a sneak peak at 1984


Available in LA on Pre-release April 2nd is Kidrobot‘s Kozik 1984 Labbit circa1984. San Francisco artist Frank Kozik’s 10-inch icon goes on sale, safety pins and all to the public April 23rd. Only 1000 made; $50 each.

the new business casual


I found these gems on Skate America for $25.00. The DVS Francisco Black Lumberjack. I like the fact that you can slip a twenty or just about anything in the tongue of the shoe.

Reminisce Over This

KRS-One, Rappaz R.N. Dainja, 1995

Saks Spring Propaganda Campaign comes to life

All of the windows on Fifth Avenue are complete, filled with the designs of Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairey, and the rest of Studio Number One.  When we first brought word of this collaboration, a slew of comments erupted on our site, and then, all over the internets.  Haters will be haters, Lovers will be Lovers, and The World’s Best Ever will always be supporters.  Nice job peeps!

Better History tonight


Curated by Nick Poe & 7Eleven Gallery
March 12 – April 11, 2009
Opening Reception March 12th, 6 – 10 pm
169 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011
Better History is a New York based, cross-generational group exhibition. Works by some of the most promising emerging artists are presented alongside examples from long established figures, unfolding landscapes of influence. Instead of being lost in the maelstrom of contemporary art, the established artists provide fertile context that is crucial to understanding & grounding the younger generation. Many of the artists featured share personal history – ties of friendship, family and business – but despite these commonalities, each artist uniquely expresses his or her experience. The show features a community whose divergent yet optimistic visions reflect the complexities of a disjointed time. Better History is a bridge, uniting New York’s past with its present, and building order in support of a strong future.

Featured artists include Tim Barber, Sebastian Bear-Mcclard, Sebastian Black, Max Bode, Scott Campbell, Eneas Capalbo, Sarah Charlesworth, Francesco Clemente, Billy Copley, Patricia Cronin, Lance De Los Reyes, India Donaldson, Lena Dunham, Judith Hudson, Fab 5 Freddy, Francesco Galetto, India Donaldson, Alex Kalman, Maira Kalman, Tibor Kalman, Mel Kendrick, Victor Kerlow, Barney Kulock, Eva Lewitt, Judith Linhares, Troy Lumpkin, Alex Massouras, Michael Mcclard, Thomas Mcdonnell, Harry Mcnally, Casey Neistat, Van Neistat, Deniz Ozuygur, Peter Passuntino, Grear Patterson, Paolo Pelosini, Nick Poe, Nico Ponce De Leon Dios, Paula Poons, Steve Powers, Alex Rickard, Alexis Rockman, Theo Rosenblum, Ed Ruscha, Tom Sachs, Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie, Kenny Scharf, Laurie Simmons, Gordon Stevenson, Billly Sullivan, Jon Waite and Robert Waltzer.

A Preview of Invader’s new film

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Super Sale


If you’re looking to add affordable and humorous artwork to your collection look no further than these prints by Philadelphia’s Andrew Jeffrey Wright.  Not into Mr. ET or a 3rd Grade lesson plan?  There’s lots more right this way.


lunchtime laughter

Morning Commuter song: the Doves Push Me On Remix


The new album is coming out soon, either leaked or officially, I am not sure what will be first. On the other hand the remixes are starting to pop up everywhere. Enjoy

Chris Johanson at Davidson College


Opening tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Van/Every Galleries at Davidson College is a site-specific installation by Chris Johanson using recycled and found materials.  Bringing it to the South.

via, 1026

Useless Wooden Toys

The New Deal was the shit, and this video was a personal favorite on VHS.



Jorge Colombo uses the brush application on the iPhone to draw pictures.  This is an iPhone commercial waiting to happen. Skills.

See a video of the process here

via, Gothamist

Kate Moss Thursday


Flowers, tits, and a cigarette

picture of the day


Playground. 13inc

1 Trillion Dollars


This is what 1 trillion dollars would look like if the $10,000 stacks of $100 bills we all know were all piled up.  Note the life-size human in the bottom left.

This picture got me thinking that it really is 1 Trillion dollars, because 1 Trillion dollars is totally made up and fictitious.

here’s the link

via, boingboing

Reminisce Over This

Outkast, Player’s Ball (Remix), 1994

Porn stars on Skateboards


Not that I mind this too much, but wouldn’t it make sense to put the graphic on top with some clear grip tape so that the babe is always staring at your jank and smiling?

more here

An Interview with Alex Lukas


Fecal Face interviews one of our favorites, Alex Lukas, in anticipation of his upcoming solo show that opens this Friday at White Walls in San Francisco.

Read it here

“full of that midget goodness”


That is how it’s been reviewed. What more can you say, I am not going to pretend to know anything about this. All I am going to say is its bizarre. Download the mix here. He goes by the name of Solo.  A disco DJ midget from London, who remixes disco songs. Its like a small version of Parliament funkadelic. Via here

Track list

Malente-”Music Forever”- Solo Rmx
Mixhell-”Boom Da”- Tom Jam Rmx
Zombie DIsco Squad-”Esperanto”-Solo Rmx
Tim Weeks-”Restless”-P. La Funk Rmx
Kaiserdisco-”Neph&Ton”- Ji Fi Rmx
Mastiksoul-”Land of Spirits”
Lukas Guerrero-”99 %”
Format B-”Edding 850″
Solo-”The Big Stef”
Kiss-”Rock&Roll all night”

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