The Goddess of Grope


After spending years as a midwife, Takiko Shindo mastered the Japanese art of Oppai Taisou (translated: boob exercise), which is meant to help women “achieve healthier, shapely bosoms.” Realizing that her hands were a hot commodity and that all women should benefit from her method, Shindo developed the “Oppai Taisou Hand” to simulate her master touch. Essentially an oversized back scratcher, the pink plastic hand allows its user to simulate the groping method in the comfort of their own home.

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“Ferrari’s a Much More Aggressive Look”

Derek Zoolander, Male Model. From the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards, this is the comedy sketch that started it all.

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Boogie Down Productions Live at Brixton Academy in London, 1990 (Stream)


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The Reflective 3M Stitching is the Master Touch


Don’t sleep on MF Doom’s Wallabee shoe.

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‘Companion’ is a playful chair designed Phillip Grass.

Openings & Parties: ROSTARR at The Standard, High Line

This past Friday, a creative crowd packed into The Standard, High Line to celebrate artist Romon Yang’s (a.k.a. ROSTARR) mural commission for the rooftop at Le Bain. Christos Katsiaouni was at the hotel to capture the scene.

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The Legend of Panther Girl by Jeff Maysh

Wrestler Ann Casey’s life is the stuff of pulp dreams. She escaped poverty, broke cultural barriers, kissed Elvis, was shot by drug dealers, and came back to win The Belt.

Illustration by Benjamin Marra

Skateboarding Inside The Box

“Skateboard Cool Guy” by Evan Red Borja

Jeffrey Gamblero, Rest in Peace


Known to his crew as KORN, and to the world as a Brooklyn Nets “Super-Fan,” Jeffrey Gamblero passed away yesterday due to complications from a two-story fall from a window at his father’s apartment in Queens. He was 38-years old.

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Tropical Loch Raven

The new video for Panda Bear’s “Boys Latin” is basically drugs.

Directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch (from Encyclopedia Pictura).

$72 Million


The amount of money made by a 17-year old high school student from Queens who “trades stocks during his lunch break.” OR NOT. Shitty reporting from NY Mag.

The Beauty of Being An Exceptional Artist Is That You Can Disappear For a Long Time and Then Come Back on Fire


“Black Messiah” is D’Angelo’s first album in 14 years. Listen to the single “Sugah Daddy” which debuted through Red Bull’s 20before15 project a couple of days ago.

Nu Liife


by Andrew Jeffrey Wright / @ajw4ever

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Photos of People Staring Up at the Freedom Tower in Shock and Awe

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How to Deal with Chronic Complainers

Napster didn’t last long, but the ‘culture of free’ it created did

Henry Miller, The Art of Fiction No. 28

Bizarre Buildings and Their Fascinating Histories

What Dictators Like To Eat

We Spoke to an Academic Who’s Spent Twenty-Five Years Researching Drugs in Clubs

The Pilots of Instagram

Feel Flows mix by Aquarium Drunkard for Faculty Department


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Friday’s Vault

Jason Dill in World Industries Trilogy

Of Course They Did


A US government agency infiltrated Cuba’s hip-hop scene to “spark a youth movement against the government.”

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Dan Deacon – “Feel The Lightning”

Directed by the one and only Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Spectrum Cat


The awesome top graphic and mascot for Isacc Lin’s new board and apparel series for Spectrum Skateboard Co..

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PES’s new stop-motion short “Submarine Sandwich” brings up the question: is animation-induced hunger a thing?

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