graffiti artists have all the fun


Seriously, this party looks amazing.

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KOKA, a coca leaf beverage


While in Peru, I fell in love with Coca Tea.  I brought back a box of it but, over time, it all disappeared.  While grabbing a bagel the other morning, I found a stock of these Koka drinks in the shop.  They’re pretty good, and will hold me over until I return to that wonderful country.  Feel the Andes.

Lunchtime Laughter



Well, this is about the freshest Lego creation I have ever seen.  See the details here

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Steve Powers’ Love Letters are shaping up perfectly


You gotta give it to the man for creating such an awesome gift for his hometown.  As previously noted, Steve Powers A Love Letter For You is currently under production and you can follow the progress as well as read great small bits on the projects’ blog.  Since I really enjoyed the personal history of Steve Powers, I’ve re-published it below

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listening to Ian Brown

Ian Brown’s new track Stellify

a special edition


Urban Outfitters has partnered with The Impossible Project to help restart and reinvent instant film photography. The Impossible Project bought all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory where the instant films were made. Urban Outfitters is helping them bring it back for 2010.

More details and dates after the jump…

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Food Fight is “An abridged history of American-centric warfare, from WWII to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict.”

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Google Maps Edition


In preparation of Supply & Demand moving to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Shepard Fairey has been gracing the Iron City with new murals.  In a display of tech-saavy resourcefulness, a google map has been created to spotlight mural locations for all computer literate Yinzers.  Pretty handy

see the map here

Picture of the Day


Andy Warhol, Prince, 1984

Bi-Coastal living became a lot cheaper (for a month)


We were pretty psyched to hear about this new special from Jet Blue where you can fly unlimited to-and-from any destination for the price of $599.  Then we found out the promotion is only from September 8th to October 8th. Why not just do it permanently with a subscription fee or something?  Oh well, you have until August 21st (this Friday) to get in on the deal.

re-growing your digits

This is a news report about a powder called “The Matrix” that helps you re-grow limbs. It’s pretty amazing! Just don’t sprinkle it on your food.

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free suicide girls pin-up set today


Suicide girls sent us the heads up about a free spread for you to enjoy. So Enjoy! More info on the Radio and Rambo Suicide after the jump.

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Thank you Richard Linklater, now direct me to the moontower.

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Over the weekend the show Brickism opened up at Wood Wood in Denmark.  It featured lego creations from SoMe (above), Delta, Husk Mit Navn, and Will Sweeney.  The show will continue to Colette next month, followed by Goodhood in London in October, and 290 SQM in Amsterdam in November.  The pieces will be auctioned off on ebay to support Save the Children.

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Well, these are kind of tight


The Gourmet Quadici.  Half Duck Boot, half sneaker.

more info at Material Interest

Reminisce Over This

2 Live Crew, Me So Horny, 1989

Freerun follow up the UK

We told you about the Freerun event in Trafalgar Square on Friday, here’s the highlights from the event.

New Hampshire Iphone dump

So I had a little RR a week ago… So here’s a little dump from the phone, no animals were hurt.
If you like the Quad photos in the dump check out Quad Camera Multi Shot Cam by Takazuki Fukatsu in the iTunes store. One of my favorite applications.

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