Sand Tapestries


The RVCA Leines Beach Towel

Non-Uniform Identities


Every color scheme ever used by each team in the history of Major League Baseball.

The Sitter


Brian Calvin’s new sculpture edition with Bad Dimension Press comes flat-packed.

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Navigating a Post-Work Society

The future looks sterile in The Last Job on Earth.

A 360º Test Drive in the all-new Infiniti Q30





Sunday cruising is for your grandparents, but the joy of driving isn’t lost on this generation of explorers, either. We just need a new way to navigate; one that combines our penchant for tech with our need for discovery. Infiniti took note, and is bringing back the glory days of driving with its all-new Infiniti Q30, a perspective-shifting car that transforms the road into a place of endless exploration.
The Q30’s elevated stance and low-slung roofline offer glorious city views, and the cruising for some is only enhanced by The Seeker, a digital compass specially created by Infiniti for a select number of influencers. This handy little piece of technology opens things up to an entirely new way to roam. Fitted with a GPS that can point you to any location on Earth, The Seeker uses a dial to show you the way and lights to show you how close you are to your desired destination. The amount of twists and turns you want to take along the way is completely up to you.
To celebrate the launch of the Infiniti Q30, the company sent a select handful of people on a little adventure. Using The Seeker as his compass, Cool Hunting Editor-in-Chief Josh Rubin set forth around the cobblestone streets of Krakow in search of an awaiting Infiniti Q30. Josh makes his way from a balcony in the center of town to the stunning, sculptural ICE Building where the Q30 is ready for his journey. To really capture the test drive from his perspective, the Infiniti team mounted six sphere cameras onto a drone for one incredible 360° test drive. This seamless panoramic experience gives you the option to change the perspective as you follow along. Watch as Josh jumps behind the wheel and tours the charming Polish capital, driving around the famous Main Square.

Josh’s amazing 360° test drive is just the start. You can also put yourself in the driver’s seat by taking the new Infiniti Q30 out for a spin. Learn more about the Infiniti Q30 and book your test drive now.

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Friday’s Vault

Mike Carroll & Rick Howard in The FTC Penal Code 100A, 1996

The Worst


This tiny endangered dolphin died after being passed around a crowd for selfies.



Six Point’s new coffee cream ale is magic with a 7.2% ABV.

Spunky Uncles


Vans X Yusuke Hanai.

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“These statues look like they’re made to be toppled”


North Korea is a country that just keeps you on your toes. The hermit nation’s largest export? Giant statues.



Babylon LA and PAM join forces for a monochromatic collection.

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