Chances of us driving this Lamborghini Reventón Roadster…

Well, that’s really up to them I guess.

I’d like one of those oversize matchbox versions of these, to roll around my non-existent desk.

This will be the next print I buy


Shepard Fairey’s Jaws Wave.  Float this in a nice white frame, shadow boxed, business.  The print is based off a painting Jaws Wave, which Shepard Fairey completed for the Surfrider 25th Anniversary Gala.

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Poor Taco Bell


First your chihuaha dies, and now you have to pose and rip-off the whole Kid Robot Dunny vinyl thing.  I think they should come with the big people’s meals too. Check it.

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Friday’s Vault

Lance Mountain, Propaganda

picture of the day guest curated by Gregg Greenwood


Michael Kenna
“capturing the the simple beauty that surrounds us in nature, seeing things that you have seen before with just a bit of graphic dialogue.”

more about Gregg Greenwood and his selections after the jump.

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Those Trains we were talking about earlier…in motion

via, Animal

t-shirt of the day


“Live Fast” by Civil, check out their summer line. Check out a detail after the jump

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Manchester: looking for the light through the Pouring Rain


Vinditto turned me on to this book that looks back at the Manchester music scene from the 1970’s onward.

“The volume features iconic shots of bands such as Joy Division, The Fall, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, New Order, and Oasis. Also featured are interviews with Kevin’s former colleagues Paul Morley, Stuart Maconie and John Harris as well as Gavin Martin’s interviews with Johnny Marr, Peter Hook and Mark E. Smith.”

More info here

Taizo Yamamoto drawings


Beautiful drawings bt Taizo Yamamoto, check out a selection of his work and a tiny interview at It’s Nice That

Dustin Cantrell’s Frankenstein


We slept on these but, damn they are f-ing cool. Dustin Cantrell’s mad creation is was a must have.


Reminisce Over This

Lords of the Underground, Neva Faded, 1994

Commisioned Train Graffiti


Amtrak needs to step up.

“Thalys, the European company providing TGV trains between Paris, Bruxelles and Amsterdam, decides to customize one of the trains, inviting SozyOne (Bruxelles), Jonone (Paris), Zedz (Amsterdam) y Seak (Cologne). It’s one of the really few times that graffiti artists are allowed (and paid) to burn metal, it happened yesterday at Gare du Nord, Paris.”

More at 12oz Prophet

Eric White’s LP

We missed the opening of Eric White’s LP last night at Sloan Fine Art, and are rather sad we did.  The exhibition consisted of 24 LP sized paintings that are quite hilarious and in the words of the press release, “become fetishized objects, incorporating messages that range from cultural commentary to personal demons to silly jokes.”  The work is on view until October 10th, don’t sleep.

titan maximum 09.27.09

Seth Green’s new show, Titan Maximum, premieres September 27th at 11:30pm. Make sure to watch it. Wired called it, “… it’s a sex-crazed, mecha-loving hoot.”

The premise is that a team of misfit space jockeys hits the skids after the government downsizes its warrior machine Titan Maximum. Pilot Gibson “Gibbs” Giberstein goes rogue and tries to annihilate his former team (along with the rest of the planet). Read a full brief  of the show here.

Click here to view a few more clips from the show

Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary Celebration

The Van’s Warped Tour the 15th Anniversary movie, only in theaters for one night, tonight.

click here to find the theater near you.

The lowdown after the jump

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Barbara Weissberger


These collages are pretty crazy.  Barbara Weissberger will be part of a group exhibition at Dean Project in LIC this Saturday.

More info at EatMeDaily

Lunchtime Laughter

Just because I think you deserve to see this picture


Megan Fox.  That’s all.

converse gets custom ads


These ads for Converse One by Anomaly were too kooky not to mention. We would have liked to see the interactive banners regurlarly on our site because they are definitely fun to play with. You can see more of the Anomaly’s work here (Nice stuff guys!), And Converse, there’s a 300 x 600 up there that thinks you’re pretty cool…maybe you all should hang out?

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