Breakfast Club, IRL

Circa 1985, students at Antioch High School talk fashion.

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Love in All the Wrong Places

Recent spots where couples were caught having sex in public


On the platform of the Neue Donau subway station in Vienna, Austria

In “the grassy area near the DMV” in Carson City, Nevada

On Bradenton beach “in front of dozens of people” on a Sunday afternoon

In broad daylight on a public fountain in Samara, Russia

In the parking lot of the El Divino nightclub in Belfast, Ireland

On the roof of a Chipotle in Newark, Delaware.

Next to an ATM in Oviedo, Spain

“on the stage” inside a gazebo at a Florida Retirement Community


On the stairs near an apartment in Chesnee, South Carolina


Reminisce Over This

Steady B, Girl’s Gonna Getcha, 1991

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“Respectfully reserved for women”


Extra wide parking spaces for women drivers are a thing at one mall in Dalian, China.

Kite Fights in the Favelas of Rio

Establishing air rights in the name of fun

Chest Like a Backboard


The Dunk Hole‘ tee by Andy Dawes is a conceptual swish

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No Responsibility Necessary


These paper plants by Art We Heart bring the tropics indoors, indefinitely.

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Add It To Almost Everything


Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Lunchtime Laughter

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler

The Internet K-Hole, Offline

A quick flip through some of the 88 pages in The Best of The Internet K-Hole Volume 3, published by Hamburger Eyes.



The Greatest Double Agent in History by Alex Mayyasi

For his valor during World War II, Juan Pujol Garcia received awards from both Adolf Hitler and King George VI.

All Island Solid Concrete

The Sale of Manhattan, a 1962 animated short directed by Fred Crippen that features artwork by Saul Bass & Art Goodman.

Man Crusher


Meet Amazon Amanda, the woman little men turn to when they want to be crushed.

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Morning Dose of Party Bus!

Buvette – The Never Ending Celebration (Album Stream)


Picture of the Day


Eriberto Oriol

Flash Us: Tamara Santibanez

For our series, “FlashUs,” we ask some of our favorite tattoo artists to create a design based on a classic theme—naked ladies. This week, Tamara Santibanez sent us the above. Tamara tattoos out of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, and you can follow her here. (She also has some great prints available here.)
Zio / @zioxla

Architecture, Baby

Iconic Houses by Matteo Muci

A Magazine About a Bar

Arkitip Issue No. 0060: Max Fish
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