Taking Art Out of Its Original Context

or The many meanings of Michelangelo’s Statue of David

Flash Us: Karl Willmann

For our series, “FlashUs,” we ask some of our favorite tattoo artists to create a design based on a classic theme—naked ladies. This week, Karl Willmann sent us the above. Karl tattoos out of Melbourne Tattoo Company in Australia, and you can follow him here.
Years tattooing: 3

Tattooing out of: Melbourne Tattoo Company, Melbourne, Australia

First tattoo I ever did: “A little skull on a friend in the shop I apprenticed at. Not the greatest but a skull is always fun.”
Zio / @zioxla

Doers and Percievers

Stefan Sagmeister happily chimes on about storytelling. The business kind, not the fun kind.

This Has to be the Worst Job in the World


A sewer cleaner in India makes $5 per day and has an 80% chance of dying before the age of 60.

Reminisce Over This

Das EFX, Jussumen (Live at Summer Jam ’92), 1992

— @TheNameIsJerald

Virtual Shame Feels a Lot Better


Fans who cannot bear to attend games of the Korea Baseball Organization’s last place team, the Hanwha Eagles, can have a robot with their own avatar stand in for them to cheer on the losing team. Called “Fanbots,” these mechanical motivators are used to start rallys and get the real live attendees to do the wave, or as it’s apparently known outside of North America, the “Mexican Wave.”

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Paul Trillo’s new short film A Truncated Story of Infinity is a look at the endless amount of variations your day and life could have. Also, “Infinitude” is an amazing noun that is defined as “the state or quality of being infinite or having no limit.” Like Master P in space.

Immediately the Life of the Party


The “Die 4 You” woven button-down from Rhythm

Wait Until the Fiends Get a Hold of This One


The Soto Pocket Torch turns your basic disposable lighter into a torch capable of producing a windproof flame as hot as 2,300 °F

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You’re The Topping


Kenny Scharf’s Introducing… The Hot Dog Beach Towel

Lunchtime Laughter

Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog

In the Studio of Tomokazu Matsuyama

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
How long have you been in this studio?

Just over a year now.
Why did you pick the location?

Because I’ve been in Greenpoint for 12 years, and I love it and can’t get out of here.
How does it rank in comparison to your previous studios?

It’s a few times the scale of my last studio. The building is organized and run a lot better. All in all, just a better circumstance.
What’s your favorite attribute of the space?

It’s large and has 15 ft tall ceilings, but more so, I love the view. It’s right against the East river and at the very tip of Greenpoint. My eyes are filled with views of Manhattan and Queens.
How often are you in here?

Always. I have a house near the studio, but I’m hardly ever there.
Can you explain the full capabilities of the studio? What kind of things do you make?

We can basically do everything. I have a full staffed studio, so all of my operations are pretty much run here with the exception of the sculptures, as I need an engineer and professional fabricator to help my production.
Do you have a refrigerator? If so, what’s in it?

Yeah. This summer I had nearly 10 people on staff including interns, so I have no clue what’s in it. I don’t bother to try to use it, as it was always full.
What kind of sound system do you have?

A Bose speaker that connects directly to my Mac, and a Bluetooth Sony speaker for the painting side of the space.
Have you ever slept here?

Countless times. However, I try not to now as I have a house very close by, and I’m married, so the wife needs me back home.
On August 15th, Matsu will debut his largest sculpture to date, Sky Is The Limit, at Harbour City Hong Kong. You can follow him on instagram at @tomokazumatsuyama



How Secret Societies Stay Hidden On the Internet by Matt King

Inside the surreal recruitment process of a legendary club—or something like it—at New York University

Illustration by Miroslav Kostic

And Unfortunately That’s Why We Don’t Have Many Public High Dives Left

Notes From the Dinosaur Renaissance

Fossilized news
A new discovery in Siberia suggests that nearly all dinosaurs had feathers

Dinosaurs became extinct because of “colossal bad luck”

Tyrannosaur gangs used to terrorize the earth

A four-winged dinosaur with a 21-foot wingspan was unearthed in China

According to one creationist’s lawsuit, dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,000 years ago


The Koch brothers are apparently “dinosaur fetishists”

Morning Dose of French Wheelies

A fan joins in the fun on the last leg of the Tour de France

Challenging Runners at Every Turn


In a grand example of quick and shoddy Chinese construction, sports officials in Tonghe County in Northeastern China had 90-degree corners painted on the running track of their newly refurbished stadium. When asked about the mistake, one commented “In order to get it ready for the leaders, we painted it like that… we think it is ugly too but if the leaders don’t ask us to change it, what are we supposed to do?”

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

Kava Gorna
Last Week…
We saw street style before it had a name

The Taonius borealis was an odd creature

People were doing it everywhere

Tamara Santibanez flashed us

Things were stolen


Denisa Dvorakova was our Muse

Sound Advice 205: Daniel Albrigo

We are pleased to present our 205th installment of Sound Advice featuring music selections from Daniel Albrigo. Daniel is an artist based in NYC who also tattoos at Three Kings Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Sound Advice 205
01. The Clearing (outro) by CRNKN
02. Boys in Blue by Slim Thug
03. IDGAF by Ludacris
04. Smokin’ Rollin’ by Juicy J
05. Some Type of Way by Rich Homie Quan
06. Sweat by Ciara (ft. 2Chainz)
07. Herschel Walker (Kazey VIP Edit) by JD Boyz
08. China Town by Migos
09. No Flex Zone (Nicki Minaj Remix) by Rae Sremmurd
10. Let it Go by A$AP Ferg
11. FDB by Young Dro
12. All Me by Drake (ft. 2Chainz)
13. U.O.E.N.O (CRNKN Remix) by Rocko
14. Venice Venture by Big Wild
15. Wut (5kin&Bone5) by Le1f
16. Beat It Up by Bro Safari, UFO! & Jesse Slayter
17. Fumar Marley by MUYLOCOSINMIEDO (ft. RiffRaff)
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