Reminisce Over This

Ras Kass, Anything Goes, 1996

google translator


So we just discovered this little gem from Google. Everyone knows the site will translate text for you but, they have this little tab/link that you can add to your tool bar that translates any web page you’re on to your preferred language. This makes life a little easier. They also have code you can add to your own website that will translate it automatically for others!

Get it now!



Went over to Juxtapoz today and was greeted by this (above).  It’s almost impossible to find if there is any content as it looks more like Times Square than anything else.  Oh, and when did they start reviewing movies and Nike shoes?

Car meets horse

via, ignoredprayers

late in the game, or premeditated?


We love anything Ghostbusters related, and it seems so does YouTubeThey are offering the entire movie online for free.

Other GB material…

Be Kind Rewind

flier for race

1950’s Ghostbusters

“I don’t think there’ll be another one like him”

We showed you some photos last week from Pablo Escobar’s personal paparazzo El Chino, and now for the video.  It is great to hear him reflect. Kick back and watch it all.

From the Plate of Roger Gastman


Ribs at Cheesecake

Eating meat off the bone is such a weird concept to me. Look down at your chest… What’s holding all your guts in and protecting you other than your skin? It’s yo’ ribs. They cage in all your important junk that you need to live. Ribs are the most underrated bone out there. I think we all need to have a moment of silence and thank baby Jesus for our ribs.


Lunchtime Laughter

Tonight in Bushwick


Factory Fresh Presents Part Two of the Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque
Live Music Special

Friday, August 21st, 8-11pm
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Artist covers the 5th anniversary of T magazine

The Starn Studio sent us a heads up about their special cover for T magazine. Doug and Mike Starn along with Gheary, Koons, Jenny Holtzer, and Francesco Vezzoli created special anniversary covers for The New York Times T Magazine. Here they are.

Video: The Making of the Starn Brothers ‘T’ buy the Starn issue

nude rides


Opening last night at Chair and the Maiden Gallery was Zach Hyman’s Decent Exposures. A New York City photographer, he shoots nude models in public places around the city. The show features 14 of his favorite images. If you’re in town, stop by for a look.

Stone age

The Onion suggests you go back to the stone age. It was a better time and a better way of life, when things were easy.

Yo, this is the site

Three frames, an internet work of art.

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Friday’s Vault

Eric Dressen

Picture of the Day


Ryan McGinley

Our favorite Truck Spills

Truck Spills is a great website.  Here some of our favorites.

kiss at Cobo Hall one last time

Kiss will play the Legendary arena Cobo Hall one last time for Kiss Alive 35.  If you’re a Kiss fan, or were a Kiss fan, you know this is the spot where they recorded Kiss Alive. Probably one of the best live stadium rock albums ever! Tickets go on sale August 21. For more info go here.

bounty hunters

It looks like the Clone Wars second season will look a lot better than the movie and season 1. (Boba Fett)


iphone, your Personal Sonar Device

This crazy ass application lets you measure the distance of objects via a sonar device on the iPhone. This actually works, unlike the handy bug repellent applications out there. (itunes)


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