Morning Dose of the Sweetest Honeymoon Ever

A Skittles spot called ‘Newlyweds’ directed by Cousins

Adriana Lima Spent The Weekend in Air Conditioning

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

from Cellybrain

This week…

We found Rupert Murdoch with some Devil Horns On

Porsche Design made a bong

We looked through World Piecebook

Jay Howell returned with some great tunes


Hattie Watson was our muse

Amy Winehouse, Rest in Peace

Amy Winehouse passed away yesterday (July 23rd) at the unfortunate age of 27, joining that mythical club of talented musicians whose never made it to 28. The lady could sing.

The Greatest Writer Alive


The next time someone
parks their car
in a way
that annoys you so much
that you feel the need to leave them a note
telling them about it,
you should instead
just write them a note that says-
“Dear Jeff, now I know where to find you.
Don’t think I forgot about what you did to my little girl.
I’ll be watching you…”
Then draw a picture of a knife at the bottom.

This way, if they are not named Jeff
they will certainly reconsider parking
in or around this area so as not to be mistaken for Jeff
and if by chance they are named Jeff… well,
victory is yours.

Dallas Clayton

Historical Graffiti Writers

Crowds braved the heat wave in New York City last night to have the opportunity to have their History of American Graffiti books signed at The Hole by Taki 183, Snake 1, SJK 171, Mike 171, Rocky 184, Roger Gastman, and Caleb Neelon amongst others. Photographs by Kristy Leibowitz

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Up All Night

Roxy Music, Avalon (Live 1982)

“ego, work ethic, knowledge, health, experience”

Listen to A Tribe Called Quest: The Rise And Fall Of A Legend over on NPR

Reminisce Over This

Ras Kass, Soul On Ice, 1996

Art Openings Tonight in Toronto and San Diego

James Marshall & Greg Lamarche’s Geometric Balance at Show & Tell, and Jay Howell with Christopher Kardambikis at Double Break.

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Another Earth

Opening in select theaters today (July 22nd), Another Earth is a sci-fi drama directed by Mike Cahill about the discovery of a duplicate Earth behind our sun, and the way it effects a young scientist and a widowed composer. Starring Brit Marling and Willian Mapother.

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Paul Smith Loomis Sneaker

Available in both a dark grey suede (above), and a burgundy.

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