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Christine Tran

Reminisce Over This

Rass Kass, Miami Life, 1996

Gettin’ Up Playmobil Style


This set-up is so fresh.

via, 12ozProphet

Bacon Explosion


Today’s reason not to look at food blogs during lunch is the Bacon Explosion- basically bacon, rolled in bacon, with sausage, covered in bacon. I don’t even like bacon and I want it.

Skate or die in Afghanistan


The NY Times reports on Oliver Percovich, an Australian who is skateboarding’s unofficial ambassador to Afghanistan.

Read more here.

Lunchtime Laughter

what to watch now

Clerkdogs is a curated movie recommendation site. You may be familar with Netflix’s recommendations which are computerized, Clerkdog is a site that uses good old man power to create the relationship between movies. Give it a try.

If I had a heart-by fever ray

A visually beautiful video by Fever Ray, from the upcoming self titled album. “If I had A Heart”. I am looking forward to this album.

in the ghetto news


On the left you have Melody Morales(former Hooters girl) and on the right Melissa, head bartender at  Hawaiian Tropic Zone who’s dream job is to own a gallery. I have nothing against Melissa she just happened to be the image I picked from the HTZ to prove a point.  We normally do not cover this type of news but I thought I should comment  just a little. If you ever have walked by or stopped in at the HTZ, you would notice that most of the staff working has a similar flavor or taste. (At some point or time they may have auditioned for Flavor of Love).

Melody M is suing “Hawaiian Tropic Zone for crushing her dream of working as one of its bikini-clad beauties.”

Melody Morales(left) said she was turned down for a job by a manager at the Times Square restaurant who told her, “You don’t speak white” and “you are ghetto.” Morales, 21, is now suing the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. “Not to brag, but I look good in a bikini,” Morales said Tuesday. “I could have done a perfect job there.”

I would like to point out that Melissa(right) has a giant diamond encrusted crown hanging from here neck. So, needless to say I think her claims are….uncalled for.

Oh, my favorite bit that is extremely important from the article in the Daily News….

Morales, who sports an ample 34-D cup size, said she was appalled.”

Muxtape Returns


After being pulled down last year, Muxtape is back in a new way.

Steve Powers in Brussels


Steve Powers latest show, Semaphores of the Soul, opens tomorrow night at Alice (Artists Living in Constant Elevation) Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.  Showcasing some of his best work from the past seven years, “Powers has created a new way of painting, a hybrid of text and image that functions as a screen shot of his mind.”

We’re especially partial to the rendering of Bez from the Happy Mondays in the center of the drawing above.

Exhibition Dates: 29.01 2009 > 07.03.2009

VERNISSAGE: Thursday 29.01 2009 – 18:00 to 22:00

Not to be missed.  More info here.

wednesday’s Muse Roberta Murga


Brazilian Model Roberta Murga. See her (NSFW) here.

Picture of the Day


Dave Schubert

only in britain


Only in Britain can you have a career as a presenter. If you do not know, this is Alexa Chung, recently dubbed best dressed in 2008 by Vogue. She is also the arm candy of a little Arctic Monkey. There’s something about her that I am now obsessed with.

Reminisce Over This

Kurtis Blow, I’m Chillin’, 1986

mario Rand crazy

Keeping with the theme of Mario, we came across this little clip on Crunch Gear. They described the video as …”reminds me of how I was acting last night after my brother-in-law and I finished a bottle of tequila”. You have to ask yourself, is he for real?



A Dutch S & M magazine enlisted the help of an Ad Agency for a really creative execution.  I wonder if I could enlist an agency to create a four-finger ring that read ‘idiot’ and then get them to punch a bunch of people in the forehead?

More at Copyranter

Banksy’s Elephant in the Room

This is the famed painted elephant (before the wash) that Banksy had at his infamous 2006 Barely Legal exhibit in Los Angeles.

Adidas is 60

This is a really great ad. I wonder if it really was this fun? Adidas is the shit, and any party that has RUN DMC playing has to be good. Thanks Limited Hype for the knowledge.

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