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Whole in the Wall: 1970 – Now


This opens tonight and features a slew of known names.  Juxtapoz has a preview and there is more info after the jump

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Movies In Frames

Simple Concept: “One movie – four frames. That’s it.”
I got through all 27 pages of Movies In Frames seamslessy and have found a bunch of new/old movies that I’ll somehow find the time watch.
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wtf glowing monkeys


No, these are not album covers. They are  glowing monkeys. Speechless…. here’s the deal,

“A quintet of genetically engineered glowing monkeys have proved that foreign genes can be passed onto future generations.

The five marmosets carry a fluorescent protein gene that causes their skin to glow under ultraviolet light. Scientists were able to show the gene could be inherited by their offspring.

The Japanese breakthrough opens up the prospect for the first time of monkeys being used – like mice – as research tools for the study of numerous human diseases.”


Art Made Out of Folds


German Artist Simon Schubert creates really sick pieces of art by manipulating creases and folds in paper.  See a full gallery here

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Sorry I’m Late, by Tomas Mankovsky.

If you have the chance, you should watch this while eating cereal. Saturday morning cartoon style.

kate moss thursdays


Kate Moss street style

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Picture of the Day


Colby Katz

afternoon awesome: Dude pulls over doughboy cop

and doughboy cop got a taste of his own medicine, this made my day.

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The biggest ass (butt) in Brazil

Quite a feat in a country blessed with great Assets (sorry). The Watermelon Woman has a 48 inch badumpadump.  Parts 2 & 3 after the jump.  Nice job VBS!


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Is it just me or does the front of the Huffington Post look a bit like those Rumsfeld documents?




Reminisce Over This

LL Cool J, Around The Way Girl, 1990

I want the Real suitcase, full of the real drugs


One of a kind, Fear and Loathing: The Board Game


Buy your girl something cool


If you want to buy her something different and unexpected then here’s a start. Geisha, tights designed by Bebaroque out of Scotland. All Bebaroque prints are Hand Screen Printed and Embroidered. £29.95

gggggggggggif magic

(Thanks Tim!)

Good is…You Are What You Eat


Good Magazine has this pretty cool post about photographer  Mark Menjivar’s inventive exploration of hunger, “You Are What You Eat,” for which he photographed the contents of strangers’ refrigerators. Is this a photograph of…

Owner of Defunct Amusement Park


Street Advertiser

Red Cross Board Member

Answer after the jump. for more photos check out good.

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you think you’re hungry?


Check out this collection of extreme meals. There are days when your hungry and there are days when you’re nuts.  According to the article…..

“While American restaurants have often been called out for their sometimes gluttonous serving sizes, some are proud of their oversized portions—so proud, in fact, that a few food purveyors have made them into official eating challenges. Below find eight of the most outrageous dishes around—from 42-inch pizzas to 5 pounds of pancakes—that make our bellies bellow for, well, less.”Source

Click here to watch the late John Candy in The Great Outdoors, taking on the 96er.

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