dying on tv


The Whacked Sopranos
Wednesday, March 28; 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
It is an honor roll, indeed: those who have been killed off The Sopranos. Each season fans of the esteemed HBO series eagerly wait to learn which character will meet the ultimate fate, as well as the gruesome details. As the series reaches its own end, creator David Chase will discuss the fine art of whacking with many of the actors whose characters now sleep with the fishes.

In Person:
David Chase, Creator/Executive Producer
Steve Buscemi, “Tony Blundetto”
Drea de Matteo, “Adriana La Cerva”
Vincent Pastore, “Salvatore ‘Big Pussy’ Bonpensiero”
David Proval, “Richie Aprile”
Annabella Sciorra, “Gloria Trillo”
Terence Winter, Executive Producer

Bryant Gumbel
For more information and to buy tickets go to the Museum of Television and Radio.

picture of the day


The Spring Equinox Fairy, nicked from here

New Brow art

The Birth of Pop Surrealism. “This is not a current version of Modern Pop Art. This a new movement, a new thinking in the art world. These are the artists that will inspire a new generation.”

A nice teaser/trailer for a sector of art that is slowly permeating the old stodgy model. No dates set as to when it will come out, I know they will be filming in NYC in June at the Shepard Fairey opening. More information at their website, here

commercial for Bukkake Milk?

headline:Angola sends 2500 ‘ninjas’ to Zimbabwe

“Angola is sending 2500 of its feared paramilitary police to Zimbabwe, raising concerns of an escalation in violence against President Robert Mugabe’s opponents, it was reported today.” Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald

bagels and buds


Buffalo News reports a Hamilton, Ont., man faces federal drug charges after he allegedly tried to smuggle about 250 pounds of hydroponic marijuana into the United States on Tuesday with his regular commercial shipment of frozen bagels, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced.

Stipan Krak, 49, was bound for New Jersey with the bagel shipment when he tried to enter the U.S. at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

Officers found six duffel bags that contained more than 250 vacuumsealed bags of marijuana.

sidekick on a razr


hiptop3.com reports …”We got the image above from someone who probably wants to remain anonymous. We

kate moss thursdays


photographaphed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott



Jeisa Chiminazzo, victoria secret model.

Dalek Interview


Old Takashi Murakami apprentice and all around rad guy Dalek, has a nice interview over at Fecal Face. His solo exhibit “Desperate, Rejected & Angry” opens at Jonathan Levine Gallery on March 31st.



CNN Money on the Art World we already knew. Caught you sleeping!

image:”Big Money”, “Dirty Money”, and “Broken Piggy Bank” by Curve One via Juxtapoz

bluetooth pillow


URBAN TOOL is showing its new concept “perCushion” product at CeBIT in Hannover. The perCusion is radical new concept in cell phone interaction. It’s a stylish and plush cushion that your cell phone communicates with digitally via Bluetooth. The perCushion has a built in microphone and speakers so you can interact with your cell phone while relaxing on your sofa!

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