Crashed Ferrari Table

Both a conversation and center piece.

Designed by Charly Molinelli

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Order Of The Illuminati Flow Chart

The World’s Best Ever?

See it big here

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Behind The Wall: The Battle for LA’s Murals

directed by Oliver Riley-Smith

Occupy Hope by Shepard Fairey

Really though

Morning Dose of Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger comments on DVD Extra for Total Recall.

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Adriana Lima Is Beat After A Tough Weekend In The Bush

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


This week…

We saw Jesus on a dog’s butt

Marcel The Shell Made A Return

We checked out AJ Fosik’s recent show at Jonthan Levine Gallery

Casey Neistat made a great vid about the raid on Zuccoti Park


Ellie Ross was our muse 

A Quick Look Through Livingston Street Market

This Saturday Steve Powers and Todd James open Livingston Street Market at ICY Signs. Alongside the installation will be works from Dan Murphy, Mike Langley, Josh Smith, Pat Griffin, and Sam Meyerson. We stopped by yesterday to see it all in progress. More info on the opening after the jump.

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UP All Night

Wire, I’m The Fly

Nips: Bärenjäger

Honey is sweet. It’s the cuddliest form of fructose, the province of cable knits, chamomile, cute beekeepers. All summer long the little workers have been buzzing around in their stripy, fuzzy suits, collecting the essence of the blossoms and the grasses, distilling summer. But now it’s fall, the beekeepers are hanging it up, and it’s time to go hunting bears. The general name for this type of liqueur is Bärenfang, “bear bait” in German, and it was first produced during the fifteenth century in the former East Prussia. If the gothic blackletter script on the bottle doesn’t give it away, it’s tough honey.

Bärenjäger tastes like something that grandmothers sneak sips of from a bottle hidden behind the apple bin, golden and a little spicy. It’ll get you buzzed.

—Arlo Crawford

Reminisce Over This

Big Daddy Kane, Ain’t No Half Steppin, 1988


Winnie Truong’s first print is a beauty

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