More Proof That Art Auction Houses Make The Worst Videos

Here’s the trailer for the Sotheby’s upcoming exhibition in London, BANKSY, The Unauthorised Retrospective, Curated by Steve Lazarides.

The Wide World of Weed

A round-up of all things pot related
The HIGH Kite took flight

9 out of 10 dudes passed out on the couch would disagree: Marijuana Use Can Bring Sleepless Nights

Some people like mellow highs, Miley Cyrus does not

Edibles are still dangerous, and they need very tight regulations. THEY ARE, AND THEY DO.

Which reminds me of this funny animated video about one pot reporter who had an airport freak out because of the stuff.

Same with Maureen Dowd

But if smoke or vapor really isn’t your thing, you can at least get an optimal wake & bake from some cannabis-infused coffee

or as my friend Patrick calls it, the “Hi Lo Challenge”

Because money is money: The feds seized $138,121 because it smelled like pot

In Denver, NORML is shifting their focus from prohibition to tax and control

And finally, here’s a timelapse of a pot plant going from seed to flower

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Morning Dose of Cool Tough Guys

Alejandra Guilmant is…

Wednesday’s Muse

{note: boobs}

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Picture of the Day


Tim Barber

Babes of Yore: Dawn Grayson

Dawn Grayson is a former English actress known primarily for pin-ups and a role in the 1969 film, The Nine Ages of Nakedness.

{note: boobs}

King of the Homies

How one Staten Island man’s small vending machine empire made and then eventually lost $1 million in the Homies trade.

Listen Below: Howling Bells, Fucked Up, Get Hot, and TOWNSmusic

New and recent music for your desktop speakers

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The Japanese Eephus

Courtesy of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters right-handed pitcher Kazuhito Tadano.

via, digg / espn

Possibly One of The Greatest Skateboard Designs Ever


Jeremy Fish x Santa Cruz “Weird Beard” Cruzer

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Reminisce Over This

Notorious B.I.G., Party and Bullshit, 1993

— @TheNameIsJerald

Portrait of a Bygone Era of New York City Culture


Manfred Kirchheimer’s newly restored 1981 film Stations of the Elevated premieres at BAM on June 27th. Achieving cult status with those embedded in the hip-hop and cinema communities, the film—the original soundtrack of which featured a heavy dose of Charles Mingus—will be accompanied by live music from the Mingus Dynasty.

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“There is no pleasure that I haven’t actually made myself sick on”

Wish you could say that again, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Here in the latest Blank on Blank, the late actor talks about happiness during an interview at the Rubin Museum of Art.

Sideshow Rob


If you’ve ever been looking for a Sideshow Bob x Robin Lopez (Portland Trail Blazers) t-shirt, Vacancy Projects has got you covered.

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When The Look Becomes More Important Than The Image


The Filson + Magnum collection

2 Coasts, 2 Weeks of Burger Madness

Bicoastal gluttons rejoice, for eleven days straight you can feast on delicious burgers without having to explain yourself to anybody. Out in LA, The Oinkster’s much-loved Burger Week began yesterday with The Cheesesteak Burger of Philadelphia and continues through Sunday (6/8), culminating with a burger called the “Lucy Goosey.” The following day in New York, Shake Shack celebrates a “Decade of Shack” featuring 5 days of burger collaborations with Daniel Boulud, David Chang, Andrew Zimmern, Daniel Humm, and April Bloomfield. All the juicy bits to get your mouth watering, below.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Little Neighbors

We Are FriendsWithYou

FriendsWithYou’s new extensive monograph from Rizzoli features contributions by Pharrell Williams, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Peter Doroshenko. It’s a delightful look into the group’s history and artwork from their formation in 2002 until the present. This Thursday is the New York book launch, which takes place at the PK Shop and accompanies the release of their latest artist edition, Little Cloud.

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The Long Shot by Adam B. Lerner

The future of Indian basketball rests on the shoulders of a tall young man

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