burger creation


I thought that I had it down when I would order the Wild Billy Burger (filet mignon on an english muffin) with brie and bacon from the Childe Harold in DC. Forget about it. Via the Gothamist, over at the google cafeteria today they are serving the Bacon Krispy Kreme Burger. What I would give for a taste.

gallery name and concept


Limited Addiction Gallery opens its doors this weekend. Their roster of artists is pretty impressive as is the way it came to be. Above is a gorgeous Dalek piece which they have available for $2500.
From their site…
The Limited Addiction concept began when a group of collectors nationwide created an art discussion forum in March, 2005 around an emerging art movement. The rapid growth of the forum sparked the development of the Gallery, and it grew organically in line with the interests of the forum’s community.

picture of the day


Paul Schiek

reaffirmation of banksy’s greatness


After painting over a banksy piece in a railway station in the U.K. and recieving massive complaints from the public, a network railway spokesperson had this to say… “We have now issued our maintenance crews with photographs of Banksy’s work, so if they come across it, they’ll recognise it for what it is. We will then try and remove it if at all possible and auction it for charity.”
more here

kate moss thursdays


photographed by Rankin.

text to speech tool


Good for about an hour of entertainment, oddcast’s Text-To-Speech Demo lets you listen to whatever phrase you want in an assortment of voices and languages.

picture of the day


Ari Marcopoulos

what’s Next…….Vegas?

Everyone is talking about the new museum design’s in Dubai, forget about it. Now its all about Venice. It truly is a small world after all!

hollywood blunder


Variety reports, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to make a film about Milli Vanilli, the duo that rose to the top of the pop charts and fell just as quickly when they were exposed as frauds. I can only imagine who they have lined up to play the lead roles.

hook up


Tree Hooked Coat Hooks, modern coat hooks (a collaboration between AlissiaMT and WATDesign) are smooth to the touch. Hanging things is easy on the organic-inspired form, and individual units can be combined for extra space Made out of special soft-coated steel. Screws and spacers in a matching color provided.

useless necessity


The people behind shalgo promise to blow your mind with podflips.
What are P



Scott Weiland told James Patrick Herman of In Style that he is designing a collection for Hugo Boss.

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