Dear Clarks, Can You stop creating such want?


I appreciate your innovation and introduction of new shoe designs.  However, I only have two feet and so much money.  You are making me think about forgoing a couple nights of drinking, just to get another new style.  But drinking makes me relaxed, and I need that. Almost just like I need your shoes, relaxed feet are a key to happiness.  Please don’t make me choose, it’s not fair to anybody.

Sincerely yours,
The Enablist

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Ray Caesar The four elements


Ray Caesar’s The Four Elements by Hobbs & Kent are available at Ex. Arte. I am not sure how we missed these but, they are very cool. Especially if you’re a fan. Here’s the brief….

Women have always been the artist’s muse. It is thus fitting to view four of Ray Caesar’s iconic women to embody the universal characters of humanity as rooted in The Four Elements – Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The concept of the classical elements representing the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist and whereof all things consist has proved extremely persistent in all cultures from antiquity to the present, influencing disciplines as widespread as medicine and astrology. It is a concept that will continue to make lasting impressions upon the human psyche, as do the women of Ray Caesar. After all, it is a little like looking at ourselves, but with all our fears and passions revealed.”

You can buy each element or you can buy a set of four.

Buy now.

Steel Drum Joy Division

A bright spot on a dreary day.

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Henry Gunderson at Fecal Face Dot Gallery


Check the interview with Henry Gunderson, first year SFAI student is making waves on the West Coast. If you’re in SF, make sure to check out his opening at Fecal Face Dot Gallery on the 23rd.

Random YouTube Search

Searched the term ‘munch’ this morning

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Stages 09


This post is as much about Shepard Fairey as it is about STAGES 09.  Seriously to the folks that put this on, from the gallery presentation and artists to the branding and internet presence, great job.  What you’ve done is a model for what others should do.  And on top of it all, an excellent cause.

Have a look around the STAGES 09 site and enjoy.

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Picture of the Day


Paul Smith

Happy Birthday Gisele Bundchen!


Today you’re 29.  Pony rides for everybody!

Jersey Joe’s New Urban Dictionary


My Favorite

STAAAARTED IN DA BROOOOOONX- A term used for extreme emergencies during a low point in an argument or debate. A wild card term that trumps any rebuttal. The term is mutual, commonly known and never contested. This term is never to be used lightly. The atom bomb of comebacks!

See it in all of its glory here

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Big Celebrity Boobs


100 pairs.  That should keep you clicking for a while

Reminisce Over This

GZA, Come Do Me, 1991

Battle of the Blogs


I was informed that we were in a competition called ‘Battle of the Blogs’.  Very cool.

Go here to cast a vote for us (hopefully).

New Work on the Street from Elbow Toe


Elbow Toe mentioned in his Twitter about studying animal anatomy for some work he was going to put on the streets.  These are a couple of the results.  I’m hoping they make their way onto prints…  Photos by Sabeth718

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Drunk People in Yoga Positions


This is totally smart, because you know, when you’re passed out you’re relaxed.

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the golden age

The Scorpions, Big City Nights.

Ghetto Baskets


We hope these are selling well.

“You never know exactly what each Ghetto Basket will include. It all depends on our shaky contacts and what falls off of trucks around the neighborhood. But it might have:

* Hot Sauce, Pregnancy Test, Grape Drink, Batteries, Beef Jerky, Potted Meat, Pork Rinds, Noodles in a Cup, After Shave, Plastic Commemorative Plate, Religious Candle, Porcelain Figurine, Kung-Fu DVD, Cassette or VHS Tape, Doo Rag, Vapor Rub, Energy Drank, Soap, Outdated Calendar.”

Looks like what I bring back from the supermarket on the daily.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Yo Teach!



I have a store up on Big Cartel.  It will have lots of random good bits and a bunch of rarities.

Have a look


TVTV 18 from TV TV on Vimeo.

Not sure where to go with these.  I can really say that I spent the weekend watching them, and the more far out I got, the more far out they got.

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