Custom stitched Nintendo Character hats


Karah Barton creates one-of-a-kind hats without the ‘custom’ price tag.  $25

order here

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The sexy Watercolors of Suzannah Sinclair

Suzannah Sinclair opened a show a couple weeks ago at New Image Art.  Here, we look at her sensual watercolors.

who stalks who


Feeling popular? Wondering if you have a stalker? Find out at (do not click)Twitviewer. Avoid the fishing scam thanks to all the readers for pointing this out, beware the twitter followers they are all out fishing.

Reminisce Over This

Cormega, R U My Nigga, 2001

Inside Cindy Sherman’s Downtown NYC Duplex


Vogue takes a look

The future looks really cool


Neville Mars’ Solar Forest.  A cool, shady parking lot to charge your electric car.  Is that a Chrysler I see in the future too?

via, inhabitat

you will find something here


Well the name of the site, Creative Nerds, is not the best but, you should be able to find something here. There are a lot of 25 this, 40 that, type of lists. Some are actually pretty helpful.

F@cking S-L-A-Y-E-R


Well, they have had better album covers…better fonts… but, the music is still Slayer. Check out Slayer’s new single,”Hate Worldwide”, here. You can also get info on their tour as well. The song will help you get through the rest of your day.

The Dagwood


31 toppings on a sandwich

from Scanwiches:

Homemade: “The Dagwood” Pastrami, Roast Beef, Peppered Turkey, Honey Ham, Bologna, Cotto Salami, Provolone, American Cheese, Cheese Whiz, Swis, Pepper Jack, Muenster, Cheddar, Alfalfa Sprouts, Tarragon, Pickles, Red Cabbage, Horseradish with Beets, Mayo, Mustard, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Tomatoes, Lettuce, Baby Lettuce, Shredded Carrots, Purple Onion, Bacon Bits, on an Onion Roll, White Bread, Dark German Wheat Bread, and Potato Bread.

Made and Scanned during the Universal Record Database’s URDB Live event at Crash Mansion.

via, NYMAG

Lunchtime Laughter

What makes it even better? It’s bootlegged.

may the toast be with you

Darth Vader Toaster, what more can you ask for? I wonder if they make Yoda jelly?

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Graphic Tee’s


Graniph x Josef Muller-Brockmann

Dezeen has a competition ending today that gives you a chance to win all six.

White On Rice


clean design


Cristina Rubinetterie fixtures. The coolest Italians-designed shower heads.

Morning Dose of Awesome

I’m sold on this guy right here. He’s the future.

via, FuknOld

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Art For Life Auction 2009


At 3pm EST today, bidding ends on Shepard Fairey’s Close Knit.

“I chose to illustrate this image of two girls knitting (in a Rush Arts Education program) because I think it really captures the idea that learning art in schools is about more than crayon drawings — it’s about creativity, something that transcends all class and race boundaries. I think the joy of making something is universal, and it’s an opportunity that every kid should have.”

Shepard Fairey
Close Knit, 2009
Spray Painted Stencil & Mixed Media Collage on Canvas
44″ x 60″

Presently the bidding is at $28,500, you can view the lot here

picture of the day


this looks like a scene from a Benji movie…. it’s pretty cool anyway

Mad Men Yourself


In the spirit of Simpsonize Me! comes Mad Men Yourself.  Above is The Enablist as a Mad Man.

Mad Men Yourself here

via, buzzfeed

Tron Legacy

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