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Searched ‘gregarious’ today.  Greh Gair eee us

It’s national cleavage day… sometime in april


According to Wikipedia, National Cleavage Day is at the beginning of April, some say the 4th and some the 7th.  Since today is the 7th, we’ll go with that.  Harmless

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Obey The Elephant


On Sale this Thursday at a time not selected is the print of this Elephant above.  I wonder if the elephant is really hungry and is just waiting to eat that flower?

Picture of the day


Eric Barker

Note: check out this site, FWAPhoto, a photo a day. Great work.

weddings by two


This past Saturday, we had the honor of watching one of our founders tie the knot.  Besides being amazed by the wedding as a whole, we were immediately drawn to the photobooth set up by Weddings By Two.  Seriously, it is one of the coolest ideas ever. The photography is crisp, the attendees get instant gratification by having their photos print out in real time and the newly wedded couple gets to see all of the fun that their guests had in an album created after-the-fact.

Congrats to MelVin!  You are the Best in The World!

auto tuning the homepage

This is great…..

Reminisce Over This

Special Ed, I Got It Made, 1989

have a seat


We’re not sure what’s going on over at Urban, but they have stepped it up a bit. The catalogs are tasty and the products are surprising. I know the urban uk carries some high(er) end designs and it now looks like the U.S. site has some nice things as well. For example, this Acacia Wood Twist Stool.

“Hand-carved and completely eco-friendly is this Twist Stool, made from the thick branches of the quick-growing Acacia tree in Thailand – where each branch is cut and carved to order (allowing the tree to continue growing). ”

Click here to buy for $220.00

Great Prints @ Great Prices


Just a heads up to readers, if you’re looking to add some Shepard Fairey prints to your collection have a look over here

3 1/2 minutes of Wisdom from Kenny Powers

Do yourself a favor and have a listen

strike a dischord


Forever21 rips off Minor Threat’s Logo.  A reader commented on our Mitchy Bwoy post from a while back, about him ripping off Woolies logo.  You thought we wouldn’t Notice (one of the world’s best names I must say) is a site dedicated to pointing out those things that give you that feeling of ‘haven’t I seen that somewhere before?” The site contains multiple posts on numerous categories with side-by-side comparisons of rip-offs. Completely user-generated too! For more information about the blog go here.

Lunchtime Laughter

dignan’s notebook


There was a link floating around the internet a couple weeks ago involving the Criterion Collection release of Bottle Rocket and the liner notes that re-created Dignan’s Notebook.

I found another one replicating the notebook that is so much better.

Dave Choe in China


Our friends at Arrested Motion have come through with a ton of photos from Dave Choe’s Death Blossom, which opened over the weekend in a land far away.

See them here

hemp for victory

This aptly titled film was created in the 1940′s to urge citizen farmers to grow hemp.  Now in the 21st century, Ron Paul and Barney Frank are introducing a hemp bill. Big ups guys.

via, boingboing

spring movies….


We told you about this little film when it was making the film fest circuit. Anvil premieres April 10th, and is brought to you by VH1 Classic. It looks like it’s going to be a classic as well.

Watch it after the jump

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If Homer’s Odyssey was on Twitter


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Good Morning Lima


Adriana Lima opens the week up right

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up


Viktor Vauthier

This Week…

Pose got a slideshow


The Quattro trimmed some Bush

We saw the Lost Tribes of NYC and were blown away

This girl has crystals coming out of her eyes

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