marijuana dispensary

Sticky Situation: A Florida woman’s plans to smoke a blunt later foiled by a police stop

Sisters of CBD: Self-ordained nuns VS. a conservative California town


He’s a Real Housewife: John Mayer Explains His Recreational Drug Use


Dunes and Lagoons


The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Northeastern Brazil.

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The Parachute Ending

Will Sweeney for Birdy Nam Nam, 2009

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