Andrew Krasnow’s skin


In the name of art, Andrew Krasnow is making sculptures and lampshades out of human skin. He is constantly being compared to serial killers and Nazi’s, either way he has gotten a lot of attention for making art out of human skin. You may be asking yourself, how does he obtain the skin?….

“Using skins from white men who donated their bodies to medical science, he has created freak versions of mundane items including flags, boots and maps of America – in effect using skin like leather. His work, he says, is a commentary on human cruelty and America’s ethics and morality.”

He has a new show that will be opening in July in London, so book your ticket now.

get your kicks

This collection is a countdown of the 10 best sneaker ads from the past. Times sure have changed.


Reminisce Over This

N.W.A., Express Yourself, 1988

We prefer Smudge proof ink


Bar Refaeli in Esquire

AsDSSka – Hold On

Totally relaxing

Music Video for first single by AsDSSka Directed/Filmed by Crystal Moselle and Spike Jonze

Matthew Craven

We recently came upon the work of Matthew Craven in the form of an installation in the back of Marvelli Gallery.  Outstanding work and very affordable.  Have a look above. More information over this way.

90 Statements on Sister Corita

An excerpt from the Short Documentary – Become a Microscope – 90 Statements on Sister Corita “ABC”. Directed By Aaron Rose

Pork Buns


Are drool-inducing

Lunchtime Laughter

These Shoes are Kind of Tight


The Adidas ZX500 Synthetic.

Available for pre-order here


i just discovered James Moore, so should you

James Moore is a Brooklyn based artist from North Georgia who works in illustration, painting and sculpting. This piece was for Showpaper , the New york area diy all ages show listing guide.

Right Up to Your Face and Dissed You

Bruno gives Eminem a taste of the glory

I love animated gifs

I have noticed this trend to create some really great animated gifs. Here’s today’s favorite

Late Landing + Short Runway = Plane in Ocean

A bit of trouble in the paradise of St.Barth’s.  Great commentary though.

adriana lima starts the day


in lingerie

adriana Lima ends the month


pole dancing

picture of the day, and the weekly round up


Photographed by Channing Pollock

this week…
Irina Lazareanu is Super fine in Superfine

Artist Alex Mcleod told us about how he creates his work

Richard Kern take pictures of Brazilan girls in Bikini’s and topless

Dude pulls over a Dough boy cop


A elephant killing it on a trampoline

The best Quizno’s ad ever…. well there still is this one

Sound Advice 02: Alison Lewis


We are pleased to announce for our second installment of Sound Advice, an excellent mix by Alison Lewis, a New York based Fashion Designer whose line Lewis makes the ladies swoon.

Sound Advice 02 – Alison Lewis

01 Never Understand (Demo)  -  The Jesus & Mary Chain
02 Come Down Easy  -  Spacemen 3
03 Live Forever  -  Oasis
04 Dress Up in You  -  Belle and Sebastian
05 The Man Comes Around  -  Johnny Cash
06 A Family Affair  -  Television Personalities
07 Oh Yoko!  -  John Lennon
08 Sacred Heart  -  Cass McCombs
09 Love is Lies  -  The Buzzcocks
10 Telegraph  -  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
11 True Love Will Find You in the End  -  Daniel Johnston
12 Bros  -  Panda Bear
13 Sally Cinnamon  -  The Stone Roses
14 Sometimes  -  The Flamin’ Grooves
15 Tarpit  -  Dinosaur Jr.
16 Indian Summer  -  Beat Happening
17 Sight of You  -  Pale Saints

Download Sound Advice 02 Now!


Artorialust: French Selection

El Toro donned a horned beret and stopped by a classic graffiti retrospective

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