Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms

Directed and filmed by Todd Cole entirely on the Windows Phone.

Norse Projects Visby Tee Sweatshirt

Would be good if you’re by the water at night in the late summer

Underwater Video Goggles

For hands-free video fun, underwater.

Bacon Ipsum

If you’re a graphic/web/whatever designer, there’s no reason to use anything but Bacon Ipsum now.

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sausage bacon short loin venison beef ribs. Shankle meatball jerky, short loin bresaola ham hock tongue hamburger ground round beef ribs chuck. Tenderloin pork chop chicken swine, drumstick pig brisket. Bresaola chuck fatback shoulder, tri-tip strip steak ham. Tri-tip ground round salami venison. Pork loin pastrami flank short ribs tri-tip ham hock. Jerky ham hock beef tongue bacon, fatback rump shoulder.

Rump boudin pork loin, swine venison ground round chuck jerky. Ground round pork belly pastrami, drumstick shankle jowl corned beef chuck shoulder meatball pork loin beef strip steak. Tenderloin pork chop pancetta, beef t-bone drumstick bresaola brisket chicken venison shankle. Pancetta biltong jerky short ribs tail pastrami. Tail meatloaf bacon, boudin pork belly pork chop salami biltong. Meatball ham pork loin, sausage pork chop drumstick beef ribs ball tip pork. Fatback pork pig, ham hock ground round tongue shoulder.

Go here for some Bacon Ipsum


Lunchtime Laughter

George Carlin on cats

Installation View: Margaret Kilgallen – Summer / Selections

A selection of works-on-paper and paintings on canvas “some never before seen” by the late, legendary artist Margaret Kilgallen (1967–2001). On view at Ratio3 in San Francisco until August 5th.

images courtesy of Ratio3

These Are Just Strange

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

“You will receive a mold kit with detailed instructions in order to complete the molds of your prints” …No shit, because taking a mold of animal that’s awake seems pretty tough.

via, notcot

That’s What Friends Are For…



Over $20B in Treasure Discovered in Centuries-Old Hindu Temple in Southern India.

(Thanks Rog!)

Morning Dose of Ridiculous Pool

The D*Face spray paint skateboard interface.

Lais Ribeiro is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day

Cy Twombly, Rest in Peace

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