iphone, your Personal Sonar Device

This crazy ass application lets you measure the distance of objects via a sonar device on the iPhone. This actually works, unlike the handy bug repellent applications out there. (itunes)


pop-up skate bowl in NYC


Now, this is one of those pop-up things that we can advocate. The Pop-up Skate bowl.  Quicksilver got together with Autumn and Openhouse Gallery to put this on from August 22nd to the 31st.  I’m sure there’ll be nightly events too.  Stop by at 201 Mulberry Street in Manhattan.

photos via openhouse

Reminisce Over This

Company Flow, End to End Burners, 1998

Tonight in Venice, a Benefit for Jim Muir


Have look at the website for more information. Also, take a look at the online auction as there are some really sweet one-of-a-kind decks in there.

Close your eyes, and you can run with this advice

Many of life’s lesson to be learned from a little cat massage

(Thanks Hallie!)

This place sounds a lot like ‘The Beach’


Route 36 in La Paz, Bolivia is the world’s first cocaine bar.

Shepard Fairey’s Close Knit Print


Available at a random point in time today.  This is like printing money for a charity, as all proceeds from this print will go to Rush Arts.

$50, Signed and Numbered Edition of 450

“I chose to illustrate this image of two girls knitting (in a Rush Arts program) because I think it really captures the idea that learning art in schools is about more than crayon drawings, it’s about creativity, something that transcends all class and race boundaries. I think the joy of making something is universal, and it’s an opportunity that every kid should have.”
– Shepard

Mini Marshmallow lamb Cupcakes


Not normally one for cupcakes but, you could win your way into a chubby girls heart with these.  The texture of the cupcakes got me thinking randomly, has anyone ever seen a cupcake with painkillers on it?  Or even chewable vitamins?  I think they’d be huge internet hit. Anyway, here’s the recipe for the chubby cupcakes.

Lunchtime Laughter

“I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like, until now.”  Celery stick man, great stuff.

Speaking of sex tapes…


Whatever happened to Leighton Meester’s?

do you love packaging?

Well, do you? Here’s a sample of some really cool packaging from Lovely Package(.com), a site dedicated to package design.

a serious man

Joel and Ethan Coen’s new trailer for their next feature, A Serious Man. The movie looks strange and intense as expected, and will hit the big screen in October.

camper bike


Boston-based artist Kevin Cyr created the Camper Bike, which is a fully functioning RV and the subject of his paintings. Check out some more of his work here.

Morning Dose of Awesome

I lucidly remember all of these moments from John Hughes’ films but, this is just a taste.  I swear there were more, many many more.

via, the internet

kate moss thursdays


Model Kate Moss

Picture of the Day


Dave Schubert


bizarroland theme parks


Concierge.com has compiled a list of crazy bizarre theme parks, Hello Kitty to Stalin land.

Ben Kingsley as Ian MacKaye

Sir Ben Kingsley STOMPS into the shoes of Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye from Mean Magazine on Vimeo.

(Thanks Cap’n!)

Girls of Ebay


This site actually sucks big time.  They don’t even have ebayseller:12ozProphet‘s girl (above) on there,

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