Photoshop for your iPhone


The new photoshop app for the iPhone is really basic but, if you wanted to get advanced wouldn’t you just use a computer?

More info here

Hipsters = Marshmallows


Apparently Brooklyn Cops call Hipsters ‘Marshmallows’ because they’re ‘”White and Soft.”  This is the first good thing to come out of the NYPD in a while…

via, Gothamist

Maybe the most delicious moment you will see today


photo by Mademoiselle Yulia

Lunchtime Laughter

Weird.  No doubt about that.

The beautiful world of Ian Francis

Ian Francis is a talented UK-based painter who surfaced a couple years ago and unfortunately got umbrella’d into the whole ‘urban art’ genre.  We recently checked out his blog, and fell in love with his whole process, from photography and sketches to finished work.  Above is one such set of photographs, of the creation of Stepper V.

Tiny Versions of Bigger Things


That’s what this website is all about

Click here to peep it

wtf, cultural differences

I am not sure where this  translated talk show I stumbled across is from?  The topic for the day is “how to beat your wife.” It’s pretty f’d up.

Don’t Tell Steve


The best Twitter we’ve seen for a moment.

From Steve’s Roommate:

This is a twitter page where I secretly tweet about what my roommate Steve is doing at all times.”


via, Sound Off

Morning Dose of Awesome

Blu’s timelapse of his mural on Deitch Studios

adriana lima is enticing in a limo


Slide off into Monday with Adriana Lima

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Dave Schubert

This Week…

We looked at Onitsuka Tiger’s 60 Year Anniversary book

Mario Tama shoots pictures on another level

We found out it was gay to smoke

We learned How to mount an elephant


Taya Rogers is simply beautiful

Friends of Type


From the minds of a Subject, a Big Animal a Champion and someone Sinister comes a “sketchbook, archive and dialogue” of drawn and digitized typographic endeavors. Friends of Type is validation of sorts for those who spent their afternoons scrawling on walls, desks, skateboards and notebooks in study hall some 18 years ago. Displayed in a brilliantly large format with in-jokes and pop cultural references abound (dumpling trucks, New Order lyrics and of course, Kate Moss) it’s instantly become an essential daily destination.

Artorialust: Stolen Moments Edition

We asked photographer Julia Chesky for her interpretation of Artorialust, much classier than our own.

Sound Advice 21: Nekst


We are pleased to present our 21st installment of Sound Advice featuring NEKST. NEKST has been writing his name on every major city in America for the last 12 years.

Sound Advice 21


01. Lights Out by The Angry Samoans
02. Throwaway Style (Alternate Remix) by The Exploding Hearts
03. This Year by The Mountain Goats
04. It’s OK by Dead Moon
05. Free Money by Patti Smith
06. Fernando Pando by The Virgins
07. I Shatter by Magnetic Fields
08. For Want Of by Rites of Spring
09. Violet by Hole
10. Night of the Vampire by Roky Erikson
11. Longhaired Redneck by David Allan Coe
12. Boy With the Thorn in His Side by Dinosaur Jr.
13. Can This Be by The Wipers
14. Hey World by A.R.E. Weapons


15. Smokin’ Chewy and Rapping by Andre Nickatina
16. Serious by AZ (ft. Nas)
17. Unknown Number by Busy Signal
18. Rest in Piss by Brotha Lynch Hung
19. Banned From TV by Big Pun (ft. Noreaga, Nature, Cam’ron & Jadakiss)
20. Pimp tha Pen by DJ Screw
21. Get Away by Mobb Deep
22. Put It On by Big L
23. How Ya Do Dat Dere by Master P
24. Diamonds & Wood by UGK
25. Bitch I Might Be by Gucci Mane
26. Gasta Get Paid by Street Military
27. Tried By 12 by East Flatbush Project
28. Respect My Mind by Z-Ro

Download Sound Advice 21 Now!


up all night

Siouxsie And The Banshees  Dear Prudence

Talk at Me with Anita & Neil


In this new feature, two of my favorite people, Neil Anblomi and Anita Goodman, ask each other important questions.

Neil Anblomi: In your view, do you think that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power is about creating cheap fuel? Or maybe is it that they just want to show us all that their dick is as big as ours? Moreover, would this all be such a big deal if women ran the world?

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Reminisce Over This

Black Moon, Buck’em Down, 1993

Love, strength & soul at Show & Tell


Tonight sees the opening of Love, Strength, & Soul, a group collaboration between Tim Okamura & TheKidBelo at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto.  The paintings are fresh.

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take care of what you got


This Paul Smith shoe care kit is off the hook. The kit justifies the price of his shoes. All kidding aside, whether you own a pair or not, taking care of your shoes is a must, I can’t think of a better way to do it. A inside look after the jump.

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