Reminisce Over This

Sadat X, Lump Lump, 1996

everyone’s a doctor


Paul Smith’s Black Leather Doctors Bag. Made from Italian leather  with three internal sections lined with a sick purple canvas, and the branded logo on the side. Which is a necessary. Check out more details after the jump. [Read more]

was this really an advertisement?


Cleon Peterson’s The Unconsoled at A.L.I.C.E.


Our friend Cleon Peterson opens up up a new show, The Unconsoled, at A.L.I.C.E. in Brussels, Belgium this Saturday.

“I paint an anxiety-ridden dystopia where corruption and injustice plague the social order. Deviance prevails, as desperate characters struggle for power and control over their environment. The individual is displaced and forced to navigate this brutal world alone, finding hollow bits of pleasure and meaning in violence, sex, religion and drugs. The crowd is an erratic mob-like authority bending outsiders to its will. It’s a gray world where lawbreakers and law enforcers are one and the same: a world where ethics have been abandoned in favor of what every individual believes he’s entitled to. ”

Anthem has a great interview with him here.  And, if you haven’t done it yet, download his Sound Advice here

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Massive Attack- splitting the Atom

The new track from Massive Attack, Splitting the Atom EP, a very nice listen, Also check out Pray for Rain featuring Guy Garvey from Elbow Tunde, from TV On The Radio, a perfect song for today after the jump.

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From the Plate of Roger Gastman



Finger sandwiches? And you won’t let me eat cats!” -ALF

Lunchtime Laughter

Americans Observing 9/11 By Trying Not To Masturbate

Money Can be Deadly


Sterling Silver Skull & Crossbone Money Clip.

Everything Went Black

My collection of everything black. I recently moved and in the process items and objects began to group together, which made me realize I have a rather decent collection of black inspired artifacts. Here is my first stab at curating the lot. (I am not on a quest to add to the collection, meaning on the lookout for Black Flags Everything Went Black vinyl)

Evan Hecox at Joshua Liner Gallery


This Saturday night.  Be there.

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present The Last Thousand Years, an exhibition of new paintings and mixed-media works by the Denver-based artist Evan Hecox. This is Hecox’s first solo show with the gallery.

548 West 28th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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Blu at the Fame Festival

We’d been waiting until the Fame Festival opening was closer to report on the happenings but, this was too good to resist. One of these years we’re going to have to make it over to Puglia for the Festival.  Puglia is the best part of Italy, the heel of the boot.  Blu is amazing as well.  Blu + Puglia = Paradiso.  More at the Fame Festival’s website, and after the jump, a Blu timelapse from 2008’s festival.

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Good Morning


For some reason, I think this picture of Olivia Munn is totally hot.

Friday’s Vault

Hokus Pokus

Picture of the Day


Tim Barber

Jeff staple makes Kia look good


The folks at Kia sent us a blurb about their Soul Collective tour, it features  Jeff Staple’s car, RAIN CAMO. The tour on the other hand is nationwide event where they are spending 4 days in select cities, with live music from bands like MGMT, The Walkmen, Santigold, The Clipse, Against Me!, Major Lazer, Silversun Pickups etc,etc. If you’re in one of the select cities you should check it out. For more info on the event go here, and if you’re in Chicago this weekend check it out.

Tour dates after the jump.

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I Did it For Science


If you have mad hours to kill and want to lightly engage your mind, Nerve.Com’s feature I Did it For Science will do the trick.  They should probably make this into a bathroom reader for efficiencies sake.  May I suggest you read this one first.

Tonight in LIC: The Open


We have a bunch of peeps in this.  Cross the river.

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Reason no. 1 to love ghostface

He’s a Romantic

Amy Stein’s Domesticated at Clamp Art


Opening tonight at ClampArt

In Domesticated, artist Amy Stein explores the archetypal motif of man verses nature.  More specifically, her photographs explore the tenuous relationshp between man and animals as human civilization continues to encroach upon nature.  Informed by actual newspaper accounts and oral histories from citizens of the small town of Matamoras in Northeast Pennsylvania, which borders a state forest, Stein’s photographs are inspired by true events.

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