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Jesus Christ Bail Bonds

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adriana lima, la referencia a seguir


Adriana Lima from a Spanish-language Details Magazine

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Ben Smith

This Week…

We took an extended look at American Apparel’s Advertising (click this, seriously)

The McGang Bang looks McAwesome

The Hipster Job made us laugh on a not-close-to-biblical level

We looked at a naked lady and some bikers

and of course…


Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, No Age.


Sunday is going to be great.

Sound Advice 11: Caleb Neelon


We are happy to present our 11th installment of Sound Advice featuring Caleb Neelon.  Caleb is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based professional teenager.

Sound Advice 11 – Caleb Neelon

01 Dalai Llama – Caddyshack
02 Susie Q – Dale Hawkins
03 Don’t Care – Circle Jerks
04 I’m a Little Mixed Up – Betty James
05 River Euphrates – Pixies
06 Sweet Musille – The Corporation
07 E.V.A. – Jean-Jaques Perrey
08 The Funky Technician – Lord Finesse
09 Mona Bone Jakon – Cat Stevens
10 Sound System – Operating Ivy
11 Wop Do Wop – Electronicat
12 Ring of Fire –  Ray Charles
13 Get Out Of My Life Woman – Allen Toussaint
14 I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone – Johnny Nash
15 Chairman Of The Board – Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny
16 I Against I – Bad Brains
17 You Can’t Blame The Youth – Bob Marley & The Wailers
18 Electra Loo – Fred Weinberg
19 Nite Safarie – The Black Star Sound
20 Dora – Motia
21 Can I Be Your Squeeze – Chuck Carbo
22 I Don’t Want to Grow Up – The Ramones

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Inside Black Acid Co-op

Finally had the chance to check out Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman’s Black Acid Co-op at Deitch, one of the greatest installations I have ever seen.  Be sure to make it over there before August 15th.

Friday Suicide


Kaley Suicide
Age 22

Location Georgia
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Reminisce Over This

LL Cool J, Around The Way Girl, 1990

Okhotsk Blue Draft: The Japanese Beer made from melting Icebergs


And Blue seaweed, for coloring of course.  Looks refreshing, at least that’s what I thought after watching the video.

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What’s Up with Stephon Marbury?

Even after watching all of these videos, we still have no clue.  Maybe everybody should just take an internet vacation.

New Graff Shop Opening in NYC



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Obey Boston

I just happened to be at the ICA today in Boston to catch the Obey show show, you still have time. Anyway. while I am walking the show, I bump into the artist himself. The pretty cool thing he was giving a tour to a group of students. He is and has always been a nice guy. If your in Boston make sure to hit the ICA.

Skinny Girls eating Big Sandwiches


The beginning of another website I’ll come to enjoy

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Lunchtime Laughter

It was time to wipe the dust off of this one.  Forever the best.

Love in 2-D


How did we miss this great article by Lisa Katayama?

Worldwide Propaganda


Obey in Iraq.

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Costumes from Yahoo! Shopping Japan

I mean really, why not?  It’s Friday and you deserve this enjoyment.  If you like any of them, here is the link to buy.

Mini excerpts/Documentaries for Beautiful Losers

Iconoclast has placed a bunch of really great clips from the Beautiful Losers Exhibition onto You Tube.  The piece above featuring Barry McGee is classic, as are the videos of and by Ari Marcopulous, Clare Rojas, and  Cheryl Dunn after the jump.

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