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Holiday Party Tips with Broad City



Cheerleaders For Christ by Jia Tolentino

Clear drinks, full uniform, can’t lose.

Bowie and Bing

So you can get on with your day: The story behind David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s Christmas remix of “The Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth”

A New Species Of Frog Discovered in New Jersey Actually Sounds Like Jersey


The Atlantic Coast leopard frog is distinguishable from other frogs because of the groaning and coughing sounds it makes.

Pancakes of Death


Behind every good little warrior is a great cook… or so one can assume, now that ISIS is issuing recipes using “simple ingredients that can be found in the homes of most militants.”

Dr. Seuss TV Meth Raps

Breaking Bad gets broken down in “This is my product.”

Pigbutt worm


Odd Creatures is a recurring column about the world’s weirdest species written by award-winning science writer and author Bec Crew, and illustrated by the super-talented Aiyana Udesen


Look at this animal. Just look at it. It’s glorious.

Found almost a kilometer below the surface of the ocean, this hazelnut-sized marine worm lives, breathes, and floats around looking exactly like a tiny, perfectly plump rear end.

The species was discovered floating freely through the ocean in 2006 by a remotely operated vehicle off the coast of California. This little submerged research robot scooped up a handful of pigbutt worms, and Karen Osborn, a marine biologist from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, got to analyze and name them. So she called them Chaetopterus pugaporcinus, which in Latin literally means “worm that looks like a pig’s rump”.

This otherworldly purplish bubble creature with its pink, puckered mouth is unlike any other species of worm ever found. In trying to figure out what the pigbutt worm’s deal is, Osborn compared her specimens to several other known species of marine worm. She was able to find some physical similarities between her pigbutt worms and the larvae – or young – of a large family of marine worms worms called Chaetopteridae, so perhaps, she thought, her pigbutt worms were in their juvenile form?

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And It Went On For Days…


Malcom Middleton & David Shrigley’s “Story Time” is not for the kids.

NYC, 1981


For the next couple of months, in collaboration with the upcoming film A Most Violent Year, we are publishing a culture site about New York City in 1981. From the East Village to Esplanade, we’ll tell some of the stories that shaped the year, and add in some pop culture to the mix for the fun of it. So check it out here and enjoy, there’ll be new stuff up daily.

Photo by Christopher Morris

Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting

How Do You Film Characters Smoking Weed?

Photographing Imperfection For The Digital Generation

Why Do People Love Or Loathe Certain Tastes?

Music From The Films Of Jim Jarmusch

The Rise And Fall Of Comedian Bob Hope

The Slippery Slope of Silicon Valley

How Automation is Making Us Dumb and Reliant On Computers

The Story of the Kickflip

Who Gets The Money Made By Dead Celebrities?

Social Media and the ‘Spiral of Silence’

Art In Film

The Amazing Chinatown Bus Network


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

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Found Photos (pt. 24): The Photographer’s Shadow

Unearthed and collected by Dave Schubert while digging through dead people’s stuff at garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets.

Giving New Meaning to the Term ‘First-Person Shooter’


In Grand Theft Auto V’s new first-person mode, the time-tested tradition of trolling for hookers, purchasing their services, and then killing them for the cash just got a little crazier.

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Your Old Droog – “Nutty Bars”

Real nice.

The Wide World of Weed

Pot News For Those Who Partake
Weed Snobs imagines a world where pot has replaced alcohol

In Colorado, Green Friday is the new Black Friday 

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for the stoner in your life? Here ya go

Dave Grohl blames the Kardashians for turning him off of pot

Being an old dude passed out in a school hallway with a glass pipe and a bag of synthetic marijuana marked “Scooby Snax” is not a good look

Is it legal to fly with your legal weed?

Here’s your Danksgiving menu

and also

Emergency Pipe solutions if you’re stuck somewhere not cool

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Thanksgiving, The Best Day of the Year

Here’s the animated carol to prove it.

Rayla Jacunda is…


Wednesday’s Muse
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From Porn Star to Pastafari


Asia Carrera aka Asia Lemmon aka Jessica Steinhauser is the 4th person in the United States to be permitted to exercise her religious freedom and don the cap of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for her driver’s license photo.

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Country Bar Camouflage


Gitman Bros. Woodblock Print button down shirt

An Arty Slumber Party

Christos Katsiaouni was in the mix last weekend when Creative Time celebrated their 2014 Fall Ball at Neuehouse with two consecutive nights of partying. Friday night saw 200 overnight guests arrive for a sleepover featuring all night fun including video projections by Marco Brambilla and SPACE PROGRAM Rice & Beans by Tom Sachs. Saturday night, the energy continued with a dance party over two levels of the Flatiron event and office space. With nonstop energy flowing for 48 hours, whether anyone actually got any sleep is up for debate.

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