Lunchtime Laughter

The truth behind those internet monsters

montauk-monster gets to the bottom of it all


Rick Roll and Nirvana, check it.

Probably Bad News


News fails are pure entertainment

She’ll have a little more free time now


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Morning Dose of Awesome

After the jump.  Trust us…

Our favorite way to face the work week. Adriana Lima


Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-up


Craig Nunn

This Week…

We saw how much Paris Hilton likes kissing

Sebastian Lester drew some Tits

The Holy Mountain blew our minds

Olga Kurylenko was

Eric Wareheim directed the new Major Lazer video.  Watch it.


We decided to trust Jonathan Meese with our unborn kids

Sound Advice 12: Justin Van Hoy


We are pleased to present our 12th installment of Sound Advice featuring Justin Van Hoy.  Justin is a Los Angeles based designer and east coast transplant, who along with his wife Holly and their two cats, the Garcia Brothers lives in Highland Park. He designs books and draws things to make rent and has a pistol in case anything gets weird on “the avenues”.

Sound Advice 12

01. Dishes by Pulp
02. Uptown by Primal Scream
03. Sketch for Summer (Remastered) by The Durutti Column
04. Black Sheep Blues by Tommy Guerrero
05. I Wonder by Rodriguez
06. Herstory of Glory by Do Make Say Think
07. That’s the Punch Line by The Walkmen
08. Life’s a Gas by T.Rex
09. Heart of the Country by Paul McCartney
10. Prairie Rose by Roxy Music
11. Age of Consent by New Order
12. The London Radar by Cornershop
13. I Wanna Live by The Ramones
14. Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath
15. I Remember You by The Ramones
16. Twenty Four Hours by Joy Division
17. Lost in the Supermarket by The Clash
18. Cyndi by Yardwork (NC)
19. Harness & Wheel by Kingsbury Manx
20. Picasso’s Last Words by Paul McCartney & Wings

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Dave Schubert, Polaroid photographs from 1986 to 2006

We are happy to present a new group of photographs from Dave Schubert
“A sample of portraits made over a 20 year period. The photographs are mostly of friends,skateboarders,artists, graffiti writers and a lot are of strangers that interested me and asked I could make their portrait.”

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The Enablist & Texas Reason

Friday suicide


Lavonne Suicide

Age 24
Location Alberta, Canada

stats after the jump
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Reminisce Over This

Souls of Mischief, That’s When Ya Lost, 1993

Antique Agassi


Nike’s probably already brought this style back?

via, the blaaahg

Chris Stain & Armsrock at Ad Hoc Gallery

For the final show at Ad Hoc, Chris Stain and Armsrock created a nice installation to send the gallery off.  The opening is from 7 – 10 pm tonight in Bushwick.  Get grimy.

“Chris Stain first became infected by graffiti’s bold colors, striking form, and independent nature as a child in the summer of 1984. As time went by he investigated other avenues of art such as print making, graphic design, and screen printing. Stain’s work is a direct reflection of the people, neighborhoods, and struggles that are swept along with the every day lives of the common American. It is his hope that through the work he will be able to convey the importance of the role of the less recognized individual of society.
Armsrock is an artist and activist whose work focuses on the human condition in the urban environment. By creating hundreds of unique drawings of his fellow citizens, and placing these original pieces on the walls of the city, Armsrock makes an attempt to generate a critical understanding of the stories and fates that house us.”

less than expected….


Jobless rate is down for first time in a year. The economy shed 247,000 jobs in July, less than expected and lowest total of losses since last August. Unemployment rate inches down to 9.4%. Are we in the clear? Read the full story.

Instant Jury


I think this site has great potential if you get the right people involved, or if you like to comment on things and belittle people for your own enjoyment.  With that being said, we’re gonna wrap our heads around some potential case ideas and test them out.  Stay tuned…

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From the Plate of Roger Gastman


Tri-Colored Chips Are Delicious

I like nachos. I also really like when places “DO IT UP” and give me these tri-colored chips. I know they aren’t better for me or anything, but hell, I like the splash of color in my food.

Lunchtime Laughter

Long Duck Dong, cool guy.

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