example of web 2.0

If your not sure what “web 2.0” is, watch this video and you might have an idea. An idea, to be excited about and an idea of what to fear. Created by Digital Ethnography, a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.


Grindhouse the new Quinton Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film looks amazing. Well, at least the trailer does. FYI, besides Kurt Russel, Geraldo Rivera, and Josh Brolin, are in it.



The Jam reforming…without Paul Weller.

photo: Adrian Boot

Lenticular Cover


Wallpaper does it again with their limited edition covers. In recent months, they’ve lent a nod to the design world by displaying (sans-coverline) the work of Dieter Rams and Alan Fletcher. The March issue has them doing the same for fashion, bringing to life Hussein Chalayan’s mechanical dress. Available now to subscribers and those near fancy newsagents.

picture of the day


Jake Dobkin, streetsy

Career Move


Chotiros Suriyawong, a 22-year-old actress better known by her stage name of Amy, has been publicly vilified after she dared to turn up to Thailand’s version of the Oscars ceremony.

She has been fired from her current film project and ordered by her university to make a public apology and to do 15 days of community service by reading to the blind. Reported in the independent

design community


Opening its doors to the public, design:related is a fresh entry into the social networking field. Focusing on creatives, the site allows you to share inspiration and work with fellow peers all over the design world. Simple and slick in its own design and ui, design:related is a necessary stop for those in the creative field.

DVD release


Out on DVD today, American Hardcore. Buy it here

bird girl

Our new favorite artist of the moment, Canadian born, Amy Alice Thompson. Check out her work here.

sink Doilies


The pattern

shepard fairey tuesday print release


Another Tuesday, another print released by Shepard Fairey. This one of Chuck D is in an edition of 400 at a price of $50.

banned commercial

Created for Suburban Auto Group, “the trunk monkey” ad’s depict a monkey bribbing police, hitting people of the head with crowbars, and dumping bodies of bridges. The ads are old but they are funny. I can only imagine what the advertising pitch must have been like.

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