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shepard fairey print release


The most gorgeous print he has produced for a bit, Peace Goddess. I know when I am taking lunch.

reason to love the mac, bullet proof


A mugging victim in Brazil avoided a trip to the ER thanks to his trusty bodyguard, a seemingly bulletproof MBP. It ain’t no Toughbook, but at least it took one for the team. Read More at Engadget .

new york skate movie

Along with San Francisco and Barcelona, New York is arguably the modern street skating city, both in reality and image. Because of the unique background, experience and perspective of the film’s creators and the decision to “cast” the city of New York as one of the main characters, New York City Skate Film promises to be an unprecedented, seminal film. More info here NCP Films.

picture of the day


Eliot Shepard

laser cut veneer lamp


Vest Collective, the laser cut veneer Folk Lamp. Read more about Vest at MocoLoco,

hot celebrity potheads


Blatant pot smoking a new trend in celebrity style? Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton all caught in the act.
Via egotastic

money maker, IRS goes after eBay


This is an ongoing saga, but the Financial Times has a wrapup of the current situation. In short, the US government wants to treat eBay as a “broker” who would then be required to file notices with the government about how much money its traders have made. The US proposal calls for this reporting to take place only when people sell more than several thousand dollars worth of merchandise in a year. Read on at arstechnica .com

New nin dvd


A new album coming out in April, and now a new DVD. Trent has been busy, lifting weights, and making money.

HD DVD / BLU-RAY (mmmmmmm blu-ray)FEATURES:

– 24 songs in 16×9 1080p high definition from the live: with_teeth 2006 tour
– dolby true-hd 5.1 digital surround sound
– dolby digital 5.1 / stereo
– five bonus videos
– alternate angles
– image gallery

waste of brain cells

The Hole – video powered by Metacafe

The beer launching Fridge.

wooden mirror

.Artist Daniel Rozin, created this work of art. 830 square pieces of wood, 830 servo motors, control electronics, video camera, computer, wood frame.

Size – W 67

Britney Spears photo


Britney Threat!

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