Reminisce Over This

Lost Boyz, Renee, 1995

sony’s piece of shit

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work
This is by far the funniest shit ever! Damn the Onion is good.

it’s oil


Amy Bennett’s paintings look like photos of a miniature still lifes. Amazingly, it’s actually oil on canvas. Take a look at her work.
Via E-sushi

all gone at Reed space


This Friday the 13th, catch the opening reception / book launch / photo exhibit for All Gone at the Reed Space.

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Gene P: Best of Belgium

Gene P here to sock another round of Best of Belgium to ya cheeters and pumpkin eaters. This one actually took place in French Flanders, which is not technically part of the nasty B, but it’s close enough to hock a loogie on the King of Belgium, if you are so inclined (much respect to Albert II). From now until March 1st the Maison Folie in Lille is hosting the ProPeace Street Art exhibit in all its Fleming glory. Showcasing the likes of Féfé, Jonone and local talent Jef Aérosol among others, the Flemings put on quite a show.  Thanks for the photos Elsa!

Lunchtime Laughter

This is real.

shake it Vs. The Fall guy

Last Friday we were sitting around watching Youtube video’s and drinking some wine. Maybe it was the wine or a stroke of genius. We were inspired to mash up this youtube video with one of our favorite tv theme songs.

If you have any suggestions of other songs that might work please post in the comments. Enjoy.

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This is Why You’re Fat


Awwww yeah.

It’s nice to be nigo


Nigo shares with the internet one of his “Kimpsons” commissions by Kaws.  The painting is massive.

Via Nigo

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Information Overload?


While you may feel a bit overwhelmed from all of the coverage on the internet Shepard Fairey has been getting recently, take a look at our chart. These numbers are the results that came up through a blog search on Google between the dates of February 3rd and approximately 8:48pm February 9th, and they prove that there are other people who are being talked about more on the internet.

2,306,482 Barack Obama
670,921 George Bush
48,368 Kanye West
47,632 Miley Cyrus
25,957 Kate Moss
23,853 Bono
13,670 Shepard Fairey
10,339 Andy Warhol
3,978 Sean Combs
2,443 Olivia Munn

The point of all of this? Nothing, I just wanted to make a chart.

picture of the day


Flickr user tetheredto

Artorialust: SoHo

It’s been cold out but, El Toro braved the winter weather and brought some back some images of lovely looking ladies to warm the internet up.

Reminisce Over This

Cannibal Ox, Painkillers, 2001

17th Century Dutch Graffiti


Before writers and street artists had cameras, the only way to document and prove their ups was to get it into a painting.  Pieter Saenredam’s 1644 painting, Interior of the Buurkerk at Utrecht.

more at the Guardian

Radiohead marching band

If you missed it, we found it. Radiohead on the Grammy’s with Gwenyth Paltrow gushing. Do you thing Chris is thinking, “she never says that to me”?

Chris Johanson: Totalities, the book


Chris Johanson’s exhibit, Totalities, was one of the best of 2008.  We’re glad to hear that Deitch Projects has published a book capturing this moment in time.

“This board book documents Totalities, Chris Johanson’s recent “contemporary living installation” at Deitch Projects, New York. The theme of the work is the planet Earth and its place in the universe. There is also a meditation on the natural world of plants and animals—how they live within themselves, and how they are affected by humans—with an emphasis on conservation. All of the wood used in the exhibition was recycled, either from New York State, from dumpsters near the artist’s Brooklyn studio or from discarded art-shipping crates. The artist even asked his friends and acquaintances for scraps of wood, endeavoring to give his materials a third life. In this volume, he alludes to the degradation of the planet and the beauty of the world through art—reminding us all of our terrestrial responsibilities.”

Buy it here

Lunchtime Laughter

stack your pad


Ooch Chair from the mind of Sam Sannia, whose other designs are equally quirky and similarly intriguing. Check out his website for more info on Sannia.

Kaws on CBS Sunday Morning News

Much easier to watch on a Monday at any time, than a Sunday at 9am.

If you’re not into video, there is an article here as well

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