Useless Wooden Toys

The New Deal was the shit, and this video was a personal favorite on VHS.



Jorge Colombo uses the brush application on the iPhone to draw pictures.  This is an iPhone commercial waiting to happen. Skills.

See a video of the process here

via, Gothamist

Kate Moss Thursday


Flowers, tits, and a cigarette

picture of the day


Playground. 13inc

1 Trillion Dollars


This is what 1 trillion dollars would look like if the $10,000 stacks of $100 bills we all know were all piled up.  Note the life-size human in the bottom left.

This picture got me thinking that it really is 1 Trillion dollars, because 1 Trillion dollars is totally made up and fictitious.

here’s the link

via, boingboing

Reminisce Over This

Outkast, Player’s Ball (Remix), 1994

Porn stars on Skateboards


Not that I mind this too much, but wouldn’t it make sense to put the graphic on top with some clear grip tape so that the babe is always staring at your jank and smiling?

more here

An Interview with Alex Lukas


Fecal Face interviews one of our favorites, Alex Lukas, in anticipation of his upcoming solo show that opens this Friday at White Walls in San Francisco.

Read it here

“full of that midget goodness”


That is how it’s been reviewed. What more can you say, I am not going to pretend to know anything about this. All I am going to say is its bizarre. Download the mix here. He goes by the name of Solo.  A disco DJ midget from London, who remixes disco songs. Its like a small version of Parliament funkadelic. Via here

Track list

Malente-”Music Forever”- Solo Rmx
Mixhell-”Boom Da”- Tom Jam Rmx
Zombie DIsco Squad-”Esperanto”-Solo Rmx
Tim Weeks-”Restless”-P. La Funk Rmx
Kaiserdisco-”Neph&Ton”- Ji Fi Rmx
Mastiksoul-”Land of Spirits”
Lukas Guerrero-”99 %”
Format B-”Edding 850″
Solo-”The Big Stef”
Kiss-”Rock&Roll all night”

Lunchtime Laughter

A lot more on this guy here

psycho mat


Psycho bath mat for £14.99. This might not be a good thing for her to see on a first date.

The TechniColored Awards

While there is a minor slant towards Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy Movies, and Eddie Murphy relatives, The TechniColored Awards bills themself as “Dedicated to the illest black characters to ever play the sideline.” With that being said it is entertaining, so you must read.

via, gorillamask

paris xwing


An X-wing made from a Paris metro ticket. If you make it all the way down to the bottom you can see they also created a falcon. Via: Like cool.

wednesday’s muse


Brunu, photographed by Chris Head.

Picture of the Day


Lenard Smith

Looking for the right house, how about a wright house?


Sorry, that was dumb and easy.  Seriously though, a really gorgeous house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is up for sale in The Bathrooms (Los Banos) California.  If you consider yourself a real player, make it happen and make it sold.

More at SFGate

Reminisce Over This

Notorious B.I.G., Hypnotize, 1997

RIP yesterday, March 9th

Artorialust: Weekend Edition with Kanye West

El Toro surprised us with some great shots from Weekend Festivities including Tomokazu Matsuyama’s show at Joshua Liner and Vanessa Beecroft’s performance at Deitch LIC.  Eleven Ladies and on Kanye West.

Edamame Growing Set


Grow Edamame at home.  Boil.  Add Salt.  Open beer.  Enjoy.

Available at Giant Robot

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