Babes of Yore: Linda Harrison

Linda Harrison is an American model and actress who is probably known best as Nova in Planet of the Apes.


Up All Night

Scorpions, Rock You Like a Hurricane

Vintage Guitar Pedal Poster

By Chris Pieretti

“features original, much sought after ibanez overdrive pro ts-808 tube screamer, boss chorus ensemble, roland phase II, fender phaser et al.”

Measures 33″ x 22.5″. Comes neatly quarter folded to 7.5″ x 11″

Available here

Reminisce Over This

Boogie DownProductions, Duck Down, 1992


Pantone Christmas Tree Ornaments


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Hunter S. Thompson and a Hells Angel

Weren’t the Hells Angels the original 1%? Anyway, a great clip from a 1967 show on CBC.

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YMC Fair Isle Wool Bobble Hat

Probably gonna want to cut that bobble off… or not.

Available through Mr. Porter

Backcountry Intimacy Kit

Surprisingly, no shotgun involved at all.

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‘Greywater’ filtration by Mobile Design Lab

Lunchtime Laughter

Eatin’ Babies

Fresh: Hip Hop Don’t Stop

A legendary book from 1985 by Nelson George, Sally Banes, Susan Flinker, and Patty Romanowski.

A Spider Lurks In Brooklyn

Leon Reid IV wants to put a big spider on the Brooklyn Bridge for two weeks in 2014. At least he’s thinking past 2012.

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