Rest Better on Pills


You can really find anything on Etsy.  These pillows are “Lovingly made of super soft polar-fleece with poly-fiber stuffing. Letters are felt.”  For $19.95 each you really can’t go wrong.

Google Street view Japan

Yeah we know this is old. But, you’re probably old too, so don’t complain.

Mini Donut Cupcakes


I could maybe eat like 15 – 20 of these.

Lunchtime Laughter

The David Bowie Spider


Just in case you didn’t already know, David Bowie has a spider named after him.

“The Heteropoda davidbowie is distinguished by its large size and yellow hair, and is only found in parts of Malaysia.”

more at the Telegraph

Somehow I never imagined anything David Choe related to be set to this kind of music

Anyway, nice timelapse footage from this year’s Nuart festival

Killer Bees, as in Wallabees


For his latest fashion show, Patrik Ervell adorned all of his models shoes with rusty staples.  The look was fresh, the risk of having to get a tetanus shot?  Not so much.

More at Material Interest

Shepard Fairey’s Michael Jordan Prints are Serious Business

I don’t know where to begin except to just paste these details below about the Shepard Fairey x Michael Jordan x Upper Deck Print Collection.

“The initial offering consisting of just the high-end, 26” x 36” silk-screened master prints signed by both Jordan and Fairey (limited to 50 versions each) for $4,499.99 collectively. For anyone who purchases the three-part master print series, they will receive the same edition number in the limited-to-50 series for each print (UNC, Bulls and the HOF induction). Additionally, on Sept 17th the three-part sets signed by Fairey-only, which also measure 26” wide x 36” high and are limited to 123 apiece, go on sale for $1,349.99 collectively.

On Sept 22nd, individual versions of the dual-signed master prints will go on sale for $1,499.99 each, with the Fairey-only signed versions also being made available for $499.99 apiece. Lastly, on Tuesday, Sept. 29, an 18” wide x 24” high Fairey-signed print that’s limited to 523 will be made available. Complete sets of the three single-signed, 18″ x 24″ prints will retail for $215.99 each with individual pieces listed for $79.99.”

More info at Obey Giant

Random You Tube Search

Searched ‘pretzel’ this morning

picture of the day, guest curated by Gregg Greenwood


Tuesday September 15th


“This photo was on my wall as a child and continues to inspire me to photograph musicians. The idea of being on the inside with your favorite music artists was one of my original motivations for picking up the camera. I can’t play guitar, but I can make photos.”


Picture of the day this week will be guest curated by Photographer Gregg Greenwood. Gregg is a New York City based photographer and designer and all around cool guy. We reached out to Gregg to kick of this new feature on TWBE. We admire his work and thought it would interesting to see what inspires him. Enjoy this weeks selection and make sure to check out his work.

Check out yesterday’s select.

Words for the Blazed


And did you read this NY Mag article?  You should.

via, hailmaryjane

Kid Koala presents: The Slew Live


Kid Koala, Totally fresh & free to download. This 10 track album gets the fun started, so you know what to expect when you make it to one of the live shows during this one time only tour.  Amazing.

Get the download here

and find out more information here.

[Read more]

Time Travel Vacation: 19th Century Wales

I decided to do some more time traveling through the internet. Welcome to my vacation photos from 19th Century Wales.

the awesome book

Check out this video from Dallas Clayton, he created a book for his son, “An Awesome Book“,then self published it, sold it on line, again and again, worldwide. It lead to establishing a foundation, the Awesome World Foundation, Now his goal is to give away a copy for each copy sold… watch the video to learn more about this awesome project, and be inspired to do something!

Get Wild, Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde has a PG style, boner-inducing spread in the latest GQ.

[Read more]

Reminisce Over This

3rd Bass, Brooklyn Queens, 1989

clean up font heads


Typography soap. Every font lover might like to clean themselves up with this soap.

buy now.

spray crap


Billed as real shit, both look and smell…it really does exist. You find more wonderful things like this to bring back you inner Third Grader at Things you never knew existed. If inclined, the doo doo spray will only set you back 6 bucks.

Greenday takes over sirius this weekend


Green Day is taking over a couple channels of Sirius this weekend. They will take control of channel 1, and 20on20, XM channel 20.

“The band will host a special edition of the SIRIUS XM Hits 1 Weekend Countdown! During the countdown, the entire band will introduce the forty-five most requested songs of the week and will share their views on the music. ”

Let’s hope they will make it a little entertaining.

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