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Augor, Enue, Ewok, Jaes, and Pose.

Writers sponsored by a spraypaint company, it doesn’t get much better than that.

video by We Are Supervision

Katie Fey is…


Wednesday’s Muse.  (Thanks guys for figuring out who this was!)

Picture of the Day


The Arab Parrot

Well, it’s 5pm EST. Maybe that devasting solar storm isn’t coming today?


Silly crop circles.

The Women of Marion Barry


Being from DC, I hold a place in my heart for Marion Barry.  I wish I could still purchase one of those ‘Got Damn Bitch Set Me Up’ t-shirts.  Apparently he has gotten himself into another tangle, I liked this summary of his womanizing by the Washington Post

How big do we want our breasts to be?

Great sculpture, good music, fun times

michael jackson’s, “most ridiculous funeral in funeral history…”


…is set to begin. Check out what you need to know over at NYMAG (funny but true) here’s a little tease “swat team”

Danny McBride on the fall of Kenny Powers


A pearl of wisdom in this interview from Material Interest

“You know, it’s him getting all “man in black,” trying to put on this rock-star attitude, that sets him back. The moment he got so consumed with this image of himself as a famous person, Mr. Not-To-Be-Fucked-With, that was when he lost his fastball. I think you see that a lot—when a person stops focusing on whatever it was that made him famous and starts thinking too much about just being famous, it’s all downhill. Kenny’s definitely absorbed in all the trappings.”

Reminisce Over This

E.S.P., Valoompadoom Pink, 1992

Keiichi Nitta might have eerily predicted Michael Jackson’s Death


For his 100k photo essay for Vice Magazine’s 2009 Photo Issue, Keiichi Nitta photographed himself in self portraits as Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Charlie Chaplin, and Michael Jackson.  We’re pretty sure that three of those figures were dead before the magazine went to print.

On a random tip, he has a book signing tomorrow at ANYTHING on Hester Street

Belmullet is my kind of place


Isn’t it awesome when headlines take a turn for the better?

Happy Gum for your crappy Life


Cheer up

Phillips De Pury restructures Auctions, cuts Saturdays @ Phillips


Maybe this will signal the beginning of the end towards the usage of the term ‘Urban Art’?  The theme auctions they are setting up sound pretty cool though.

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pizza hut taco bell

Now try to get it out of your head.

Lunchtime Laughter

I glove MJ


If you’re still looking for that right Michael Jackson shirt, Alex Aranovich has got you covered in four different colorways.

via, obeyclothing

rolf sachs’s hair and snakes inspired work


“Rita wig lamp” left,  and “constrictor” right, are just two of Rolf Sachs works. Check out his site to see and learn more about the artist.


ash & mk print by leesa leva


Just saw this print thought I would share. $50.00

Ash & MK – Limited Edition
Limited edition giclee print of my original artwork. Printed with UltraChrome 8-color archival pigment inks on heavyweight Velvet acid-free cotton rag.
Signed and numbered.


A purse for women who like to carry swords


Empire 33’s Custer and Musashi bags.

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