Morning Dose of Awesome

Ben Wiggins writes

“The first two minutes of my short film about living coral polyps of the species Montipora. Shot entirely in time-lapse at high magnification.”

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: European Invasion


One of the perks of being a successful artist?  Being able to make time to go DJ in other countries in front of large audiences.

more info here

Picture of the Day


via, ignoredprayers

Go Buy Now: Evan Hecox’s Red Banner Hang Duong print


How fresh is this?

Evan Hecox
Red Banner Hang Duong print
19 color screen print on Somerset Satin paper
24 x 30 in.
Edition of 50

More info to purchase here

New Banksy on Wall and in Video


Romanywg caught this great flick of Banksy’s latest work across the pond, and NME tipped us off to a new video featuring the work of Banksy, the music of Thom Yorke, and the directorsmanship Raymond Salvatore Harmon (after the jump)

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A look from behind at Agent Provocateur’s Fashion Show

Hell, everyone’s got to have an angle right?

Check Agent Provocateur’s website here


I had the chance to watch the Pilot of NBC’s new comedy Community last night.  While it started out exactly like Van Wilder (dominant white male lead / arab sidekick), it ended up being funny enough to get me to tune this Thursday night when it debuts.  Get some.

Today’s Fake NY Post


Courtesy of the Yes Men.  Read it online here

Reminisce Over This

LL Cool J, Big Ole Butt, 1989

Jude Law in Drag


Looks kind of like Cameron Diaz.  That’s All.

More at BoingBoing

Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore, “The most feared filmmaker in America….” hmmm I guess, at least that is what the voice over says in the trailer.  Well, his films do always spark controversy. Check out the trailer featuring a nicely place MIA track!

Read more about Moore here.

Opening in limited Engagement this Wednesday, September 23rd

If this ‘Flintstones’ looking house in Portugal is actually real…


Then it is seriously one of the weirdest and most awesome houses ever created.  What do you think the inside looks like?  Ugh, there are too many questions that need to be answered.

more at the Mail Online here

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Vigilante Vigilante

Vigilante Vigilante is a documentary about the insane ocd white dudes that go around buffing graffiti with the same tenacity as the writers writin’ it.  Think of it as an extended version of that Graffiti Guerilla Joe Connolly bit from Infamy.

via, Animal

Feasting on Art


Awesomely inspired, Megan Fizzell adapts real life works of Art into edible delights on her blog Feasting on Art.  Peep the Mondrian Pound Cake above, tight.

via, weloveyouso

Lunchtime Laughter

Batman: The Later Years

Alex Lukas has a new zine out.
DETECTIVE COMICS #978, September 2019
Batman: The Later Years
Batman struggles with going to bed early while Gotham’s villains communicate via text message.
Approx 6.75 x 10.25, 8 pages, plus 3 color silk screen wrap-around dust jacket, numbered edition of 100.
$5 + s/h
Definitely fresh.  Have a flip through above and purchase it here

thom yorke, all for the best


Check out the video for “All for the Best”, Thom Yorke’s contribution to “Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy.”

Watch it, and read more about it Rolling Stone.

iphone stand up, paper stand that is

Check out this really cool Iphone paper stand

via here

2k well spent, tabletop pacman


Tabletop Pacman from Hammacher Schlemmer

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