Babes of Yore: Sylva Koscina

Sylva Koscina was an Italian actress.


{note: boobs}

Up All Night

Suicidal Tendencies, Possessed to Skate


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Reminisce Over This

Wu-Tang Clan, Gravel Pit, 2000

“This Takes More Energy Than Just Ignoring It”

A casual thought about Drake and Kanye hate by Andrew Kuo

Skating in the NY Subway

I haven’t used the word ‘Awesome’ on this site since about January, but it seems the best way to describe this video from Slap Magazine. Awesome.

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Stüssy Mignanelli Skull Tee

Congrats to Matt Mignanelli on his work for Stüssy’s Guest Artist Series.

Pick up a tee here

nendo’s Scatter Shelf

On view and available for purchase at Friedman Benda in NYC.

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Twin Peaks in Red Vines

The fact that this piece by Jason Mecier is 60″ x 40″ means that it will dominate any space you put it.

On view currently along with more licorice works at IAm8Bit Gallery in Echo Park.

Lunchtime Laughter

Threw It On The Ground

Backflashes: Graffiti Tales

A brief look through this 2009 photography book by Ruedione.

See more here and purchase here

The More You Know: The Evolution of Western Dance Music

See this graphic in action here

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