In The Moment: A Benefit Sale/Auction for the Luggage Store

If you’re in the Bay Area, go out and support the Luggage Store this Saturday. You buy some great art in the auction, and be witness to an intimate performance by Devendra Banhart.

More info here

Fuck This Stress – Cop Car

The safest way to take out your frustration.

For the public and police alike, a cop car stress ball.

(customization available)

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Up All Night

The Waitresses, I Know What Boys Like

Nips: Fernet Branca

The city of San Francisco consumes almost fifty percent of the Fernet Branca imported into the United States, but it’s not the kind of thing you drink while buying a Property of Alcatraz sweatshirt, or while fending off West Nile infected seagulls at Fisherman’s Wharf, or picking up a Penguin Classic copy of On the Road at City Lights Bookstore. You’re supposed to drink it on a Sunday morning at Ocean Beach while illegally fishing for Dungeness Crab with a few old Chinese guys as hungover as you are; on a Saturday afternoon in Dolores Park while trying to ignore the thwack of tennis balls and keeping an eye out for the pot truffle guy; on a Wednesday night while lying in bed and discussing whether Sutro Tower could fall over and pin you to your bed, squirming and bleeding, during a massive earthquake.

It tastes like the poison that the wicked queen used to try and kill Snow White. In San Francisco it’s traditional to order it with a ginger ale back but, hell, let your freak flag fly.

—Arlo Crawford

Reminisce Over This

Cocoa Brovaz ft. Tony Touch & Hurricane G, Spanish Harlem, 1998

Weekend Watching: Life In A Day

What it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010.

Fuct Iron Head Longsleeve Tees

For the 20th anniversary.

Available through Mishka

Artist Eats: Nina Chanel Abney


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Nina Chanel Abney to share her favorite place to eat. Combining a bright color palette and irreverent humor, Nina’s work is as striking as it is steeped in political and race issues.

Continue reading for her answer.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Military Doughnut

Photographed and eaten by Eric Elms in Tokyo

Nirvana: Live at MAN RAY in Cambridge, Mass in 1990

01 Live Set by Duane Bruce

Some pre-Grohl Nirvana to listen to this morning.

via, the Phoenix

(Thanks Caleb!)

“You’re inexorably different than us”

A humorous Gavin McInnes on 10 Unbelievable Things the Chinese Believe

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