adriana lima’s secret


Adriana Lima busting out in Victoria’s Secret.

Picture of the day and the weekly round-up


Courtesy of Yimmys Yayo

This Week…

We found some behind-the-scenes pictures of Banksy’s exhibition

We dug up an old interview with KAWS

We watched early bike tricks filmed by Thomas Edison

Upside down celebrity faces are weird

Ashley Greene is really hot

Sound Advice 05: Drew Seskunas


We are pleased to present Sound Advice 05 featuring Drew Seskunas.  Drew is co-founder of The Principals. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Sound Advice 05 

01. E Talking by Soulwax
02. Cherry Oh Baby by The Rolling Stones
03. Pink Batman by Dan Deacon
04. L’Ecole du Micro D’Argent by IAM
05. Heaven by Face to Face
06. Tread on Tread Light by Madensuyu
07. Dead Flowers by Townes Van Zandt
08. Heartbreak for Socialites by Slowjets
09. I’m Never Gonna Tell It by Funkadelic
10. Good Guys (Don’t Wear White) by Minor Threat
11. Psalm by Roxy Music
12. Artstar by The Oranges Band
13. Temptation (12″ Version) by New Order
14. Young Turks by Rod Stewart

Download Sound Advice 05 now!

Rikki Kasso

Rikki Kasso is an American photographer living in Japan.  His photo blog Tokyo Undressed is kind of amazing, which makes him an amazing photographer.

friday suicide,Trinidad Suicide

Trinidad Suicide
Age 20

Makes her happy:
Sunny days

Makes her sad:
Meat eaters, consumerism, ignorance.

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Reminisce Over This

The Pharcyde, Passin’ Me By, 1992

David Park’s Sole 2 Soul

Fresh work coming from recent Parson’s Grad David Park

Clarks Weaver = Foot Boner


All I can say is wow.  A prominent fashion editor told me that when he saw these he wanted to take a sick day, I agree.  The first piece of my Clarks Porn investigation is complete.  Buy them at Oi Polloi

Hipster Hold’em


Designed by MWM Graphics

early ink-slinger


I have a feeling this is not real but it looks cool. I think his father who is a designer has a very patient child.

Full of Gas


Balloon Breakfast

Lunchtime Laughter

Thrasher opens up its archive


Scans of every single page, they are up to 1985.  A lot of design and culture history here.

On a random tip, I am surprised Supreme hasn’t tried to make moves on some nostalgic collaboration with them yet.

Oh Hell Yes…


Leighton Meester Sex Tape? Footjobs? Just tell me where to buy it.

Terry Richardson rides on Pirelli


Vanity Fair Italy documents Terry Richardson shooting the 2010 Pirelli calendar.


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Who wants to party with this guy?!!!


Ferrari Guy for Hire

Start the morning off wrong….


Do you really need a sausage wrapped with a chocolate chip pancake on a stick? Jimmy thinks so.

Friday’s Vault

Skating in NY in 1984/85 courtesy of Future Primitive

picture of the day bobby K


The Heartbreak Campaign
In 1968, photographer Bill Eppridge chronicled Robert F. Kennedy’s historic—and doomed—presidential run.

Buy the book, A Time It Was: Bobby Kennedy In The Sixties here.

You can also buy a Bill Eppridge limited edition print from his gallery.

Photograph Copyright 2008 Bill Eppridge. All Rights Reserved

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