GONZ Adidas


We Sold Out has the Adidas “Gonz” Stan Smiths. A must have for the fans of the Gonz.

shoe obsessed


If you do not know I am obsessed with the perfect shoe. And now that most footwear is DIY, I am working on my pair of Converse.Check out the site make a pair of shoes, put your id on it and call it a day. And, to boot, it will only cost you 60 bucks.

go buy now


We have been following Elbow-Toe’s work on the street for about a year now and it keeps getting better. Currently part of the Eleven Show at the Leonard Street Gallery in London, you can purchase his print, “Poppy Medusa” a 7-color screenprint in an edition of 100 from the Black Rat Press for

what the hell are you kidding me


Search the web with kfed and win prizes. You might even get tickets to his birthday party.

caffeinated donuts


If that coffee you drink each morning to get moving is getting old, just wait. You soon may be able to get the same jolt from a donut or bagel. A North Carolina scientist has developed a way to add caffeine to baked goods and is now pitching the concept to some of your favorite bakeries and coffee shops.(like Starbucks)
Buzz Donuts(TM) and Buzzed Bagels(TM) are the brainchild of Dr. Robert
Bohannon, a molecular scientist living in Durham, NC. Dr. Bohannon has
developed a way to mask the normal bitterness of caffeine so that it can be
used in food and pastry products such as bagels and donuts.

colette x arkitip


To celebrate colette’s 10 year anniversary in March of 2007, Arkitip partnered with the legendary Parisian boutique to create a special issue edition. The store has always been known for it’s affinity to art as evidenced by an impressively long list of exhibits in its 10 year history. To mark their first decade, colette commissioned over 90 artists to create original works that expressed their view of the new year. Artist’s include Alexandre Pierson, Andre, Ayako Takagi, Base and Axel du Bus, Ben Eine, Christophe Brunnquell, Claude Closky, Cody Hudson, Craig Robinson, Experimental Jetset, Fafi, Faile, Genevieve Gauckler, Groovisions, H5, Ich + Kar, Indesignwetrust, Jean-Phillippe Delhomme, Jim Houser, Jochen Gerner, John Maeda, Juju’s Delivery, Kaws, Kevin Lyons, Kuntzel + Deygas, Laurent Fetis, Lovisa Burfitt, Matthieu Laurette, Marcus Oakley, Mike Mills, Misha Hollenbach, Modern Toss, Mori Chack, Norm, Parra, Paul Davis, Pete Fowler, Richard Hart, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, Simone Shubuck, Thomas Campbell, Yoshitomo Nara.
You can get this issue at Arkitip’s website and in selected retailers worldwide

use of tape


A street sign + masking tape= brilliant. Found here, at lospremiagrumi.com

Balenciaga look


Heralded as the best show this season, Gemma Ward(featured muse on twbe), looks good. See more from the Balenciaga collection at Style.com



What more can I say, Nice!

picture of the day


New York/Brooklyn sky srab, 2006.

toy/rug ever!


Created by Josh Longo. We are not sure the size of this one. For more pictures of his creations, check out his myspace page.

has it come to this


Plasticandplush.com has posted the new figures from Upper Playground and Ningyoushi. They present their second vinyl figure collectible, Lettus Bee, by Mel Bend creator and GIRL Skateboard creative director, Andy Jenkins. Lettus Bee, a comic character in Wrench Pilot, which was published in various skateboard magazines and hails as the ‘everyday guy’. He takes his fair share of fancy board tricks as well as gruesome falls. This vinyl figure captures Lettus Bee in action with a face plant and his skateboard suspended in the air with a wire. Lettus Bee retails for $100 and measures 10″ wide by 9″ tall (including skateboard). Limited to 500 pieces.

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