“I hate getting into a cold bed”


Sex and the Senior Citizen.

Elyse Knowles is…



Wednesday’s Muse.


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It’s The Least I Can Do


An ongoing annual series of collected sayings, advice and, quotes conceived by the artist Norberto Rodriguez.

Available for purchase here

Buvette – “Room Without a View” (Stream)


There are no boundaries anymore



Rodney Mullen debuts new tricks in Vogue magazine.

Fresh Hair



A Terry Gross t-shirt by Done to Death Projects.

Savage House Dreams


The Modernica X Cleon Peterson Case Study Daybed.

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“Ain’t no hustle where I live.”

Frank Zappa on Los Angeles, and fads in America.

Lay it on the Floor or Hang it On a Wall


Eddie Martinez x Case Studyo ‘UNTITLED’ hand woven woolen rug.

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Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


What is The Great American Novel?

True Patriots Take Their Coffee to Go

What Makes a Drug Dealer Text Successful

A Brief History of the Converse All-Star

Roots and Future: A History of U.K. Dance

My Summer Waiting Tables at the Writers’ Retreat

Has any great band ever cared less than the PIXIES?

What’s the first big news story you were aware of as a kid?

In 100 years, many restaurant tables will still wobble

What Would Happen If We All Stopped For One Week?

Once and Always a New Yorker

Lolita Book Covers

Inside Cuba’s Intense Ice Cream Obsession

How Bruce Willis Changed The Movies

Americans Are Barmy Over Britishisms

Where would we be without Google Maps?

The world’s first chatbot lawyer

Why We Tweet

How Do Contestants Collect Prizes on ‘The Price is Right’?

The Psychology Behind a Perfect Beach Read

Japan’s Forgotten Punk Past


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

ArtFits (vol. 30)


A look at people and the outfits they wear to art openings in New York City.

Photographs by Christos Katsiaouni (who now has his own website)

Location: The Great Figure Two at The Journal Gallery (06/29/2016)

Internetzzzz by Brown Cardigan



Because now every day is like Monday* on the world wide web.


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