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The Spirit of BACARDÍ



Every brand has a story to tell, but some are able to explain it differently. To help bring their 152-year-old history to life, BACARDÍ put together a graphic novel dream team from two continents to create The Spirit of BACARDÍ – a graphic novel telling the stories behind the Bacardí family and Company origins in Cuba. Focusing on founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó’s son Emilio Bacardí, The Spirit of BACARDÍ follows Emilio’s relentless pursuit for an independent Cuba in the late 1800s. Through multiple exiles and imprisonments, Emilio Bacardí persevered, eventually becoming the first freely-elected Mayor of Santiago de Cuba. Through the power of this unique collaboration between writer Warren Ellis and artist Michael Allred—who actually blended Bacardi Gold rum into his inks— the graphic novel embodies the irrepressible spirit of the Bacardi family, who since 1862, has faced earthquakes, fire, revolution, prohibition, and exile.  Quite fittingly, The Spirit of BACARDÍ ends with the creation of the original Cuba Libre cocktail in 1900, a drink that has introduced generations to the Cuban spirit.

For the next chapter click here and to enjoy the full story, click : BACARDI.COM/SPIRITOFBACARDI

for more information on “BACARDÍ Untameable Since 1862,” BACARDÍ rum and cocktail recipes, visit BACARDI.COM.

Picture of the Day


Deanna Templeton

Babes of Yore: Katia Christine

Katia Christine is a former dutch actress whose last role occurred back in 1984 as “The Huntress” in TV’s The Fall Guy.

{note: boobs}

Mr. Whitefolks

“Caucasian in the Game”

Excerpted from Pimps Up, Ho’s Down



The price of a 756 sq. ft. Mausoleum Site at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. While that’s definitely on the extreme end, there’s definitely a “Cemetery Bubble” happening across the globe. Wonder how much it costs to get buried inside the booty club?

Photo by Cheryl Dunn

Having Sex With Your Dead Grandmother In a Dream Will Cause Impotence, and in turn, Your Wife to Leave You

Luckily, this African witch doctor’s got the cure to bring your lady back.


Make the Most Out of Your Workout


Like using Nike+ to draw pictures when you go running. As demonstrated by SF-based copywriter Claire Wyckoff 

Reminisce Over This

Blackstar (ft. Common), Respiration, 1998

— @TheNameIsJerald

Listen Below: Witch Mountain, Jonwayne, Lace Curtains, and Action Bronson

New music for your desktop speakers
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WTF Happened to Movie Posters?

Camouflaging Yourself On Grandma’s Couch


Kaptain Sunshine’s “Old Quilt” Indigo Print “Polo Collar” Shirt

Floral Dunks


Add some offline focus to your workspace with this mini-hoop from Cool Try

For the Fatty On-The-Go


A “Jar Pie” is exactly what it sounds like. Featuring one serving of pie, plus a spoon, it’s the perfect snack for those cursed with an incurable sweet tooth. This one above is “layered with a short bread crust with Toffee, Candied Pecans, topped with a moist layer of Banana Cake soaked in a light Amaretto Syrup.” Scoop it up.

Lunchtime Laughter

Jim Gaffigan on Kale

Blade: King of Graffiti

In all probability, BLADE has painted more subway cars than you have ever ridden on. By 1980, after reaching 5000 or so, the graffiti pioneer stopped counting. In this new 256-page book edited by Roger Gastman, BLADE sits down with Chris ‘FREEDOM’ Pape to reflect on a life of getaways, girls, and the golden years of graffiti. His story is one for the ages, and a must read for those fascinated with the “old” New York.

On a related note for those in NYC: This Friday (8/8) BLADE and Chris Pape will be at the Museum of the City of New York for a presentation and book signing in relation to their new book. More info on that here



Slaves of Happiness Island by Molly Crabapple

Abu Dhabi and the dark side of high art

illustration by Molly Crabapple

The History of American Handball

in 77 seconds


Future Zoo


Danish Architect Bjarke Ingels is redesigning the zoo experience to create an integrated space where there are no cages, and wildlife and humans are able to co-exist peacefully. Building upon an existing zoological park originally founded in the 1960s in southern Denmark, ZOOTOPIA will feature three continents—Asia, Africa, and America—connected by loops that begin in one central location. The key to this experience and design is in the camouflage of the structures, which will not be buildings so much as bunkers. Utilizing pods and paths, visitors will be able to fly, sail, bike, or hike through the park, all the while not disrupting the inhabitants. But the real question is, what if the inhabitants start disrupting the visitors? Cages or not, Zoo animals are only as free as their confines allow.

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