Nips: Oh Canada

You should go for a trip with your dad. To Canada maybe; to Campobello Island where FDR had a summer home, or to Lac Manicouagan to do some canoeing. You can eat corned beef for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch at a rest stop picnic table, dinner at an okay steakhouse. You can stay at a motel called the Bluebird or the Leaping Deer. After dinner you and your dad can drink some Oh Canada together; use the two cups the motel leaves wrapped in plastic (“sanitized for your protection”), and give him a little more than he’s used to drinking. Then sit and watch the TV, talk about your mom, work, sports, and wait until your dad is snoring with his glasses still on.

Oh Canada tastes like maple syrup because it’s made from maple syrup. It’s only 52 proof but those are Canadian measurements, so who really knows.

—Arlo Crawford

Lunchtime Laughter

Dr. Katz: Jim Gaffigan’s Manatee

“no clear line between where graffiti ended and fine art began”

Pose and KC Ortiz in the NY Times

MinuSkull Speakers by Kuntzel+Deygas

Smart idea

Dog Disco

Your new favorite video

The World’s Biggest Insect

The Giant Weta

Morning Dose of Alana and Monyca Surfing Hawaii

This video makes me happy.

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Friday’s Vault

Toy Machine Welcome to Hell Slams

Picture of the Day

Eva and Adele

UP All Night

The Clash, Stay Free (Live at The Capitol Theater 1980)

Reminisce Over This

Das EFX, They Want Efx, 1992


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