unemployed people now a bigger threat to the government than Al Qaida?


WASHINGTON (AFP) — The economic crisis is now the top US security concern with a prolonged downturn raising the worldwide risk of “regime-threatening instability,” the US intelligence supremo warned. Read More here.

Animalania at Fuse Gallery


Animalania is a show curated by Aliya Naumoff, featuring artists who have a love of animals.

These guys are in the show

Andy Kehoe, Ricky Powell, Dennis Mcnett, Nick Zinner, Kenzo Minami, Danielle Levitt, Tim Barber, Adam Wallacavage, Jeaneen Lund, Gordon Hull, AJ Fosik, Kenneth Cappello, Spike Jonze, Meryl Smith, Kristen Schaal, Hisham Bharoocha, Benjamin Bertocci, Scott Campbell, Derek Watson, Karen O, Robin Schwartz, and Ryan McGinley.

and its opening is tonight at Fuse Gallery from 7 – 10pm.

more information here

photograph by Tim Barber

Lunchtime Laughter


Allen Grubesic

Red Rag to a Bull


Red Rag To A Bull is a “public service site funded by a cartell of rich and powerfull light industrialists who wish to remain annonymous.”

Turns out those wishing to remain anonymous include Jamie Reid, James Cauty, and Billy Childish and one of their purposes is to raise the £200 for Cartrain, a 16 year old artist who Damien Hirst demanded money from for using his diamond skull in a print. Another is‘as “a creative exercise that mocked and exposed the idiocy an overbearing and thoughtless approach to copyright control that creates fear and censorship in the arts.”

The shop shuts down today, but have a look anyway.

via, Art Observed

Marcel Dzama gets animated for a new NASA video

Wednesday’s Muse


Matira, photographed by Laurence Geonoun.

Picture of the day


Yesterday was President’s Day. American pride.


Animal Collective’s potential chart topper


Animal Collective’s latest album, Merriweather Post Pavillion, has been getting a tremendous amount of play in my walkman (iPOD, iPhone, whatever).  The first time I listened, I thought I should take some ecstasy.  The second time I listened, I took some ecstasy (that’s a lie, I don’t know where to find any. Faded counts right?).  The third time and continuing to the present, I have concluded that this is a perfect album for sober and demented ears alike.  One song, Bluish, has stuck out to me since it is seriously the most Billboard friendly song on the album.  Not that that is a bad thing, the song is just that awesome.  I can only imagine the advertisers and brands (MTV’s hills/city, Teen Vogue, Revlon/haircare/womanly goods) clamoring to get usage rights for it.  Anyway, if you haven’t heard it, now you can.  Go buy the album.

Animal Collective, Bluish

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A sociological perspective on graffiti


Gregory J. Snyder writes in his newly published book, Graffiti Lives: Beyond the Tag in New York’s Urban Underground

“In its purest form, graffiti is a democratic art form that revels in the American Dream.”

Buy the book here

NY Times has a nice write-up on it here.

Reminisce Over This

Method Man & Redman, How High, 2001

deutsch is not your normal lifestyle magazine


If you’re traveling (or in public for that matter) this is probably not a good magazine to have. German Lifestyle magazine Deutsch believes German Shepherds are sexually fashionable. I know Germany is known for experimentation, but a lifestyle magazine? What kind of lifestyle are you referring to?

Via Copyranter.

Slovenian Wholecars


No buff in Slovenia.

See all of the images at ekosystem

Gradients for Sale


This was funny

the worst album cover art ever…

I saw this thing about a Scott Baio Album cover, which lead me on this quest for bad album art. It has been commented on before but, there is so much fun in bad art (or good art?) Now that we no longer have Vinyl as a medium will it just be bad jpeg’s? If you have suggestions please let us know.

computer tan for real?

We’re not sure if this is real but, I am definitely sure that I am not going to find out. They claim you can get a tan at your desk via your computer. Or is it a joke?

Computer Tan, they offer a free trial!

Lunchtime Laughter

Buy a piece of Michael Jackson’s Personality


The contents of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is up for auction and, as expected, there is some insane shit going on.

Read more at the Guardian

The Cutest little spray painter in the whole wide world


Solveig is 11 and has been painting since she was 8.  A native of Bristol, she has painted over twenty (legal) spots around the city. Consider this, if she isn’t already burning you now, she will be by the age of 13.  Unless of course, puberty has other ideas.

Read more and see a slideshow here

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