Flying Lotus – Twin Peaks


Adült Contemporary

The new Mountain Goats album is pretty chill. Give it a full listen over at NPR.


The Calories Are Not What They Seem

How to make Twin Peaks Cherry Pie.


Summer Highlights

A new 4 color screen print by James Ulmer.


Hugh The Hunter

A surrealist recontextualization of themes present in the work of artist Hugh Hayden through the form of a storybook fable.



Franchise and Merchandise

Pixar and creative bankruptcy.


The Yum Yum Book

Created in 1963 when R. Crumb was nineteen, and published twelve years later in 1975.


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The Frontman

Henry Rollins, Drug-Free Pot Advocate.


Career in Focus

Paula Scher’s Diagram of Power


Is a matter of perspective… and position.


Friday’s Vault

Paulo Diaz in Big Brother’s Shit, 1996


Left of Center Court

Reebok Revenge ‘Hall of Fame’


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