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Jovantae Turner in World Industries Love Child

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Stephen Mallon

Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Two

Last week, Hot Knives gave Zio the recipe for their beer-onion soup sandwich—the first of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the second installment: pumpkin beer muffins.

“We have zero reservations about drinking beer for breakfast,” says Hot Knives. “Why should we? Taken before noon it’s more like medicine than anything. Still, if you’re not as liberal with your a.m. libations as we are, there is a way to consume without feeling like a scumbag: just replace the milk or water in your favorite muffin or pancake recipe with beer and you’ll be eating your alcohol! Yeasty, wheaty and a little effervescent, beer can actually make great baked goods even better. There’s also something undeniably sick and satisfying about making a beer smoothie at sunrise and pouring it into a batter. Now, the only question you should be asking is ‘which beer?’ Listen up, because this may be the only time we’ll ever utter these two words in the same breath: Pumpkin. Beer. We usually mutter curses under our breath when we pass piles of this October trick in the shopping aisles. But bright orange and warmed with baking spices, we can’t begrudge a pumpkin beer muffin.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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You Are Here

I was searching the internet to see if anyone had ever used Google Maps to make a map of their sexual partners, when I came across this piece by Heather Gonsior.

It’s not what I was looking for, but still felt like a score.



To The Extreme

A handmade Vanilla Ice sweater from the early ’90s.

via, craft / getnloose

UP All Night

Body Count, Cop Killer (Live at Lollapalooza) 1991

Ice-T rips

British Humor

I don’t get it.

New work from Banksy

Reminisce Over This

Cypress Hill, Stoned Is The Way of the Walk, 1991

Two Things To Stop By Tonight If You’re In Manhattan

Yard Dogs at Wooster Street Social Club, and Hopps Night at Bowery Stadium.

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Fascinating work featured on the Creators Project

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Ransom By Adidas Strata Hickory

Good Looking Sneakers

Electric Luxury Vehicle

The drivable Cadillac ELR

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