Tonight: Blind Cut – Curated by Jonah Freeman and Vera Neykov

A group show addressing “diverse notions surrounding the themes of fiction or deception.”

Artists include: Sherrie Levine, Adam McEwen, Ed Ruscha, Mike Kelley, Robert Lazzarini, Cindy Sherman, and Mark Flood.

Marlborough Chelsea
545 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

1st To Do It

This video series from Noah Banks needs to be watched. Above is an explanation of Shoes On A Wire, after the jump… Larry Lovebone.

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Common Projects Blue Suede Chukka Boot

About the same price as a small TV set, but nobody’ll ask where you got your TV from.

Available through Norse Store

Pablo Escobar’s Portable Telephone

“The portable telephone Pablo was using when police traced calls to his family in the hours before his death on 2 December 1993.”

Featured in James Mollison’s book The Memory of Pablo Escobar

Bet This Would Be The Bomb With Choco-diles

Twinkie Tiramisu from Serious Eats

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Lunchtime Laughter

Inappropriate wooing

James Jarvis: 52 Spheres

New block prints from James Jarvis that will be featured in a show at Beach London next month.

Get yours here

American Trees

A national forest map from Nasa’s space-based radar, measuring aboveground woody biomass aka tree density.

via, notcot

The Flyest Chick in the Art Game

Hera of Herakut. This vid’s from Nuart 2011

At the 40/40 club, Warren Buffett on the Scene

Money loves money

Morning Dose of Jaaam

The Fresh Prince Remix

Kate Moss Thursdays

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