why not make gyro cones the same way you make cars?


NY Times looks at the history of the Gyro. Doesn’t John Garlic faintly remind you of John Galt?

Lunchtime Laughter

The Blazed & Confused Tour. Hah

A Glimpse into the art and Life of Dash Snow


Tim Barber put together this great internet compendium of the Art and Life surrounding his friend Dash Snow.

bob dylan manicure set, come on now!


Big Fan of Bob Dylan? Then you need the official Bob Dylan Manicure set. WTF? It looks like they will sell anything

Blast from Promotional Past: Coca Cola Magic Cans

This was one of the crazier campaigns.  I remember there was one lawsuit from a bill ejecting into some person’s eye but, whatever, I bought so many cans of Coke in search of some money. No luck though.

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Black Wii


Say What? Japan has go it going on.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

This video is so fresh, it reminds me of Cannery Row. Viernes “Liquid Tunnel” from Charles Bergquist.

Emma Watson is…


Wednesday’s Muse.

Bonus Love after the jump

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Picture of the Day


Ryan McGinley, Dash Bombing, 2000

Eric Beltz x Hunter’s Run


For their second installment of the 7 inch artist series, NY Band Hunter’s Run tapped California-based artist Eric Beltz for a limited release album.

“The numbered edition of 200 is on white vinyl with additional insert and inner-sleeve art. For those without turntables, a free CD is included.”

You can buy one here. The band also has a show tonight (Tuesday the 14th) at Public Assembly in Brooklyn

The Triceracopter needs a home


Well isn’t this bad ass…


In 1977 Patricia Renick mounted an extraordinary solo exhibition at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. The exhibit comprised one exceptional sculpture crafted of fiberglass and built on the frame of a Vietnam era U.S. Army OH6A/Cayuse helicopter.

Triceracopter: Hope for the Obsolescence of War is now available for acquisition by a qualified museum, institution or individual.

Direct inquiries to:

flickr set here

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Giant Robot SF presents Theo Ellsworth this weekend


The folks over at Giant Robot SF sent us some preview images for their upcoming show with Theo Ellsworth this weekend. So if you’re in San Francisco make sure you check it out.

Press Release and some images after the jump.

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Reminisce Over This

Lost Boyz, Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless, 1996

Merkins, huh?


Merkins are apparently pubic wigs.  Merkin World is your best bet if you want one.  A history courtesy of the company after the jump

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Dash Snow, Rest in Peace


Well that sucksOur hearts go out to friends and Family.

Dash Snow (1981 – 2009)


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touch it


The Delta Pilar pull-down kitchen faucet with Touch2O is a very cool marriage of tech and function.  You do not have to turn a knob or twist a handle, just tap the top of the faucet and it’s on and running. Tap it again and it’s off. So when your hands are dirty as sh@t, all you need to do is give your faucet a elbow. Very cool.

Gavin McInnes on comedy and advertising and other things


An interview on Interview.  Entertaining for sure.

Pizza! NEw York’s Best Pizza!


NY Mag runs through their top 20 picks for the Best Pizza Pies in New York City at this moment. Delicious

Lunchtime Laughter

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