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No, the site is not broken. We are experimenting with some audio players and testing out Imeem. It is a free site that lets you create playlists of music you have, upload, and search for to add to your list. It would be nice to change the colors, but it’s a start. Take a listen, the player sits below the fold. You can also launch a popup and play it all day. We hope to be bringing you new tracks as we find them.

Lawrence Lessig + Shepard Fairey + Steven Johnson: Remix at NYPL


BoingBoing tips us off to this great event in New York on February  26th

Lawrence Lessig + Shepard Fairey + Steven Johnson: Remix

What is the future for art and ideas in an age when practically anything can be copied, pasted, downloaded, sampled, and re-imagined?

LIVE from the NYPL and WIRED Magazine kick off the Spring 2009 season with a spirited discussion of the emerging remix culture. Our guides through this new world—who will take us from Jefferson’s Bible to André the Giant to Wikipedia—will be Lawrence Lessig, author of Remix, founder of Creative Commons, and one of the leading legal scholars on intellectual property issues in the Internet age; acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey, whose iconic Obama “HOPE” poster was recently acquired by the National Portrait Gallery; and cultural historian Steven Johnson, whose new book, The Invention of Air, argues that remix culture has deep roots in the Enlightenment and among the American founding fathers.

Buy tickets here

Coincidences at Kelly’s

There’s more than just one coincidence in this episode.

kate moss thursdays


More Kate Moss for David Yurman

Picture of the Day


Cali Dewitt

Nah, President

Well, this opens it up entirely.

Shepard Fairey x Clear Channel


Perfectly sized billboards have begun to appear in Boston, wonder what the story behind these is?  More after the jump.

photos by Hargo
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Barack Obama & The Philadelphia Phillies


With the baseball season beginning again, here is a little nostalgia in t-shirt form by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Thom Lessner for the two Fall Classics.

Available here

Reminisce Over This

Nas, One Love. 1994

Kanye and the Evolution


I kept thinking to myself, where have I seen this?

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classic black vans


First off, these are on my short list.

Classic Slip On, limited Syndicate line release by Gabe Morford.  Matte black synthetic Ceraprene® on toe box (from the Ballistic Sk8-Hi’s of spring 2006), An extra feature for this release is the “stiff-plate” that’s been lined between the soles. Comfy innersole closest to the foot of course and Dri Lex® moisture wicking inside! For more shots and details check it out via: here.

Eazy E like sunday morning


According to Too Cool To Die, Black Nasty is

the most funny, sick, offensive rappers out there—imagine—a thirty something refugee from 1991, replete with acid wash jeans, handling numchucks, outside your local 7-11, blasting NWA and Guns’n’Roses, testing out some of gangster raps on passerbys inbetween hits on the crack pipe.”

This is a good album cover ! Eazy is a tribute song to rap hero Eazy-E from NWA, with Bonnie Prince Billy singing out the samples from Commodores ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’.

Take a listen below to Easy

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

unemployed people now a bigger threat to the government than Al Qaida?


WASHINGTON (AFP) — The economic crisis is now the top US security concern with a prolonged downturn raising the worldwide risk of “regime-threatening instability,” the US intelligence supremo warned. Read More here.

Animalania at Fuse Gallery


Animalania is a show curated by Aliya Naumoff, featuring artists who have a love of animals.

These guys are in the show

Andy Kehoe, Ricky Powell, Dennis Mcnett, Nick Zinner, Kenzo Minami, Danielle Levitt, Tim Barber, Adam Wallacavage, Jeaneen Lund, Gordon Hull, AJ Fosik, Kenneth Cappello, Spike Jonze, Meryl Smith, Kristen Schaal, Hisham Bharoocha, Benjamin Bertocci, Scott Campbell, Derek Watson, Karen O, Robin Schwartz, and Ryan McGinley.

and its opening is tonight at Fuse Gallery from 7 – 10pm.

more information here

photograph by Tim Barber

Lunchtime Laughter


Allen Grubesic

Red Rag to a Bull


Red Rag To A Bull is a “public service site funded by a cartell of rich and powerfull light industrialists who wish to remain annonymous.”

Turns out those wishing to remain anonymous include Jamie Reid, James Cauty, and Billy Childish and one of their purposes is to raise the £200 for Cartrain, a 16 year old artist who Damien Hirst demanded money from for using his diamond skull in a print. Another is‘as “a creative exercise that mocked and exposed the idiocy an overbearing and thoughtless approach to copyright control that creates fear and censorship in the arts.”

The shop shuts down today, but have a look anyway.

via, Art Observed

Marcel Dzama gets animated for a new NASA video

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