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Kate Moss on a beach

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Shepard Fairey at the ICA

By now, everyone in the blogosphere has mentioned Shepard Fairey’s 20 year retrospective, and it is much deserved. We were extremely lucky in getting invited to the VIP opening this past Tuesday, an opportunity that allowed us to take in most of Shepard Fairey’s career works to date (although on a personal note, there were a bunch that the curator should not have left out, and one or two that had more than suitable replacements for). The beauty of visiting a Museum or Gallery for the first time to see a show is not knowing what to expect, which enables you to be surprised. With that in mind, we have decided to show you only a few shots of the work featured in the ICA. Running until August 16th 2009, you have plenty of time to see this in person.

Reminisce Over This

Beastie Boys, Hey Ladies, 1989

Ben Jones at Deitch


Ben Jones’ latest show, The New Dark Age, opens at Deitch Projects grand street space tomorrow night (February 5th) from 6 to 9 pm.

More info after the jump

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F@ck Jason, go see Gomorrah

Friday the 13th opens on Friday the 13th but, so does Gomorrah. Directed by Matteo Garrone, the film is adapted from Roberto Saviano’s “nonfiction novel” into a modern Mob movie that is full of grit, violence and death. Winner of the Grand Prix Cannes Film Festival 2008, Gomorrah looks real and looks scary, it makes you want to stay home.

This made me laugh


The photography of Piper Ferguson.


Watch a little video of a father’s doped up son after he returns from the dentist.

Tig Ol’ Bitties


Big Up’s to Sheyla Hershey for achieving a feat that no human has before, 38KKK breasts.  We wonder if the surgery was subsidized by the KKK, just to get their name out there again?  Regardless, wow.

More at NBC NY

Thanks to Lord Steak for the info!

Get lucky in a plane without ever leaving the ground


Jumbo Hostel is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is housed in a converted 747-200.

When advertising gets smart


This was a great idea.

Wednesday’s Muse


Her name is Delia and she is friends with KR.  Not much more info than that, except she is total muse material and apparently cool.

more pics.

picture of the day


Auroral Corona Over Norway.Credit: Frank Andreassen (nettfoto.no)more info




Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and graphic artist who sometimes contributes to the NY Times.  He created these amazing minimal lego pieces about NYC. Have a look at his blog, the pictures of the legos, and check out his work here.

Reminisce Over This

Beastie Boys, Shake Your Rump, 1989

Random YouTube Search

Went with the term ‘fudge’ today.



Following up on the successful and much talked about Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, SWOON will be taking the crew up the Adriatic to Venice, just in time for this summer’s Bienale

The Swimming Cities of Serenissima is a fleet of three intricately hand crafted vessels that will navigate the Adriatic Sea from the Karst region of Slovenia to Venice, Italy in May of 2009. Designed by the visual artist SWOON, the floating sculptures are descendants of the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea (Hudson River, 2008) and the Miss Rockaway Armada (Mississippi River, 2006 and 2007).”

To kick things off, there is a benefit in Bushwick this Saturday, more info after the jump.

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