Artists’ Artists

The Guardian gets 5 still -prospering artists from the Street Art boom to talk about their favorite living artists.

Morning Dose of Occupy South Park

Kate Moss Thursdays

This Kate needs a drink

Picture of the Day

Barry Feinstein
Marilyn Monroe’s pills, Brentwood, CA, 1962

Greg Lamarche – Break Night Hoodie

We’re happy to announce our latest collaboration, an all-night inspired hoodie from none other than Greg Lamarche aka SP. One. ‘Break Night’ is a handdrawn graphic printed on a Champion, 50/50 Pullover Hoodie for extra comfort this winter. We are making the hoodie available for pre-order and purchase until November 11th, so you’ll actually have to act quickly if you want one. Look fresh, stay warm.

Buy one here

Rashaad Newsome: The Tournament

If like most people reading this you’re unable to attend tonight’s performance of Tournament as part of Performa, no problem, as you’ll be able to watch it on Paddle 8 for a week starting November 4th. What is Tournament? It’s “a Rap Joust” or “a freestyle rap battle amongst ten emerging New York-based emcees to be judged by five creative visionaries including: Alanna Heiss, Charlie Ahearn, Andre J, Chris Chambers and Karin Nelson.” You’ll definitely want to watch.

Lindzine #1

In honor of Lindsay Lohan’s impending quick jail stint, we take a look through the first issue of this Lindsay Lohan Fanzine by The Wormholes.

Available through Hamburger Eyes

Up All Night

General Public, Tenderness

Smokin’ Gnome

A ceramic hand painted water pipe by Jesse Edwards.

Available at Holey books

Reminisce Over This

Biz Markie, Vapors, 1988

Sneaker Tectonics

By Chris Labrooy

More here

via, liquidtv

Grand Theft Auto 5

No details on a release date. Peep Taiwanese NMA’s version of the classic game after the jump

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