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Tom Sachs Grizzly Bear Tee & Print

Available upon donation to the Endangered Species Coalition.

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Tommy Guerrero

Going Down Hill For 20 Years

This Guy.

Chris Jeon: a 21-Year old UCLA Math Major who decided to go fight with the Libyan Rebels during his summer vacation.

Morning Dose of Charlie Brown

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Friday’s Vault

Eric Koston in H-Street Next Generation

Picture of the Day

Mike Brodie

Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Four

Last week, Hot Knives gave Zio the recipe for their gin holes—the second of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the fourth installment: Manhattan pop-tarts.

“While we greatly admire the Biotic Baking Brigade—the vegan activists who managed to smear Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Anne Coulter and multiple mayors of San Francisco with various animal-free pastry creams—when there’s booze in your pie, it’s best that it’s encased,” explains Hot Knives. “The pop-tart may in fact be the perfect vehicle for scuzzing around in public as a hidden wino; none of the other train passengers are any the wiser. Keeping it classy, we cook the cherries down in whiskey and top it with bitters for a Manhattan-flavored confection worth slamming in your pie-hole.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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Best Companion Picture Contest

The Standard, New York has tapped us to select the best 3 photos from their KAWS twitpic gallery to be given a chance to win 2 rooms at The Standard, New York.You have until September 21st to submit a pic, wherein after, we’ll select our 3 and then turn the power over to the facebook populus who will vote one the winner on October 12th. Make it happen Manhattan, and show us what you’re working with.

You can submit your entry in two ways:

1.Tweet your photo at @standardny and use #KAWS

2.Email your photo to live@standardhotel.com


Order a Rapper

I love when people combine my passions for food and rap. Like when Cee Lo rapped about a “heaping helping of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and collard greens, too big for my jeans” on Goodie Mob’s “Soul Food.” Or when Steel painted portraits of Eazy-E, Tupac and Mac Dre with cheeseburger heads.

Now chef Eddie Huang has stepped up to the plate. For the second location of his restaurant BaoHaus, which opened last week, he had artist Sophia Chang illustrate the menu’s items and pair them with rap lyrics from Tribe Called Quest, Cam’ron, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, the Neptunes and more.

Now if only I can convince Big Ghost to start doing restaurant reviews…


UP All Night

Fishbone, When Problems Arise

Gif Magic

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