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F@ck You and the Horse You Rode in On


I just saw this over at Dezeen. A stuffed Victorian african grey crowned crane, decorated with a saddle, gold-plated silver and pearls. It looks really cool. So, if you’re in London be sure to check out Kelly McCall ‘s “Fuck You and the Horse You Rode in On” a new exhibition at Sotheby’s this week.

How To Make a ‘Zine


Jason Filipow put together this great video, How To Make a ‘Zine, for Hurley’s Against The Grain series.  It is totally inspirational and will make you want to go out and do it yourself.  For now, the only thing you have to do yourself is click the link below to watch the video, because there is no embed anywhere.

Watch the video

New York Paper Airplane Flight

Watching this is about as close to meditation as I can get

Wu-Tang Chamber Music


Have you listened to this yet? Wow. Best album since 36 Chambers, reminisce over that. Welcome back.

Ping Wire


PingWire is an almost live stream of twit pics aggregated in one place.  You can surely get 5 minutes of entertainment out of this.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: “A very different kind of portrait”

Wendy Wick Reaves, curator at the National Portrait Gallery, breaks down Shepard Fairey’s Obama Hope piece in this new video from the National Portrait Gallery. I would’ve never thought of Oriental Orange as a color until now. Wendy could tuck me in and describe all the artwork on my walls to me nightly. You go curator lady!  Now to whoever did the camerawork and editing, better luck next time.

Picture of the Day


Cass Bird

The Jackson Three….WTF

So there has been a lot of press about Joe Jackson promoting whatever it is he is doing, every time he gets in front of the mic. This is the best one yet.

“Joe Jackson wants to take kids on tour in 2010. Michael Jackson’s biographer says he plans to call them The Jackson Three.”

Read the full story here


Thanks follower

An interview with Vhils


Our friend Michael Slenske got a couple moments of Vhils’ time and sent this interview over our way.  Enjoy.

In his new 25-piece show at Lazarides, Scratching The Surface, Vhils (aka Alexandre Farto) deftly explores the historical decay of the Lisbon streetscape (from post Carnation Revolution political hotbed to modern day ad repository) via demo’d walls, chiseled wooden reliefs, and acid-and-bleach-etched billboards . We talked to the Portuguese street star about the show on a break from his next conquest: Grottaglie, Italy for the Fame Festival.

MS: So did you alter the gallery walls in anyway (pneumatic drill, etc) like you did at the Outsiders show?

AF: Yes, I did several site specific installations in the gallery. I went to a building site in London and just took some wooden reliefs and walls and worked on them.
[Read more]

big Bambú The Starns at their Beacon Studio


We just recieved a update from the Starn studio regarding a schedule change see below…..

Next weekend you need to head up to Beacon Ny. Doug and Mike Starn, will open there studio to allow access to their most recent work Big Bambú. Doug Starn writes…

Big Bambú is connotative of an autonomous, spontaneous, self-governing, disorganized network responding to itself to better navigate the environment. “It represents me- in that I am who I was, and, I am completely different than I was when I was a little boy.”

To truly have an understanding of its scale and meaning check out their site and watch the 3d rendering video linked below. It looks like there is limited access so plan wisely.

Starn‘s Beacon studio, former Tallix foundry, Beacon, NY
Big Bambú will be open to visitors  2nd and 4th Saturday of July and August between 11AM and 4PM.

Check out the 3d rendering of the installation.

Should you plan to visit, kindly E-mail us at:

Cool “Disco” Dan and Oatmeal I.Q.

The monstrous side of Charlie Brown


A great painting by Tim O’Brien for Travis Louie’s MONSTER? Show at Copro Nason.

via, notcot

Reminisce Over This

Barrington Levy ft. Bounty Killer, Living Dangerously, 1998

free iphone app of the week


Check out this nice little iPhone app. It is a well designed and very cool camera application that allows you to alter your images in multiple ways as well as select from preset filters.  It’s free here

Equally as cool is iphoneography, a website dedicated to reviewing every photo app on the phone. Now maybe you’ll be able to decide which app to finally buy.

Read the full review of Mill’s app on iphonography  here.

Leonard Knight and Salvation Mountain

Truly incredible.

Portus Shirt by all saints


Very cool must have shirt from All Saints out of the UK.

The Preggo Shuffle

Exactly how it sounds

Maryland Blue Crabs


One of the best things about summer.

This is a nice article on the crab houses in the Eastern Shore of Maryland

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