propaganda DVD


The four-DVD set ‘Animated Soviet Propaganda’ opens the vaults on decades of Cold War humor. These are no Disney-like fairy tales or Russian folk stories. Instead, these animated short films intended for the Soviet masses painted a sinister portrait of life in capitalist America.

“Black and White,” produced in 1933, depicted a highway with an endless row of blacks lynched on telephone poles. “The Millionaire,” made in 1963, told the story of a rich American woman who leaves $1 million to her pet bulldog, who becomes so wealthy and powerful that he eventually is elected to Congress. And in the 1979 animated short “Shooting Range,” a jobless American youth finds work in a carnival shooting gallery only to discover the evil, greedy owner is now charging double

legend solved?


From the Telegraph, residents of a remote Chinese village are hoping that DNA tests will prove one of history’s most unlikely legends



Although Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) is widely considered one of the world’s greatest photographers, much about his early work remains unknown. For this reason, Cartier-Bresson’s personal scrapbook of his best work from his rich early period (1932-46) provides an extraordinary window onto his process and artistic development, documenting both his travels to Spain and Mexico and his encounters with Surrealism and modern art.

The exhibition is organized by Agnes Sire of the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris, where it first appeared; it will have its sole American venue at ICP. The publication that accompanies the exhibition reproduces all the images chosen by Cartier-Bresson, as well as his correspondence and historical documents.

January 19 through April 29, 2007

Fashion Portraits


Showcasing the work of the five most innovative commercial imagemakers working in fashion today, Face of Fashion aims to “celebrate the diversity of current fashion portraiture,” whilst cleverly taking the attention away from the clothing.

At the National Portrait Gallery in London from 15 February through 28 May, 2007.

photo: Corinne Day

Document of the DC Punk Scene


Susie J. Horgan’s book Punk Love is a finely-packaged and telling collection of images documenting the late 70s DC Punk movement, with words by Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye. The images from their days at Haagen-Dazs in Georgetown and of Ian skating are worth the cover price alone. Essential bookshelf material for those among us desperately trying to buy back the 7″s we had in our youth.

Read about it, or just buy it here.

rebirth of the 7″inch (ok 4″ give or take)


W.E.B.S Ltd provide discs with a real ‘look and feel’ Vinyl Groove on the face. The data side is colour coded with a DYE which hides the burn marks and makes these discs, once copies, look like a mastered disc. Printable versions have 62mm Inkjet Printable area which can be custom printed. Custom Printing and Duplication services on this media is available. Our discs can be recorded using any standard CD writer and can be played back on anything.

way to keep people out, with style


Lace Fence is an interior as well as an exterior product. Meaning the quality and endurability of its material and construction is developed to its highest level.
Created by dutch design house, Demakersvan, the designs are variable and each LaceFence will be unique in design by its craft and patterns. The patterns are available in various dessins, depending on the clients wishes.

Friday Afternoon Reading


Blue States Lose is worth looking forward to every Friday. Take a quick jaunt over to Gawker and have read, it is surely delightful

reopening to the public



The Philip Johnson Glass House will open to the public for the first time in its 50 year history this spring. This 47-acre site, with buildings designed in each decade of Philip Johnson

purveyor of luxury


Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy is a French Luxury Brand Company. With their purchase of Aston Martin, they are now The World’s Best Ever

picture of the day


Srab, from upcoming limited edition book “groupshow v1
More info coming soon.

REASON to catch a beatdown


In New York, some jealous cat has been going around splashing bucket paint over every piece of street art he/she/it can find. In some cases they wheatpaste a lame manifesto. This action is slightly reminiscent of “Cap”, who wrote over everybody possible on the subways in 1980’s. Jealousy equals one man’s envy. Read more here, here, and here

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