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Up All Night

Siouxsie and the Banshees,  Spellbound

Terry Richardson, Sunburn #1 – 3

It’s really the entry of lips in #3 that makes this whoa.
(note: boobs too)

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Reminisce Over This

Ghostface Killah, Motherless Child, 1996

Paris Graffiti in the ’90s

Photos by Mat Jacob featured in the book Descente interdite: graffiti dans le métro parisien

How To Stay Authentic In The Jungle

Passion Of The Craft

Wasn’t there one of these out last year too?

Alexander McQueen Black Skull Keychain

“because style extends beyond what you wear.”

Available here

Whale Tissue Holder

Instant Best Seller

via, swissmiss

Narragansett Lager

Official Beer of the Clam. (Clam bake directions on the back of the tall boys)

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Lunchtime Laughter

Eddie Murphy’s Ice Cream bit from Delerious

Jay Howell: Pages From Books

Jay Howell is killing it. Without a doubt the most enjoyable artwork you will see in an internet slideshow today (8/17).

The drawings above are available in zine format through Needles & Pens, get one.

The Construction of Secret Hiding Places

An imagination inducing, informative read for those who like to hide things.

via, lifehacker

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