Dave Schubert

We are pleased to present another series of photographs from Dave Schubert

Sound Advice 07: Roger Gastman


Since we are heading into the Holiday Weekend, I thought to tap the somebody to make a mix who oddly enough, always reminds me of the Fourth of July.  Roger Gastman is based in Los Angeles and thinks about your mother often.

Sound Advice 07 – Roger Gastman

01 The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough  -  Cyndi Lauper
02 Heat of the Moment  -  Asia
03 Girls Own Love – Andrew W.K.
04 Where Are They Now  -  Cock Sparrer
05 Knockers  -  The Darkness
06 Ziggy Stardust  -  David Bowie
07 Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good  -  Gwar
08 Run To The Hills  -  Iron Maiden
09 Kids In America  -  Kim Wilde
10 Turnpike Gates  -  Lifetime
11 Salad Days  -  Minor Threat
12 Another Girl, Another Planet  – The Only Ones
13 On With The Show  -  Mötley Crüe
14 Your Love  -  The Outfield
15 Celebrate Summer  -  The Paybacks
16 Fallen Angel -  Poison
17 Frantic Romantic -  Scientists
18 Swann Street  -  The Three
19 Broken  -  Turning Point
20 Culture Shock  -  4 Walls Falling
21  Sister Christian -  Night Ranger
22 The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle -  Sex Pistols

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Reminisce Over This

De La Soul, Breakadawn, 1993

The Obama Deli


Right down the street from the TWBE office. Brooklyn, New York

Models Popping Pills


Entertaining photographs by Ed Zipco

Random YouTube search

Today we searched the term ‘Magnet’

Believe it or not, this is from Taco Bell


Fancy Fast Food

Lunchtime Laughter

Ryan McGinness’ 50 Parties


50 Parties.  50 Themes. 50 Weeks.  In a row.  In the studio.  No Sponsors.  No Strangers.

It’s the whole ‘no strangers’ thing that will keep The Enablist out.

“In New York City, there has never been a shortage of parties. Parties celebrating a new product or publication or development have been rampant. Those celebrating or nurturing a meaningful social exchange, on the other hand, have been noticeably absent. I decided to create the 50PARTIES project in response to this void: to bring back the artist’s studio space as an environment for social exchange and revitalize the practice of artist’s studio as salon.
With this project, I’m endeavoring to create genuine parties with no hidden agenda, parties for the sake of parties, with absolutely no sponsorship. I’m interested in the idea of party as medium and vehicle for creating content. To that end, each party will be based on a different concept or theme, aimed at creating real interactions between guests.
Attendance at each party will be by invitation only in order to create an intimate environment populated by friends in which we can skip tedious party chit-chat and engage in more substantive and rewarding conversations. In this environment, these dialogues can be captured and shared world-wide on 50PARTIES.COM through video, photographs, and audio recordings, with the goal of inspiring others.
50 parties. 50 themes. 50 weeks. In a row. In the studio. No sponsors. No strangers.”

Ryan McGinness, May 2009

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Nigel Norris

This kid kills it on drums.

Vhils is scratching the surface


Opening tomorrow night at Lazrides’ Rathbone space is Vhils‘ first solo show in England, Scratching The Surface.  If you’re over there, we highly recommend it.

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Mike Giant’s Private Studio 260


If you’re in San Francisco tonight tomorrow night, stop by Mike Giant’s Private Studio 360 for some deals.

Private Studio 260
260 Divisadero Street near Haight
San Francisco, Califas

“The opening will be open from 6-9pm. Please stop by and bring cash for insane deals on originals and posters.

The space will also be open every Saturday from noon to 8pm starting July 4th.

There will be an opening to debut new work every first Friday of the month. And collectors should feel free to contact me anytime about private appointments to see what I have to offer as well.”

Morning Dose of Awesome

via, Peggy Wang

kate moss thursdays


Happy Fourth of July!

Picture of the Day


Tod Seelie

The craziest trailer ever, Robogeisha

Robogeisha is a new movie from the crazy guy behind The Machine Girl. It’s one of the craziest things I have seen in a long time with so much violence. A dude gets stabbed in the eye with a fried shrimp, a girl gets stabbed in the ass and blood goes everywhere…. with that being said, enjoy!


Bar Refaeli


Egotastic has got more images and a video.  She is so damn pretty.


Grassy Knoll video mash-up of miscellaneous musicians with footage shot in New York City and Brooklyn. Very cool.

Best Month Ever…Ever


We finished up June and took a look at our Analytics and were surprised to see a nice increase from our other Best Month Ever.  Thanks to all of our readers for your continued support and we hope to keep you entertained indefinitely!

~ The Enablist & Texas Reason

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