Keith Haring x Land Rover circa 1983

Wish I could find more pictures of this.

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Up All Night

Depeche Mode,  It’s No Good

Ledervision: Marlo Lavonne in her 1985 Chevy Conversion Van “Wild Rose”

We are happy to introduce a new, recurring slideshow feature on the site from the talented photographer Jonathan Leder.

Shot Marlo again for the upcoming issue of Jacques Magazine ( Jacques 8).

Jonathan Leder

{note: boobs}

Reminisce Over This

Keith Murray, Get Lifted (Remix), 1995

Art Openings in NY and LA this Weekend

Lots of good shows to stop by. All around favorite AJ Fosik opens up a show on Saturday night (10/22) at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Definitely go there.

Also in NYC: Urs Fischer and Cassandra Macleod at Gavin Brown, Allison Schulnick at Zieher Smith, and Process Ink, a poetry reading at The Hole.

In LA:  Ray Caesar at Corey Helford, and Pure Logo, a great show curated by Skullphone at New Image Art.

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Weekend Watching: Martha Marcy May Marlene (Sponsored)

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Opening in select theaters today, Martha Marcy May Marlene stars Elizabeth Olsen as Martha, a damaged woman haunted by painful memories and increasing paranoia,who struggles to re-assimilate with her family after fleeing an abusive cult.

Watch the trailer in HD (recommended) after the jump

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Percival Cableknit Pullover

Staying key with a trend we like, more front pockets

Swiss Family Robinson Type Ish

Blue Forest builds luxury treehouses.

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Artist Eats: Mark Mulroney


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Mark Mulroney to share his favorite place to eat. Mark is a New York-based artist known for his humorously perverted paintings and murals.

Continue reading for his answer.
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Lunchtime Laughter

Diddy = No Swag

Investigating Swag Syndrome

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Star Pics

Photographs from the 70s and 80s by Brad Elterman.

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Nam June Paik – Telephone X

A rare multiple from Nam June Paik.

“Resembing a cell phone, and made of translucent amber resin, Paik inserted a stiff wire-brush antenna with a blue fuzzy tip. Paik has also inserted a battery operation digital clock with liquid crystal display in the translucent resin body of the phone. Also embedded in the cell phone body and still visible are various electronic parts including a circuit board, audiotape, and dials, as well as sundry metal objects, push pins and a handwritten message reading “Jaqu Lang becomes the president of France I will come out of grave. Paik 2000″ The set of imbedded elements selected by the artist is unique in each work.”

Telephone X comes with a steel cradle stand painted in flat white enamel. Measures 12 x 4 2.5 inch. Positioned in cradle, measures 12 x 6 x 6 inch.

Available through the Whitney

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