The Moguls Are Melting

Blaise Cepis heats up January.

The Wide World of Weed


Pot News for Those Who Partake

Local LA Dealer: “The Grammys ­outperform the Oscars for weed”

Cannabucks: 2016 Legal Marijuana Sales totaled $6.7 billion

Canucks: Canada Will Become First G7 Nation to Fully Legalize Weed This Year

Mass Ganja: A Million-square-foot grow facility is set to open in Massachusetts

Leafy Greens: Is Cannabis the next Superfood?

Herbalism: High Times in the 18th Century


Rest in Peace, Strain Hunter Franco Loja. Franco passed away after contacting cerebral malaria in the Congo. He had been developing a “medicinal landrace oil specifically for treating malaria.”

Malt Liquor in a Red Solo Cup

An afternoon with E-40.

Spreadsheets in a Dead Heat

Work, even more business as usual.

Gotta Love A Banned List

Anish Kapoor is making a stink about not being able to acquire the world’s pinkest pink.

Da Boys are Back

Steve Nazar and Tak Kawahara take the old T&C Surf Designs into the 21st Century with Thrilla Krew.

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Sweet with a Touch of Heat

Ancho Reyes, 80 proof Mexican liqueur made with ancho chiles.

California, Naturally Defiant

Governor Jerry Brown, and the anti-Trump environmental movement.

The Year in Muses


A look back at the last year of the muse.

Linked Out

Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting


In the land of the rich

Between Solitude and Loneliness

Dispatches From The War On Marching Bands

The Champion Logo, in the Hands of Fashion’s Provocateurs, Is Reborn

The Man Who Cleans Up After Plane Crashes

Mapping the Shadows of New York City

The Year in Reading

A Brief History of the Smiley Face, Rave Culture’s Most Ubiquitous Symbol

William S. Burroughs Reading Passages From ‘Naked Lunch’ Every Time You Refresh


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Rick Howard in Blockhead’s Adventures In Cheese, 1990

Show-off in the Shipyard

Mollusk’s Wright Jacket.

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