Reminisce Over This

Raekwon, Incarcerated Scarfaces, 1995

The Evolution of cell phones as represented by Matryoshka Dolls


From old and large to new and small, British designer Kyle Bean has done something cool.


Afternoon Dose of Awesome

Kanye West actually drawn as a gay fish.

The money well is drying up


This morning on my way into Manhattan, I read this NY Times article about how the trust fund utopia which is Williamsburg  is beginning to crumble.  It looks like there are a few Bedford kids who are trying to figure out how to do without, the hard way…. by trying to get a job with the only job experience being interning at a college radio station or a model agency…. good luck.

Maybe now’s the time to swipe up a really nice 400 sqft studio for 600k…..

the coolest usb key ever


This is the by far the coolest USB Key. Created by Lacie and the french design firm 5.5 Designers, itsaKey makes you look pimp. Comes with a 2 yr warranty and comes in 4-8gbs. If you need to carry one then this is it. Nothing more need to be said, except it looks f@cking cool. More info here.

One thing I realized, if your drunk you might loose all your work when you try to get into your apartment with it.

Last week’s Suicide (no carradine)


Well, we slacked on some posts from last week. Suicide Girls sends us pictures every day, and we thought we would pick our favorites to feature. Since we blew off last week, here’s two: LillithVain Suicide (top), and Cori Suicide (bottom). Check out all the facts and links to the girls after the jump.


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Claes Oldenburg


Dropped Cone
Neumarkt Galerie, Cologne, Germany

Stainless and galvanized steels, fiber-reinforced plastic, balsa wood; painted with polyester gelcoat
39 ft. 10 in. (12.1 m) high x 19 ft. (5.8 m) diameter;
height above building: 32 ft. 10 in. (10 m)
Commissioned by Neumarkt Galerie

Installed March 2001

Lunchtime Laughter

The World’s Hottest Mugshots


In no way does this site approach the quality of Pick the Perp, Mughots is more like a Hot or Not? for the criminally minded.

Hermès Domino Set

They look cool and all but, $445?  Must be nice

Will They Grow?


Will They Grow? is a site documenting the effects of birth control on this girls breasts.  Obviously, we wish for the best.

r2d2 taxidermy


Take one dead mouse and one r2d2 toy, combine them together and……Pow!  Science.  This set is still really cheap on ebay

Random YouTube Search

Searched the term ‘inflatable’ this morning

adriana lima


Adriana Lima dreams.

Bushwick open studios tonight

65 suydam st
Food and drink provided.

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up



This Week…

We took a look at the work of Matthew Craven

Shepard Fairey went to Venice

Olivia Wilde got in position

We liked the Superga Torino


Gene P broke down a Belgian equation

Sound Advice 03: Cleon Peterson


Cleon Peterson is a Los Angeles based Artist and Designer.

Sound Advice 03 – Cleon Peterson

01 I Am the Fly  -  Wire
02 You Know More Than I Know  -  John Cale
03 Emotional Rescue  -  The Rolling Stones
04 China My China  -  Brian Eno
05 He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)  -  The Crystals
06 White Light/White Heat  -  The Velvet Underground
07 Love Calls You By Your Name  -  Leonard Cohen
08 The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Orgy  -  John Cale
09 Baby’s on Fire  -  Brian Eno
10 Stray Cat Blues  -  The Rolling Stones
11 Little Hitler  -  Nick Lowe
12 Gimmie Some Slack  -  The Cars
13 Kicks  -  Lou Reed
14 I Love the Sound Of Breaking Glass  -  Nick Lowe
15 Gun  -  John Cale
16 Avalanche  -  Leonard Cohen
17 Needles in the Camel’s Eye  -  Brian Eno

Download Sound Advice 03 now!

Dave Schubert

We are pleased to present another set of photographs from Dave Schubert.  Enjoy

F%#K Cancer


The good people at Poketo Studio are putting this benefit on tonight to help raise money for Justin Van Hoy’s medical expenses.  If you’re out in LA, show some support and love!

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