David Ellis in New Zealand


David Ellis just finished up a month-long residency in New Zealand that culminated in a show of new works at Webb’s.  While the show did just close this past Friday, there are still some pieces available.  With the Dollar at the US’s advantage, a piece like Record & Tapes (above) will only run you $1857.00 US, instead of the 3500 $NZ that it was pegged for.  Absolute steals are to be had. See more of the work here, and more information after the jump.

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Peter Saville Q&A: What is that?

Peter Saville appearing at D&AD, gives candid opinions on many things including his ideas about his art, and Banksy.


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Hollywood is remaking ‘IT’


It will be good to see this scary-as-shit clown on the big screen.

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Good Morning with Adriana Lima

Picture of the Day & the Weekend Round-up


via, The PBLKS

This Week…

We took a look at Saks’ new store windows courtesy of Studio Number One

Artorialust Weekend & Artorialust Scope

Logan selected a Saber Piece


We looked at a Psycho Bath Mat

Severed Ways


No fun for some Phish fans


The Smoking Gun has compiled some great mugshots from arrests made at the most recent Phish Shows in Hampton, VA.  Welcome back.

See them here

Reminisce Over This

Raekwon, Criminology, 1995

Artorialust: The Scene

From an Art Opening to a Sceney Party disguised as an Art Opening, El Toro documents the wondrous beauty of Manhattan.

Gene P’s Best of Belgium


Another music-based Best of Belgium, this one focused not on an aging Belga-Franco rock demi-god, but instead on an up-and-coming duo called Madensuyu.  I saw these waffle-eating spankers opening up for Wolf Parade a couple of months ago.  As I was wondering to myself how much better the sound is at a venue that has Duvel on tap, Madensuyu dropped the hammer and had me rockin’ like a hurricane on home-cooked Belgian meth.  Here they are on one of Belgium’s music tv shows called LUX.  Word of warning, start the video at 1:10 unless you understand Dutch.

deep thoughts skating

Beautifully shot skate video. “Shot on Red #1347″. Poetic skating.

Fresh T-shirt



Lunchtime Laughter

This Saturday @ Phillips in London


Lot 189 BAST, Electro-Tits, 2006

Phillips De Pury’s Saturday @ Phillips auction returns tomorrow to London, offering up some interesting lots.  The following is selection of works I think you should bid on and win.  Because winning is fundamental.

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how old is madonna?


We normally do not cover gossip/US magazine type shit on TWBE, but what the f*ck is up with Madonna? She looks like Avril Lavigne’s Grandma.

Tenth Street


Grotesk put up some great scans on his blog of a book he found titled Tenth Street.  Shot by Bill Binzen in the 1960′s, Tenth Street documents a slice of life along the namesake street, from the East side to the West side.

Have a look

and you can also buy a copy of the book here

world builder

World Builder is an amazing short created by filmmaker Bruce Brani that was shot in a single day, followed by about 2 years of post production.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Morning Dose of Awesome

Picture of the Day


Swoon, circa 2005 in Nolita

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