nas is like glue for white ladies in paintings


This piece by Leon Reid is pretty great. (note: if you click the link, you may want your sound off!)

Leon Reid

USA / 2006
6.5 in. H x 5.38 in. W
Collage on Paper

hybrid hearse


A Toyota Prius Hearse for the deceased, what will the Japanese think of next?

Arcangel, Pinard, Routson


Opening tonight at Team

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my morning commute


Laura Zapata-Topshop Style Adviser.

Walking to and from the train each day is filled with pretty pictures. We hope to bring you more of these as we travel.

Morning Dose of Awesome

A shark in the South Pacific eats a dead horse that is floating in the ocean.  How does a horse die and end up floating in the ocean?

Kate Moss Thursdays


Kate Moss looking contemplative

Picture of the Day



Dakotafish Landlocked

A nice little animated video

zebra’s and action figures rock


Check out Message FUFU LIP NINJAS work here

drink up kiss


Gene Simmons sells everthing and anything, but these guys actually might pass as acceptable. Kiss black glass pint glasses. $38.99

Buy Kiss Black Glass here

Reminisce Over This

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Wrong Place, 1994

Best Real Prison Breaks Ever


Our favorite

Luynes and Grasse Prisons (2001, 2003, 2007)
Pascal Payet called in a hijacked helicopter. He later returned in another to lift out two buddies. Recaptured, he did it again—on Bastille Day.

See them all at Wired

Is an ugly baby harder to love?


Time magazine asks all the important questions

D&G Fashion ad

Great commerical for Dolce & Gabbana 2010 collection.

Creative Digital Motion Open Emu: Free Game Emulation


This is a two-fold post, I recently discovered (yesterday) Create Digital Motion, a site dedicated to bringing you the best creative motion, digitally…. software, hardware, hacks, really cool things you can do. And, really cool things people are doing. Fore example,

“Fans of vintage games with Macs, take note. Open Emu makes emulation of classic game systems a “first-class citizen” on the Mac. But if it were just a game emulator, well, it wouldn’t be news. What makes it news is that at its core, Open Emu is an open source platform and modular architecture into which your favorite game systems can be added as plug-ins. And thanks to that architecture, you can treat your favorite game systems as though they’re modules in a grand, 8-bit modular visual synth, crunching their textures into geometry, adding real-time effects, and controlling the whole thing with multiple controllers, audio, and MIDI.

In other words, Open Emu is like having a giant visual performance synth made from the tasty innards of classic games.”

see the full post here.

FarmFresh NYC


This iPhone App “helps New Yorkers find out what local produce and seafood is in season and where to buy it.”

via, gothamist

Lunchtime Laughter


Cat Party


Because Cats Rule?

Legalize It


Support the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act


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