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Porous Walker

Artist’s Survival Kit


The Artist’s Survival Kit was created by Keri Smith and is “For the really bad days, for the days when you want to quit, when you feel like everything you do is shit, when you feel your self-esteem plummet, when you decide that you would rather wait tables for a living, when you start to think you will never make a living making art, when you are working on something and feel like you hate it more than you’ve ever hated anything in your life, when someone makes an offhand remark about your work and afterwards you feel dejected, when you wish you had gone to school for accounting, when you start to believe that maybe your family was right, when you want to lie in bed for a month and eat chips.” She got it so right. Go over and download it for yourself and maybe it’ll help you keep your sanity for a little while longer

Art show in SF


We saw this post on Cobain in a Coma, ( a worlds best blog name) looks like it could be a good show. Check out Paintedbird, for information.

drawing exhibit in berlin


Anke Becker from Bl

japanese packaging


I love that drunken panda-seals lounge on peanut snack packages sniffing beer? Check out, PingMag




Shepard Fairey print release


Going up for sale on Tuesday is a new print by Shepard Fairey titled “War for Sale, Red”. This is a follow-up to a cream version he released last week. When the print goes up, you will probably only have a minute to buy it, so don’t hesitate.


video of the day


Circle JerksBeverly Hills/Wasterd” (live 1985).
Blank Tv, has a amazing collection of punk, hardcore video’s.

star wars game(right now!)


Star Wars force unleashed will be released in November, for xbox, and playstation 3. Watch the trailer here. The game

list of cool stores in america


Complex.com, lists the 27 coolest stores in america, heavy on the new york side, but its a pretty good list, and links too.

Collaboration with Nom De Guerre


Converse hooks up with NYC boutique Nom De Guerre for a low-run Jack Purcell. The sneaker, which is part of Converse

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