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Ali G and Buzz Aldrin

Corto Maltese: The Ballad of the Salt Sea

For only the second time since 1967, Hugo Pratt’s celebrated graphic novel is being published in English. The story centers around a treasure hunter named Corto Maltese who while being adrift at sea is picked up by a Russian pirate named Rasputin. I’m about halfway into it, and can summarize things by saying that “adventure ensues.”

Available in March through Universe


A new huge print from Eric Haze

What Logos Look Like To a 5-Year Old

She does a great Marcel the Shell impression.

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Money and Beauty

An exhibit that looks at the development of the global banking system in Italy during the medieval and early Renaissance periods.

Take an internet walkthrough of it here

Morning Dose of Monster Dunk

Blake Griffin.

Guns N’ Roses – Live at the Ritz – 1988

Damn good show to watch. Tickets for Guns N’ Roses three-day New York stint go on pre-sale tomorrow (1/31), with a nod towards their 2/15 show at Webster Hall which they’re dubbing ‘The Ritz.’

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Picture of the Day

Jeff Vespa

$1000 to Get Drunk and Stare Confidently, Then Creepily at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

Here’s your chance

“They Tipped The Country and the Nuts All Rolled To Los Angeles”

The Wrinkles Of The City, Los Angeles by JR

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A-List Actor Cash

Nothing in comparison to Mega-Producer/Mogul cash.

Here’s an estimate of what an A-List Actor makes and spends in a year,

UP All Night

Dead Milkmen, Methodist Coloring Book

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