Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Jace rocks the crocodiles.

We’ll be back on Tuesday.

This week…

We saw Manute Bol in a swimming pool

Maximo Riera made some interesting Animal Chairs

We looked through Phlegm’s Illuminated Alphabet Book

Wacom introduced the Inkling


Fabiana Semprebom was our muse

Sound Advice 111: Marco Brambilla

We are pleased to present our 111th installment of Sound Advice featuring Marco Brambilla. Marco is an Italian artist and filmmaker whose latest work, Evolution (Megaplex), is the first piece of video art to be included as an “Official Selection” at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. It will screen one week from today on September 9th. Marco currently lives and works in New York and Los Angeles.
Sound Advice 111

01. Title Music From A Clockwork Orange by Various Artists
02. Also Sprach Zarathustra by Eumir Deodato
03. Romera by Various Artists
04. Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie
05. Jockey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits
06. Be-Bop A Lula by Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps
07. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division
08. Smoke Rings by Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra
09. Cage: Music For Marcel Duchamp by Philipp Vandré
10. Pretending To See The Future by Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark
11. Tomorrow Night by Lonnie Johnson
12. St. Matthew’s Passion by Bach
13. Casta Diva by Angela Gheorghiu


The Greatest Writer Alive


Been washing the cement
on this same parking lot
every day for the past six years.

No one pays me.
Just like doing it.

It doesn’t get much cleaner
than it was the day before.

But the smell is nice

And I get to wave to people
on their way
to whatever jobs
they’ve been cut out to do.

Don’t know the name of the man who owns this parking lot
or where this hose is connected
but I like what I do.

And I don’t have to dress up for it.

Dallas Clayton

The Splendid Splinter Gets A Stamp

USPS Forever

(thanks Caleb!)

Weekend Watching: The James Dean Story

Directed by Robert Altman and George W. George in 1957

Big Wooly Style

We sweated the striped Ransom by Adidas Strata before, and now SneakerFreaker previews this gray pair. Just as nice.

Shipley & Halmos NYC Playing Cards

Honoring NYC’s artistic royalty with a “custom deck of casino quality playing cards, a THINGS! score pad, hand-painted pencil, and canvas carrying case.”

Available here

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Cheesesteak Panini

We’ve really been into sandwiches recently, and for those not in Philly, this Panini is a great, fancy alternative to the Cheesesteak. From Mehan’s Kitchen.

Lunchtime Laughter

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Old Punk Flyers

An online punk flyer museum on tumblr

Tom Sachs Grizzly Bear Tee & Print

Available upon donation to the Endangered Species Coalition.

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Tommy Guerrero

Going Down Hill For 20 Years

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