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Brian Donnelly at Show & Tell Gallery


Brian Donnelly will have his first solo exhibit at Show & Tell gallery it is also his and first major solo exhibition in Toronto. The opening reception is Friday Sept 11th 7pm-11pm.

The show looks like it will be really good so dont miss it!  A couple more images after the jump.

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The Awesomeness of Buster Balloon

I had a chance to stop by the Half Gallery last night for Buster Balloon‘s opening, was able to catch some flicks with my iPhone and leave really happy.  Just look through the images above and you’ll see why.  If you’re in NYC, stop by and have a look before they deflate.

My New Hero


An Arizona man donning a monkey mask has gotten 37 speeding tickets.  He “also occasionally dons a giraffe or gazelle mask.”

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One of the sicker pieces of graffiti I’ve ever seen



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Picture of the Day


Kingsley Ifill

Feel better dude

One Bummer of A Summer

This Summer, the World lost a bunch of incredible people.  Now that the season is finally over, we look back at 20 great souls who touched our lives.  Rest In Peace

Beat Down

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The Cartrain incident


You know the big stink going on over in London between Damien Hirst and the young Graff Artist Cartrain? It reminds me a whole lot of when Tony Shafrazi defaced Picasso’s Guernica.

Wow. These Adidas are As Slick as Ice


The Adidas Originals OT Tech Tokyo Low Blue Colorway

Buster Balloon at Half Gallery



Reminisce Over This

Leaders of the New School, Case of the P.T.A., 1991

do you really want to steal my bag?


Designer James Piatt created “Pursuader“, a laser cut leather handbag with no stitching. It might make a thief think twice ,or it might get you into some trouble.

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How to make a Robot iPhone Mask


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Some/Things Magazine just sent us the word on their first issue available this month.

SOME/THINGS MAGAZINE is bi-annual publication and its content is based on collaborations with artists/designer/musicians/personalities, etc.

Check out the site. It’s a challenge to navigate but, once you’re in, the work is worth it.

Snow White, Snow Black, Snow Mac


This is a really great use of vinyl on a MacBook.  Snow’s Revenge is available through Vinylville’s Etsy Store

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Food in Real Life


This website reminds me of those ancient ‘Perception / Reality’ ads.  Great stuff.

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Lunchtime Laughter

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