Discount Hookers in Germany


This story is a bit old but for those who don’t know, the global economic crisis is affecting prostitution in Germany.  Bad for the hooker, great for the john.

Especially this tid-bit…

“Berlin’s “Pussy Club” has attracted media attention with its headline-grabbing “flat rate” — a 70-euro admission charge for unlimited food, drink and sex between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
“We’re feeling the economic crisis, too, even though business has fortunately been more or less okay for us so far.”

Six hours of unlimited food, drink, and sex for 70 euros = awesome.  That breaks down to $15.32 per hour for a gluttonous orgy, no too bad.  I wonder if the dude pictured above can afford that?

The Hot Beef Sundae


looks delicious

Lunchtime Laughter

Bea Arthur, Rest in Peace 1922 – 2009

housing market


A nice photo by Heathen Swine.

Dance Floor Dale

You may have seen this video a while back on our site, but now we have it embedded after the jump for your viewing pleasure.  The video was directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric, in association with Warp Records and Warp Films. The track is ‘Parisian Goldfish’ by Flying Lotus, from the album Los Angeles. Enjoy.

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I watched this entire video


David Lyle @ George Billis Gallery


Planning your Thursday night gallery jaunt? Check out David Lyle’s new show at George Billis Gallery this Thursday, April 30th. He works in oil, and pulls his content from the 50s and 60s.

LED Throwie Rat or mouse


Instructables is a site that instructs you how to do things. This was one of the the tutorials, “How to be a LED Throwie Rat, or Mouse“. You may be asking yourself, “what the f?” Here is the copy from the post.

introLED Throwie Rat (or Mouse) How to make a Rat LED Throwie. Or, what happened when LED Throwies met Mouse Taxidermy.

Be warned, this is another extremely graphic tutorial featuring guts, dismemberment, and soldering. Also see Conjoined Twin Mice and Duck Mouse for more advanced mouse techniques.”

I must point out that not everything on the site is this extreme, so check it out for yourself.

Good Morning with Adriana Lima


Mondays look good with her.

Weekend Update


That awesome Faile piece that was installed last week, ganked.  

(Thanks Josh!)

Picture of the Day & Weekly Round-Up


Charlie White

This Week…

We got down with the Suicide Girls

Kim Cloutier enticed

We previewed the Beautiful Losers work that is coming to Auction

Faile returned to the streets


We were like Huh?


This Saturday in LA

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Great debtors throughout history


Who knew Thomas Jefferson was such an Oenophile?

Ikea Hacker


I like this site, even though the navigation is frustrating.

Reminisce Over This

Candyman, Knockin’ Boots, 1990


We saw this slideshow featuring the work of photographer Juliana Beasley on the vine.  Her book is titled “Lapdancer the book” and you can buy it here in our store (just click on photography). More slides are available at the vine.

nike 6.0 sexwax’n it


The folks over at Nike 6.0 sent us over some promotional goods for their collaboration with Mr. Zogs Sex Wax. Basically, the surf wax in the shape of a Nike. Personally, the first time I ever heard of Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax was around 13 or 14 years old, and my friend’s cousin from California (I grew up in Ohio) sent him a bar. Well, when his mother saw that the bar was called sex wax, she freaked out on him, took it away and grounded him. This then lead to the random threat of drug testing…..The moral of the story, the bar symbolized rebellion. In the end, my friend found where his mother had hid the bar (they’re always hiding shit…moms) and kept it hidden in one of his dresser drawers. in his room, but it became a punk rock pin of one-up-manship.

If you’re a collector of Nike, or a surfer, or you just like sex wax and want to rebel, we are going to give some wax away. Send us your best photo why you need the wax. I know its vague, but that’s the point. Everyone has a reason, and people like pictures.

Here’s a little video from Nike 6.0

Breakin’ with Mr. Rogers


black foot, clae Romare hi


Check out these little gems. The Clae Romare Hi available at FUSShop. We were checking out our new subscribers to our twit and found this shop out of the UK.

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