japanese television


Tv in Japan is a must.

kate moss thursdays




Opening tommorow night (March 9th) at London’s newly prestigious Lazarides Gallery is From Brooklyn With Love, Faile’s first solo exhibit in the United Kingdom. The guys have been busy, coming off the Burning House show in Los Angeles. This exhibit will help catapult both the collective and their prices into orbit. Here is a brief snippet from the press release…
“From Brooklyn With Love presents a group of 45 painted wooden sculptures, and
new large-scale paintings including

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Growing up I had only known Steve Powers as Espo, through pieces in D.C.’s AUP Hof and from his magazine On The Go. 15 years from this first introduction he is still rocking. The print above is gorgeous and in an edition of 50, selling for a modest $1000. Go get it here



Wing Keyring by Daniel T. Ebihara. It comes in gold or silver plated metal. Available at Matter for only $8.00.

magazines ever


“The essential strength of a magazine is its ability to amplify. An idea, or an image, or a story, set within the pages of a magazine and assembled by the right hands, can become the grist of breakfast chatter, dinner-party conversation, or elective body debate around the world.” -Words By Graydon Carter.

The 51 Best* Magazines Ever *Smartest, Prettiest, Coolest, Funniest, Most Influential, Most Necessary, Most Important, Most Essential, etc. Good Magazine has compiled the best. Don’t worry, tiger beat made the cut.

picture of the day


Armsrock, via Wooster Collective

Killer sheep


On a vast New Zealand sheep station, a reckless genetic engineering experiment goes horribly wrong, turning sheep into bloodthirsty killers. Click here to watch the trailer.

mutant pig


Does this mean that the year of the pig will be bountiful? More here



It is rare when the enablist drops a muse on the world, but Keeley Hazell is just that kind of girl. From Arena

Dunny, Colette Series


Parisian extraordinaire boutique, Colette, and Kidrobot have combined stylistic forces to create the latest 3 inch Dunny Series!

The Colette series features 11 Dunnys by an international pool of artists and fashion designers. For the true connoisseur of high design, this series features designs by Josh Petherick, Craig Robinson, Geoff McFetridge, Mike Mills, Geneviere Gauckler, Kuntzel + Deygas, Work In Progress and Sophie Toporkoff.

Colette is a leading French retailer, internationally recognized for it’s unique blend of fashion, art, and design. The Colette Dunny Series marks the 10 year anniversary of it’s opening on rue Saint-Honore in Paris!

One of the most limited Dunny series to date (some designs limited to just 150 pieces worldwide!), so step lively to get your hands on these!

update to banksy’s site


The covert and celebrated street artist Banksy has updated his site with outdoor pictures, descriptions, and drawings.

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