An Interview With Matt Singer

We’ve been up on the work and products of Matt Singer for a while but decided that this was the week that we’d learn more about the NY-based creator/designer. Michael Slenske caught a couple moments of Matt’s time for us to get the whole story.

The More You Know: A Child’s Guide to Splattered Bugs

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A Modern Single Family Home with a Skateboard Ramp Structure

The PAS House. Not to be confused with The Ramp House or the Skateable Office

This Was Picasso’s Ride

A Hispano-Suiza

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Morning Dose of It Doesn’t Do Anything

Video art right here

Friday’s Vault

Ed Templeton’s part in Useless Wooden Toys

Picture of the Day

Hard 2 Kill

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Off the Style Charts

Can’t figure out what to hang in your bathroom? Problem solved.


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Mermaid (Under)

A fantastic series of underwater beauties photographed by Michael Dweck in 2008

Up All Night

Body Count, There Goes The Neighborhood

Gif Magic

The growth of the continental United States

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