Reminisce Over This

Lost Boyz, Renee, 1995

Two Openings To Hit Up in NYC Tonight (10/20)

Hamburger Eyes comes to town with The Inferno at Ed. Varie in the East Village, and Chloe Early and Ryan McLennan split Joshua Liner Gallery up in two solo shows in Chelsea.

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“I’m Somewhat Of A Magician”

A humorous Spike Jonze interview from 1996

Ralph Lauren Aviator Navy Forty Sixty Parka

This Ralph Lauren Navajo parka makes me think I need to see a doctor about object sexuality.


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iHealth Blood Pressure Dock


Open Faced Italian Fig Sandwich

Salami is always in season, but figs are only in season till the end of the month. Eat this while you still can.


Open Faced Italian Fig Sandwich from Spoon Fork Bacon

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Lunchtime Laughter

Shanene goin’ off

via, @joshmadden

Reyes, Steel, and Amandalynn

While in SF last month, I had the opportunity to visit the studio space of those three talented artists mentioned in the headline.

My Mom Was a Pan-Am Stewardess

She got interviewed by Glamour

The Elephant in the Living Room

Who knew Ohio had such an affection for turning dangerous, exotic animals into household pets? This documentary from 2010 looks into all of that.

In related news, peep this Daily story about the nation’s largest exotic-pet auction in Amish country.

“100,000 Monks in prayer for better world”

This photo by Shawn Williams is rad.

Morning Dose of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men

David Bowie at 17.

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