This Guy…


Get Eye Level With Murky Moat Water

The Moses Bridge by Ro&Ad

Up All Night

Prince, Lets Go Crazy

Hawaii Werewolf and the Drug Dealing Shark

Humorous toy art in an edition of 5 each by Department of Awesome.

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Reminisce Over This

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, The Creator, 1991

Cainthology: Songs In The Key Of Cain

Tim Heidecker has a new 9 song EP out

Art Talk: Cody Hudson

More Crazy From Manastash

You can wear this jacket in a multitude of ways

Guggenheim Colors

Paint your space like a museum.

“150 paint colors inspired by paintings in the museum’s permanent collection of modern art and Gallery Colors, 50 hues favored by generations of Guggenheim Museum curators, artists, and designers—including Frank Lloyd Wright himself.”

via, design milk

Guaranteed That If You Serve This, Someone Will Take A Picture of It

Bosc Pear Tart

Lunchtime Laughter

Liam Neeson’s funny.

Night Work

A look through some of Kelsey Brookes‘ paintings currently on view at The Outsiders in London.

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