Big Wooly Style

We sweated the striped Ransom by Adidas Strata before, and now SneakerFreaker previews this gray pair. Just as nice.

Shipley & Halmos NYC Playing Cards

Honoring NYC’s artistic royalty with a “custom deck of casino quality playing cards, a THINGS! score pad, hand-painted pencil, and canvas carrying case.”

Available here

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Cheesesteak Panini

We’ve really been into sandwiches recently, and for those not in Philly, this Panini is a great, fancy alternative to the Cheesesteak. From Mehan’s Kitchen.

Lunchtime Laughter

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Old Punk Flyers

An online punk flyer museum on tumblr

Tom Sachs Grizzly Bear Tee & Print

Available upon donation to the Endangered Species Coalition.

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Tommy Guerrero

Going Down Hill For 20 Years

This Guy.

Chris Jeon: a 21-Year old UCLA Math Major who decided to go fight with the Libyan Rebels during his summer vacation.

Morning Dose of Charlie Brown

via, drawn

Friday’s Vault

Eric Koston in H-Street Next Generation

Picture of the Day

Mike Brodie

Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Four

Last week, Hot Knives gave Zio the recipe for their gin holes—the second of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the fourth installment: Manhattan pop-tarts.

“While we greatly admire the Biotic Baking Brigade—the vegan activists who managed to smear Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Anne Coulter and multiple mayors of San Francisco with various animal-free pastry creams—when there’s booze in your pie, it’s best that it’s encased,” explains Hot Knives. “The pop-tart may in fact be the perfect vehicle for scuzzing around in public as a hidden wino; none of the other train passengers are any the wiser. Keeping it classy, we cook the cherries down in whiskey and top it with bitters for a Manhattan-flavored confection worth slamming in your pie-hole.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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