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Action Causes More Trouble Than Thought, a vintage Jenny Holzer find.

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Full Melt


Happy to announce a new project I’m involved in. Maitland Foley is a green-friendly contemporary art gallery with an eye towards experimentation and creating a cultural dialogue for emerging and mid career artists in the budding Los Angeles scene. Our first show is this Saturday, April 30th with Chris Cascio. Details below.

Maitland Foley is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, Full Melt, a solo show of new work by Houston-based artist Chris Cascio.

Building off of his continuing series of Drug Maps, Cascio scales down the presence of his previous work for Full Melt, and focuses in on cannabis, and its industry. Referencing notable strains and marquee brands, Cascio plots these signatures and marks across varying neo-camouflage canvases, giving a nod to both the fashion of street culture, as well as the renegade journeymen who take the risk of growing to bring the product to market. Utilizing a palette that lends itself to the subject matter, tones of honey, orange, and brown dominate works focused on manmade extraction, while greens, browns, and purples carry the eye through nature’s bounty. Ultimately, a chronicle of the artist’s own consumption, the works in Full Melt show a sophisticated understanding of the landscape of this culture and its new environs.

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Elvis Presley’s Racquetball Obsession and Weight-Loss Regimen

When The King Held Court, a new short by Victory Journal.

24 Hour Psycho


You can pick up the accompanying catalogue to Petra Collins’s exhibition at Ever Gold [Projects] here. If in San Francisco, the show is on view through April 30th.

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From the Kitchen of Pâté Smith


We’ve teamed up with contributor Pâté Smith to show you the best in off-beat eats! Pâté Smith is a collection of pop culture inspired recipes, drawing food inspiration from music, movies, games and everything in between, Pâté has got you covered.

This week, we based this chocolate dipped ice cream sandwich recipe off of the famous San Francisco classic It’s-It ice cream sandwich. If you’re not familiar,  It’s-Its are delicious oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate. Their cookies are soft and lightly sweetened while their ice cream flavors are a mix of classic favorites to random delights (did I mention they have a pumpkin flavor available year round?). You can find the full recipe here.

To recreate the It’s It ice cream sandwich, I tried to make the perfectly thin but crunchy chocolate shell (a.k.a. a “magic shell” chocolate). Additionally, I spun my own ice cream in order to recreate their bright ice cream colors. If you’re wondering–the strawberry = 4 drops red food coloring + 2 drops of blue food coloring; the mint = 1 drop of green food coloring + 5 drops of blue food coloring. I even made the pumpkin flavor but TBH it was not cute enough to present.


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Out of Office, Living the Dream

David Carson at home in Tortola, BVI.

Clean With a Touch of Green


The adidas Court Vantage

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Sedimentary Snorkelling


A 600-Mile Coral Reef has been discovered at the mouth of the Amazon.

Drawn From Memory


Rich Jacobs creates his Top 52 Iconic Hardcore Punk Logos.

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


Ten Years of “Shoes,” the Story of the First Great Viral Music Video

The Restart Page

Please Do Not Leave A Message

“Eeny, meeny, miny, mo” and the ambiguous history of counting-out rhymes

The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots

Jeffrey Eugenides on “The Virgin Suicides”

Escaping the Digital Media ‘Crap Trap’

The Other A Love Supreme

A lesson in fame from the rock stars who never quite made it

In search of the perfect high

A Look Back at 1986

Nan Goldin: Appealing to Personal Experience


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Tom Knox in Santa Cruz’s A Reason For Living.

Here’s to The Oldest Message in a Bottle Ever Recovered


From 1908, found in 2015, and Guinness World Records approved in 2016.

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