Guaranteed That If You Serve This, Someone Will Take A Picture of It

Bosc Pear Tart

Lunchtime Laughter

Liam Neeson’s funny.

Night Work

A look through some of Kelsey Brookes‘ paintings currently on view at The Outsiders in London.

Generation Hustle

An insightful essay by William Deresiewicz about the culture of young people that are making their way in the world today.

(graphic by Greg Lamarche)


The Title Design of Saul Bass

And after you’re finished watching this magic, check out Martin Scorcese’s writing on the talent of Saul Bass


Shadow, an eight year old dolphin at Connyland marine park in Lipperswil, Switzerland died after being subjected to the pulsating music of a two-day rave.

via, @donetodeath

Morning Dose of Earth

A timelapse shot from the International Space Station

Adriana Lima is Making Sure Everything Is In Check For The Week Ahead

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Jenny Holzer

This Week…

We admired the Lamborghini Countach

Bison are a ‘me first’ animal

We visited NY denim destination 3×1

Slap has been putting together a great NY series


Lauren Marshall was our Muse

Sound Advice 119: Elliot Aronow

We are pleased to present our 119th installment of Sound Advice featuring Elliot Aronow. Elliot is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of RCRD LBL as well as the host and producer of an understatedly radical chat/variety program called OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow that has featured guests including James Murphy, Vampire Weekend, Das Racist, Adam Green + more.
Sound Advice 119

01. Jukebox Babe by Alan Vega
02. Cosmic Charlie (live ’68) by Grateful Dead
03. That’s Alright Mama (live ’68) by Elvis Presley
04. We’re Desperate by X
05. One Track Mind by Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers
06. Losing Touch With My Mind by Spacemen 3
07. Cool In The Pool by Holger Czukay
08. Headlines by Drake
09. Love Tempo by Quando Quango
10. Sidewalk Safari by Chairlift
11. Everywhere (Pychemagik edit) by Fleetwood Mac
12. Dusty Blue by Horse Meat Disco
13. Take 54 by Harry Nilsson
14. Bob The Bob by Lounge Lizards
15. Young Man Blues by Mose Allison


Up All Night

Kate Bush, Running Up That Hill

Nips: Wild Turkey

Whiskey is what we drink in America. It’s what our cowboys were drinking when they drove the American Bison extinct just because it was fun to shoot them. It’s what Thomas Edison was drinking when he invented the electric chair. It’s what our boys overseas were drinking when they liberated Kuwait. It’s what heroes drink. So what’s up with whiskey brand names? Old Granddad. Old Crow. Wild Turkey. The truth is that Americans love eagles, but we also love the mean-as-hell, knobbly-headed, decrepit old turkey. We like them stringy, whip smart, and cold eyed. If you’ve ever shot your old lady down, if you do dirty deeds and you do ‘em dirt cheap, if you’re Axl Rose, then pour yourself a double.

The dominant taste is alcohol, since it’s one hundred and one proof. That extra one proof stuck on the end (which you might think is just gratuitous) actually serves a key function: it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

—Arlo Crawford

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