The LirChild Surf buckle

“The Swiss Army Knife of surfing” includes a wax comb, fin key, belt buckle, and bottle opener.

via, the scuttlefish

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Whole Dungeness Crabs

“Caught in Puget Sound and cooked the same day it’s shipped to you.”

Available through GiltTaste

Lunchtime Laughter

Tim and Eric – Body Boys – Legend of the Pipers

Paddleboarding With Laird Hamilton and Puma

Earlier this Summer I was on-hand as Puma launched both their Mar Mostro Volvo 70 yacht and the paddleboard inspired by it. The limited edition carbon fiber stand-up paddleboard was designed by Hamilton (the ‘honorary’ 12th member of the PUMA Ocean Race crew) and Juan K, designer of the Mar Mostro. The board turns really well, and sits higher on the water than earlier stand-up paddleboards. I got to learn firsthand that paddleboarding is fairly simple if you have balance, and that no matter what if you’re standing next to Laird Hamilton, you’ll feel like a sissy.

More at Puma Sailing

The More You Know: Narco Subs

Smuggling under the sea.

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The Doors on a Boat Trip

Possibility for the Future: A Sunscreen Pill

Scientists studying the Great Barrier Reef  have found a natural sunscreen compound in Acropora coral that could lead to a sunscreen pill.

more at BBC News

Morning Dose of Teahupoo

In lieu of missing Wet Water Week this year, we’re dedicating today to all things Agua.

Fabiana Semprebom is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day

photographer unknown

via, thewhoa!

A Credit to True Blood

If you caught Sunday’s episode of True Blood, you might have heard The Used’s cover of Burning Down the House. It’s not bad, have a listen above.

Oscar Niemeyer

Motherboard sits down with the 103-year-old Brazilian Architect.

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