our love of sasha

Ok, we are following her career now… Sasha Grey, an accidental Google search introduced us to her, now seems to be the hot ticket. She is in the new Steven Soderbergh film “The Girlfriend Experience.”

Check out this interview from (Holy Taco)

It’s World Hepatitis Day Today!


1 in 12 people worldwide are living with Chronic Hepatitis B or C.

So take off your condoms, break out your needles, and start sharing some blood and fluids.

via, Material Interest

whiskey jesus

A couple of drunkards find themselves in the desert in the company of someone quite popular son of God who’s angry at them. Old Testament chaos ensues. Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business is the bluegrass duo of Clyde Clowe and Clem Cowan, joined by some friend of them.  The music video has been directed by Eric Power and produced at Clear Productions.


Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Johnny Cash


Available today at a random moment in time is Shepard Fairey’s latest print featuring what will presumably be  the cover of Antonino D’Ambrosio’s latest book (or promotional material for such), A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears. It looks pretty cool and comes signed and numbered in an edition of 450, and will for a very short time retail at $50.

picture of the day


Via Cracked caption contest

I read this on the Toilet because that is the only place I could concentrate


This week’s New York has a great article by Sam Anderson titled, In Defense of Distraction. Seriously, read this in book or print it out.  There is too much going on around the internet article to stay focused.

phone in a masterpiece by Hockney


Check out this article about David Hockney, one of Britians most celebrated artists embracing the iphone. The 71-year-old has taken to using the touchscreen of his iPhone to create mini-masterpieces, and he even has a little easel to display his work. He is not new to technology when it comes to making art, in the past he has incorporated fax machines, polaroids, and other early painting programs for computers. To read more about Hockney click here.

Reminisce Over This

De La Soul, Keepin’ The Faith (Straight Pass), 1991

Who wants to go see AntiChrist?

Charlotte Gainsbourg in “Art House Torture Porn”? I’m in.

Blu’s Italian Alligator


Earlier this month Blu finished up this massive wall as part of the Icone 2009 event in Modena.  Have a peek at the other work here, and after the jump a great video of another Blu piece (A Shark) in Barcelona.

photo by Kalevkevad

[Read more]

Afternoon Dose of Awesome

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Last Day Dream, directed by Chris Milk.

It would have to be a daydream if Pauly Shore’s gonna knock you out.

Only wear this on the Internet


Like in your viral video, or on your vlog.

via, Juxtapoz

disturbing 80′s commerical

Kinder Surprise, candy for kids from a strange bald flat faced man.

Lunchtime Laughter

Copy Sluts


This is a hot pictorial from Vice’s latest issue. Great Work.

Tv Intros


A straight to the point website with almost every TV show introduction you’ve ever wanted.

the hottest clothed porn star


Sasha Grey’s claim to fame was porn…but, I have to say these photos in Rolling Stone are awesome. A pornstar never looked so good dressed. Check out 5 more shots here. (The last one is a sub unit… don’t bother).

Don’t forget our other posts on Sasha.

Rumsfeld Documents


Donald Rumsfeld was that deceptively scary kind of crazy.

See all of these never-before-seen documents at GQ

Scratching the Surface by Vhils

Vhils works in constructing faces through created decay.  This beautifully shot video captures the process almost romantically.

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