Well This Is Cool

Bates painted a 19th century chest of drawers. It’s up for sale at auction here.

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Similar in a way to Jay Howell’s Street Dog.

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Has Anyone Seen Tyler Brûlé’s Signature?

I’m wondering if he really adds those obnoxious doo-dads to it.

Anyway, The NY Times gave him a glowing write-up yesterday, and Gawker subsequently took a different approach. Both are enjoyable reads.

Morning Dose of Rapper Spelling Bee

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Friday’s Vault

Some great plain clothes interview clips in this

Picture of the Day

Patrick Griffin



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For The Kids

A Wooden Crayon Tattoo Gun

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Up All Night

Megadeth, Symphony of Destruction

The 10 Commandments of Bowieism

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Reminisce Over This

OC, Time’s Up, 1994

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