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The New Super Mario Bros. for Wii.  Cannot wait until November!

Three sides of Adriana Lima


Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Mark Alor Powell

This week…

We looked at 20 reasons you should buy a yacht.

Brickism got down with lego sculptures

We saw Ben Kingsley as Ian MacKaye

Some guy pulled a pistol on some skaters.  Whoops

We laughed at The Beard Master

Smokin’ Babes


Complex puts together a list of exactly that.

Sound Advice 14: Pure Evil


We are pleased to present our 14th installment of Sound Advice featuring PURE EVIL. PURE EVIL is a vampire bunny / artist who lives somewhere in between London, Sao Paulo and San Francisco… He runs his own eponymous gallery in Shoreditch London and he hates zombies.

Sound Advice 14 – Pure Evil
Side A

01  Candymountain  –  Unknown
02  Archangel Thunderbird  –  Amon Düül II
03  Five White Horses ***  –  Sun Dragon
04  Give Him A Flower   –  The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
05  Untitled Track 03  –  One Nation Under a Grave
06  Turkish Bazooki music  –  Phartiphuckborlz’ crazy psych
07  Persian Love  –   Holger Czukay
08  Get A Feeling Going Round  –  Cravinkel
09  One More Night  –  Can
10  J’Ai Mal aux Dents  –  Faust
11  I’m So Green  –  Can
12  She Comes In Colors  –  Love
13  Vitamin C  –  Can
14  Psalter  –  Faust
15  Little Girl  –  Sparklehorse
16  Flamingos (For Colbert)  –  The Walkmen
17  Around My Smile –  Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
18  Mister Sun –  The Verve

Side B

19  Big Rock Candy Mountain  –  O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack
20  In Dreams  –  Roy Orbison
21  Love me please, love me  –  Michel Polnareff
22  Mojo Hand  –  Lightnin’ Hopkins
23  Satan Is Real  –  The Louvin Brothers
24  The Wildwood Flower  –  Carter Family
25  I was born about 10000 years ago –  Odetta
26  Spokenword Dope Fiends –  Dope Fiends
27  A1 fenix funk 5  –  Aphex Twin
28  Ziq Zaq  –  Modeselektor
29  Rusty Nails  –  Moderat
30  I Need a Freak  –  Sexual Harassment
31  Hack One  –  Think Tank
32  Suicide Radiation
33  Chosen Time –  New Order
34  I Am Damo Suzuki  –  The Fall
35  Dirty Trip  –  Air
36  Canadian Girl –  The Walkmen
37  Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie  –  Bob Dylan


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Weekend Pacifists


Opening this Saturday at Subliminal Projects.

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Reminisce Over This

Ras Kass, Anything Goes, 1996

google translator


So we just discovered this little gem from Google. Everyone knows the site will translate text for you but, they have this little tab/link that you can add to your tool bar that translates any web page you’re on to your preferred language. This makes life a little easier. They also have code you can add to your own website that will translate it automatically for others!

Get it now!



Went over to Juxtapoz today and was greeted by this (above).  It’s almost impossible to find if there is any content as it looks more like Times Square than anything else.  Oh, and when did they start reviewing movies and Nike shoes?

Car meets horse

via, ignoredprayers

late in the game, or premeditated?


We love anything Ghostbusters related, and it seems so does YouTubeThey are offering the entire movie online for free.

Other GB material…

Be Kind Rewind

flier for race

1950’s Ghostbusters

“I don’t think there’ll be another one like him”

We showed you some photos last week from Pablo Escobar’s personal paparazzo El Chino, and now for the video.  It is great to hear him reflect. Kick back and watch it all.

From the Plate of Roger Gastman


Ribs at Cheesecake

Eating meat off the bone is such a weird concept to me. Look down at your chest… What’s holding all your guts in and protecting you other than your skin? It’s yo’ ribs. They cage in all your important junk that you need to live. Ribs are the most underrated bone out there. I think we all need to have a moment of silence and thank baby Jesus for our ribs.


Lunchtime Laughter

Tonight in Bushwick


Factory Fresh Presents Part Two of the Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque
Live Music Special

Friday, August 21st, 8-11pm
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Artist covers the 5th anniversary of T magazine

The Starn Studio sent us a heads up about their special cover for T magazine. Doug and Mike Starn along with Gheary, Koons, Jenny Holtzer, and Francesco Vezzoli created special anniversary covers for The New York Times T Magazine. Here they are.

Video: The Making of the Starn Brothers ‘T’ buy the Starn issue

nude rides


Opening last night at Chair and the Maiden Gallery was Zach Hyman’s Decent Exposures. A New York City photographer, he shoots nude models in public places around the city. The show features 14 of his favorite images. If you’re in town, stop by for a look.

Stone age

The Onion suggests you go back to the stone age. It was a better time and a better way of life, when things were easy.

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