harma heikens mother and child


Harma Heikens creates some scary as hell sculptures amazing looking. She is represented by Witzenhausen Gallery

A Floating House


Well, not really. But the amazing use of glass and space in this house designed by Kraus-Schoenberg Architects allows it to appear as if it is floating about the ground.  For more info and photos go here

Morning Dose of Mid-Career Mike Tyson

Oh Iron Mike, what weirdness happened to you when you were young, that makes you say these things?

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Jaws Wave Print


Aw yeah.  Available today at a random moment in time is this Jaws Wave print by Shepard Fairey that we had hinted at before. Buy it here when it’s available.

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Picture of the Day


Brian Raymond

An Evening of Skate Videos at Moma


Get some…

In honor of the MoMA retrospective Spike Jonze: The First 80 Years, PopRally has invited producer and photographer Patrick O’Dell (of Epicly Later’d) to create a special compilation of seminal skateboard videos from the 1980s to today. Jonze, whose own contributions to the genre will be featured, notes that, “Skate videos have been a big influence and a big part of what I’ve done for a long time. They are how I got into film, actually.” This unique screening is followed by a conversation with legendary skateboarders and filmmakers, including Jonze, Lance Mountain, Greg Hunt, Jake Phelps, Ty Evans, and other surprise guests.

Afterward please join us upstairs for a special performance by NO AGE.

The program begins promptly at 7:30.

Special thanks to Nike SB, Altamont Apparel, LTD, and ACE HOTEL NEW YORK for their sponsorship of this event. Beer generously provided by Colt 45.

Guests of this event receive an exclusive limited-edition poster by Chris Johanson

tickets and info here

Break some off, R2


This is the droid you’re looking for. As well as this pimp ass ATAT boom box

via bb

90 Minutes in Chelsea

I guess you could call it a challenge?  I popped into Chelsea at 430pm on Saturday looking to kill a bit of time, galleries close at 6pm.  There you have it, 90 minutes of Art.

chewy get some!


Check out 20+ rare Star Wars photo’s from behind the scenes….”we all wanted to”

a continuous lean turns japanese


That Autumn look from A Continuous Lean, is in essence Japanese. Western-made clothes and accessories influenced and inspired by the look, feel, and way of life from the East. I really want this Military Field Parka. For more of That Look continue after the jump, and for the full lowdown and links go here.

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Reminisce Over This

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Brooklyn Zoo, 1995

Get to know Winnie


Winnie Won Tsuen Yiu is a Vancouver artist who creates illustrative work that is both beautiful and grotesque. See more of all of that here, and if you like it you can buy this 10″ x 10″ gouache on wood (above) here.

wild turkey terrorize

I do not know what’s better? The wild turkey’s attacking the neighborhood, or the screams at the end of the clip from the mother and child?  It’s like a M-Night flick

sometimes strange things happen here


No your browser is not f’d up. We notice from time to time similarites in posts. This one was a little creepy, but so far apart and not planned. We have a library of Adriana images that we pick from, but our picture of the day is of the moment. I looked at the site today, and I was a little creeped out by this one…. Scroll down and look for yourself.

masters of the universe reworked

By: PeteChicago

Skeletor is wearing Cheap Monday and YSL, while He-Man sports Dior Homme.

See the rest from Adrian Riemann here.

Best Burger Name Ever


The Super Scooby

“four beefburgers, eight rashers of bacon, eight slices of cheese, 12 onion rings and three types of relish”

Sounds (and looks) delightful

Lunchtime Laughter

Website updates from Banksy are always welcome

Banksy updated his website and some of his work is so sharp.  Have a look above for a sampling (Simon Cowell x Degas’ish? Tight), and on his website for the complete story.

wolf’s ink


Yohei Takahashi: Wolf pen and ink on wood.

I found this at the Compound Gallery, out of Portland. A really nice piece for $400.00

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