Great Promotional video and…uh…website

It’s a pretty smart idea.

Canned Goods


There’s a lot of weird canned food in the world, and this link will show you most of it.  How nasty is that chicken?

Lunchtime Laughter

Superga Torino for the summer


Saw these in GQ and decided they are my new summer favorites. Superga Torino’s are classic italian sneakers that have been around for over 75 years, and they are classic enough to wear with a suit or just about anything. Pick them up for $65 here. If white is not your flavor, they come in a ton of colors and leather.

Michael Moore has nine Suggestions for the transformation of GM


Bullet trains are a great idea.  Sack it up America!

Henri Draws interview from Dazed Digital


What’s…your work all about?
An allegory of my contemporaries…

Click here to make sense of this.

Dude is 29 and he has fathered 21 kids

That’s a pretty expensive habit.

(Thanks Rog!)

Gene P’s How to ruin a party in 3 easy steps

Chester and Mrs. Coppertpot showin’ us how it’s done….

Step 1.  Choose the most monotone song possible, something by The Strokes perhaps, sing in different tone for majority of song.

Step 2.  If you feel your audience slipping away, never underestimate the power of a high-kick (0,49 sec).

Step 3.  Pay no mind whilst the host packs food up and people party ninja out all around you.  You’re making your mark, son, now go buy more drugs.

Olivia Wilde is…


Wednesday’s Muse.

Photographed by Chris Floyd.

picture of the day

found on ffffffound

tattoo of the day


This might be a tough one to explain down the road. Source

Check out some more tattoo’s here

A Tribute To Love and Rockets


New Tales To Tell, A Tribute To Love and Rockets is produced by Christopher The Minister & Phil Jaurigui. Album art created by Shepard Fairey

The digital release is July 28th and the physical release is August 18th, which promises to include bonus tracks on the Blue and Red Vinyl.

Here’s a tease on myspace

Track listing after the jump.

[Read more]

hot girl and apple computer


Every time I see one of those pc challenge ads where they compare Apple’s Macbook to every other pc, I get annoyed. There is a reason why Apple makes the best computer. Actually there are two, one it’s a beautifully designed functional product. Two, cute girls with Tattoo’s use them

Kaws 4ft Dissected Companion in Brown


Already released in Japan, the leftovers go to the rest of the World. I want one. Dudes…hook me up…I’ll break my moratorium

Reminisce Over This

The Pharcyde, 4 Better or 4 Worse, 1992

Mood Bottle Openers


Made out of stainless steel, the Mood Bottle Opener comes in emotional states of either happy, crazy, or shocked.  What about lonely, angry, or wasted?  Those would be interesting.

Available at Poketo

Kenneth Cappello Acid Drop



Curated by Tim Barber
A Milk Gallery Project
Opening reception: 7 – 10 PM, June 2nd
Exhibition dates: June 2nd – 13th

Charlie Murphy is Leroy Smith: The Man who motivated Jordan

Reminds me of Kenny Powers, only darker and less depressing

Keds Bacon Slip-Ons


Kind of like DQM’s bacon kicks of yore, but not.

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