collaboration with samsonite



Check out these two pieces for travel by Alexander Mcqueen, for Samsonite’s black label. We do not have to much info on the line, but if you speak German, here you go. Vogue Germany has a bit of info on the line.

auction of Banksy’s


February 7th & 8th at Sotheby’s Auction houses in London seven of Banksy’s works will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. One of the favorite’s which is set to crush it’s estimate of 20,000 pounds sterling is a painted resin sculpture of a ballerina (above) reminiscent of degas, but wearing a gas mask. To see the rest click here, however you will have to sign in to view.



Kate Elson, photographed by Rankin

wire frame line drawing of a nissan


The work of Benedict Radcliffe, head of experiential design at Glasgow consultancy Stand, will be shown at the Paul Smith Mayfair shop on Albermarle Street, W1 from 7 to 16 February. Radcliffe’s work combines engineering and sculpture with graphic and industrial design. The exhibition, Modern Japanese Classics & Other Works, includes full-scale, 3D wire cars inspired by line drawings.

t-shirt to wear to the office when you feel unappreciated


Available at the grocerygallery.

custom designed toy


Created by Tessetoys for a charity auction. This custom stands out among the rest.

picture of the day


Estevan Oriol, here too

ipod skin


If you keep your ipod out of your pocket and hate having the same look as everybody else, Gelaskins are for you. At $14.95 these artist commisioned skins (Ralph Steadman, above) cover your phone stylishly and “are made using premium grade vinyl with advanced adhesive technology by 3M”.

integrated skull cap


Nike keeps advancing in ipod nano integration, this time introducing “Performance Hatphones”. Technology that could have been used on my frigid walk to the subway in the morning.

fact of the day


Ordained by Saint Felician of Foligno. Consecrated bishop of Terni by Pope Victor I c.197. Noted evangelist, miracle worker and healer, he was much loved by his flock. Imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded by order of the prefect Placid Furius during the persecution of Aurelius. He was murdered in secret and at night to avoid riots and revenge by the people of Terni. Let me introduce you to Saint Valentine. Lets see if we can find the perfect card.

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Superbowl Halftime show


The little purple man put on one hell of a show. Prince played through a rainy halftime, opening with “Let’s go crazy” and closing with “Purple rain”. The stage was gorgeous and his guitar solo, silhouetted in a flowing sheet was amazing. Prince made up for the dissappointment of Peyton Manning being named MVP.
Opening February 16th at Black and White gallery is Prince: Pre-fame. This exhibit consists of six never-before-seen pictures of the lil’ man taken by friend Robert Whitman on the verge of stardom.

reality check


So you think your special, unique, one of a kind, maybe…. Check out the The World Census population clocks and watch how we eat up more space on this planet. You can even get a rss feed.

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