Wreckage of my Past: The Story of Ozzy Ozbourne

Whenever this comes out, it is gonna be good

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Brooklyn Queens at The Journal Gallery Tonight!


It’s a nice night to be in Brooklyn…

The Journal Gallery is proud to present Brooklyn Queens, curated by Eddie Martinez. In Brooklyn Queens, Martinez, a Brooklyn-based painter, has assembled a collection of works by six artists whose work he has followed over the years, artists that provide inspiration in addition to being friends and neighbors. Ranging from the gloss-inspired portraiture of Katherine Bernhardt, to the abstractions of Tauba Auerbach and Gina Beavers, to the appropriation based work of Sam Moyer and Harriet Salmon, and the snapshot-style paintings of Jeanette Mundt, Brooklyn Queens is a mini survey of those working within Martinez’s circle.

The Journal Gallery
168 North 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY

Geoff McFetridge responds visually to Stop Smiling


For their Expatriate Issue, Stop Smiling magazine asked Geoff McFetridge “to offer his impressions on the differences between living in California and his native Calgary.”  Everything is drawn and there are some great responses, above is the answer to “WHAT ONE IMAGE SUMS UP THE WEST COASTS OF CANADA AND CALIFORNIA?”

via, the scout

Famous Last Meals


John Wayne Gacy: A dozen deep-fried shrimps, a bucket of original recipe chicken from KFC, French fries, and a pound of strawberries.

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Lunchtime Laughter

“But you haven’t even seen it transform!”


Megan Fox, breaking hearts everywhere.

if you love photography you need one of these


Colin O’Dowd’s Polaroid inspired mirror. It would be awesome if it somehow faded your image…..

Generic Surplus Black Pointy Ox


Urban Outfitters has the black pointed low top from Generic Surplus, UO’s exclusive collaboration with Los Angeles label, Generic Man. They will set you back $70

by the power of greyskull


Just saw this flyer for an upcoming show in SanFran. Don’t miss it, it looks like it could be good. For more info check out Double Punch.

Random YouTube search

Today I searched the term ‘relentless’

Ashley Greene is…


Wednesday’s Muse

Picture of the Day


Helmut Newton

I need this blog today


and maybe every day for a while…

Flip Stuff Off

Brandon Friend’s Starving Artists

Brandon Friend sent us over images of 4 newly completed pieces from his Starving Artist series.  In his words, they are all

“30” x 30″ paintings of the inner contents of my friends refrigerators (most of which have all graduated with a degree in art). Good time for good ol’ conversation and fun about sustaining life and a plentiful harvest!”

Reminisce Over This

Hieroglyphics, At The Helm, 1998

Noel Duigan’s throNE


Every player needs a throne… Check out designer Noel Duigan’s collection of furniture. Ex UAE military turned designer, who studied in Italy has created some interesting combinations. Check out his site to see all the styles, there are so many to choose from.

low down….

The product is 100% made in Italy, all my original designs.  Beech wood, fire resistant foam and fabric.
Bespoke pieces available on request, also do children’s range, and beds. Available for delivery anywhere in the world. Currently I am located in Dubai, but trying to get set up in LA.

never thought you’d see this…

limited edition wallpaper


I just recieved my copy of Wallpaper. I have noticed over the past few issues, that the nudity has increased. For example, take this cover by Peter Saville and Nick Knight.

Support Hamburger Eyes issue 13


Do it here

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