Chocolate Waterboarding Figurines


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Pow, something like this comes out of the blue.

Eat Me Daily writes..

“Waterboarding” by Stephen J Shanabrook is “the peaceful song of a pair of choir boys turned into a silent scream.” In this piece, Shanabrook has figuratively chocolate-waterboarded choir boy Christmas statues”

On view at Daneyal Mahmood

Coming up in Philly


If you’re down in Philadelphia tonight, stop by jinxed and say what’s up.

Featuring works by:

Ed Looram
Isaac Ramos
Jeremy Dean
Lorin Brown
Nick Hans

Friday, June 26, 2009
6:00pm – 10:00pm

620 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Food Party at Deitch Studios


This Sunday…

Food Party’s own Thu Tran presents a live cardboard prop-making demo and screens an episode of Food Party, followed by a performance of BAD BRILLIANCE’s Red Carpet to Nowhere.

the PIG presents
April 25 – August 9, 2009

Deitch Studios
4-40 44th Drive
Long Island City, NY 11101

212 343 7300

Lunchtime Laughter

Eddie Murphy jokes about Michael Jackson

ron english keychains


Ron English keychains available at kidrobot, a little fat Ronald in your pocket.

vampire toast


Mr. Toast Vampire by Dan Goodsell is available for $19.99 at My Plastic Heart

Super Hornio Brothers

Discoveries like these are what make me keep coming back to the internet day after day.

We revisit Donghyun Son’s King: Michael Jackson Portraits


While this show at Gallery2 in Seoul, Korea has already closed, Donghyun Son’s work deserves a look.

“The show, titled KING, is filled with portrayals of Michael Jackson, done in portraiture. The artist says a turning point in Michael Jackson’s career was the year 1989, when Elizabeth Taylor called him the ‘king of pop, rock and soul’ at the award ceremony for Artist of the Decade. It was then Jackson became a king, coronated by a queen of the entertainment world; this is poignant, considering that in 1989 kings of social rank no longer existed.”

A couple favorites and more explanation after the jump

[Read more]

Sex Wax Skull


Whatever it is, it looks cool.

via, notcot

Friday’s Vault

Christian Hosoi vs Mark Gonzales at Ohio Skateout

Picture of the Day


Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50


Rest In Peace

image by Faile

huge is so naked

The new issue of Huge magazine has hit the stands fully naked. The entire issue is dedicated to photographers who shoot nude.

NeckFace in Copenhagen


Return To The Womb opens tomorrow night (friday the 26th) at V1 Gallery.

Stoned Wallabies make crop circles


In the running for best Headline of the Year no doubt. The dek isn’t too shabby either.

“Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around “as high as a kite”, a government official has said.”

I could also see this headline sometime down the road

Stoners in Wallabees make crop circles

Read the article here


Mi Ju at Fecal Face Dot Gallery

The latest installment of FFDG’s In-N-Out series opens tonight with Mi Ju, A Korean-Born artist currently residing in San Francisco.  We like her work a lot.

opening reception Thurs. 6/25 (6-9pm)… Mi Ju will be present. Drinks served. Etc.

Mi Ju
June 24-27
opening reception Thurs. 6/25 (6-9pm)
@Fecal Face Dot Gallery
On view: Wed – Fri (3-6pm) | Sat (12-6pm)
66 Gough St.



Farrah Fawcett dies at 62.

Reminisce Over This

Public Enemy, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, 1989

Where The Wild Obama Are


By Dan Lacey, the Painter of Pancakes (and by the look of his site, Obama naked with Unicorns)

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