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Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day


A still from Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland

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David Choe’s Jimi Hendrix


Totally feeling this one

apple’s hyperwall

Apples hyperwall from WWDC.

“At Apple’s recent WWDC developer conference, 20,000 of the most popular iPhone apps were showcased on a pulsating wall of 30 Cinema Displays. Whenever someone downloaded a particular app, its icon pulsed light outwards creating a mesmerising display.”

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make your own lane


Make your own lane….The device attaches to the back of your bike frame and an illuminated bike lane appears instantly. Although the LightLane isn’t available to the public just yet, this product will give bikers the space they need on those all too many roads without bike lanes. I think a better use would be to sell advertising to bike messengers….two for one Domino’s Pizza delivers….

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Reminisce Over This

Heavy D & The Boyz, The Overweight Lovers in The House, 1987

playing with dolls


It’s not Kate Moss Thursday yet but, you can play with Kate or Agyness Dean over at Refinery 29. To be honest it’s kinda creepy. Via

L-Vis 1990

If you’ve ever wondered what The Enablist’s dreams look like, this is pretty close.  Yes that’s right, I dream in awesome.  As always, fresh stuff coming out of Mad Decent.

recycled wood by Michael Ferris Jr.


We just recently discovered Michael Ferris Jr., a sculptor who works in recycled materials, mainly recylced wood. The work is really beautiful, and at first glance we thought the subjects were real. He recently had his first solo show at George Adams Gallery in NYC, and he has a second solo show on the books there for 2010. Well done.

stock shock….

Stock Shock is a “Michael Moore” style documentary about the short selling manipulation of the stock market through the rise and fall of Sirius/XM. So, if you are wondering where your money went here is a good place to start.

I also found this commentary clip as well…. after the jump.

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Cute Sushi


Available this summer through O-No Food Company

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Lunchtime Laughter

new Prints by WK Interact


In alignment with his upcoming show this week at Jonathan Levine, WK Interact has released three new prints through the gallery.  Each a different price and size, the prints are a nice alternative if you cannot afford his original work.

More info here

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Catch a break


Honestly, we had forgotten that 20 x 200 even existed.  This print by Chris Ballantyne, Untitled, Tidal Bore (Surfer), helped put the online shop back on our radar.


I have been a fan of Vincent Gallo ever since I saw him in Buffalo 66. He has always stayed true to his indie roots. This new film, Tetro by Francis Ford Coppola looks like it will be his biggest crossover indie flick. Its in B&W, which is a plus. If the film is as good as the trailer……check it out.  In theaters June 26th.

Oh Snizzle! Summer Reading!


She’s ready to make her mark

Graffiti art. It’s bold. It’s thrilling. And it can get a girl into serious trouble….

Raised by her single mom (who’s always dating the wrong kind of man) in a struggling California neighborhood, Angel Rodriguez is a headstrong, independent young woman who channels her hopes and dreams for the future into her painting. But when her entry for a community mural doesn’t rate, she’s heartbroken. Even with winning artist Nathan Ramos — a senior track star and Angel’s secret crush — taking a sudden interest in Angel and her art, she’s angry and hurt. She’s determined to find her own place in the art world, her own way.

That’s when Miguel Badalin — from the notorious graffiti crew Reyes Del Norte — opens her eyes to an underground world of graf tags and turf wars. She’s blown away by this bad boy’s fantastic work and finds herself drawn to his dangerous charm. Soon she’s running with Miguel’s crew, pushing her skills to the limit and beginning to emerge as the artist she always dreamed she could be. But Nathan and Miguel are bitter enemies with a shared past, and choosing between them and their wildly different approaches to life and art means that Angel must decide what matters most before the artist inside of her can truly break free.

Or a double-team ensues…

Katsu of All Sizes

From a grain of rice to (literally) a rooftop, Katsu gets up.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Alva Frontside


Shepard Fairey’s latest print release was adapted from a great photo of Tony Alva by Wynn Miller.  Originally released in a small quantity at the opening of The Detournements of Wynn Miller, the print comes in two colorways (yellow after the jump) each in an edition of 250. The $80 price tag takes into consideration that it was signed by all three.  Available randomly today (6/23)

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picture of the day by Ofer Wolberger


Photographer Ofer Wolberger, from a series from 1999 entitled Crumpled Paper.

It was so hard to pick just one image from his work that I added an extra after the jump.

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