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Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting

Living Simply With a Flip Phone

What’s the best way to e-laugh?

The New York Times on laptop computers, 1985

How to Project Power

The Life And Death Of The Summer Job

The Fruit-Basket Routine

How do restaurants decide their menu prices?

Overshare: The Story

A list of things that will happen if you don’t take your phone out right now

Tinder and the death of dating


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

Sean Sheffey in Plan B’s Virtual Reality (1993)

When Your Only Option is SWISH


Literally Balling, Tiffany Style Stained Glass Basketball Hoops by Victor Solomon.

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And This Is How You Dance to Acid Rock…

Probably not what you expected.

Lucid Dreams of Leaving This Planet Behind


The Moon Mountain Pullover Crewneck Sweatshirt by 3.1 Phllip Lim

“Hip hop is still alive just as long as you look in the right places”


Reminisce over Prince Paul’s “Its Not the size of your Mix Its how you use it ” Mix Tape Vol. 4 (Obscure Series)

Futuristic Gambling Fantasies, A Reality


Once underground, Drone Racing is getting the financial backing to become an odds-on favorite to succeed in the mainstream.

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The Monster of the Sea


‘Deep Blue’ is a 20-foot long, 50-year old pregnant Great White shark who’s just waiting to eat you. New footage of the blimp-like predator mom was released by shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla a couple days ago to bring media focus onto the protection and conservation efforts surrounding the great whites as they come to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island to feed on the large population of elephant seals. Sounds great and all but, who’s saving the elephant seals? We gotta love each creature the same, right?

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The Breakfast of Former Champions


To “tap into craft beer culture,” Wheaties is now making a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer called HefeWheaties.

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Ruth Krishna’s Tandoori Steakhouse


Chefs David Chang and Akhtar Nawab collaborate for a mouthwatering one-night-only Indian steakhouse experience in NYC featuring Tandoori Ribeye, Creamed Saag, Biryani Onion Rings, and more.

They’re Not Called ‘Courtroom Masterpieces’ For A Reason


Tom Brady, as depicted in court today.

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