Migrant Farmer LULZ

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Lunchtime Laughter

Not as much funny as clever, and humorous.

Openings & Parties: Natalia Fabia’s Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle at Jonathan Levine Gallery

LA came to NYC. Photographs by Kristy Leibowitz

Rest in Peace Big Tree

At approximately 3,500 years of age, a bald cypress nicknamed “The Senator” succumbed to natural causes, burning to the ground over the weekend. The tree was over 150 feet tall.

The Evolution of Music Online

In light of Lana Del Rey being far less than impressive on SNL (after the jump), I’m thinking that maybe we need not let the internet rush people into the spotlight? Stay firm old school gatekeepers, stay firm.

From PBS Arts:

“As the 90s came to a close, the business of music began to change profoundly. New technology allowed artists to record and produce their own music and music videos, and the internet became a free-for-all distribution platform for musicians to promote themselves to audiences across the world. The result was an influx of artists onto the cultural scene, and audiences were left wondering how to sort through them all. In this episode we discuss these massive changes, and reveal how music blogs and websites have arisen as the new arbiters of quality.”

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“Solitude is a Catalyst to Innovation”

F* your open office plan. Susan Cain on The Rise of the New Groupthink.

nice illustration by Andy Rementer for the NY Times

Morning Dose of Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

With computer software, almost everything is possible.

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John Lennon Liked Cats… A lot

He had at least 17 of them in his lifetime, and here are their stories. Mark this under “things I would have never known or thought about without the internet.”

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Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Nolan Hall

We’ll be back on Tuesday.

This Week…

We went to the North America International Auto Show in Detroit
The trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie Moonrise Kingdom came out
Hennessy Youngman dropped more art Thoughtz
The Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI file went public


Hana Mayeda was our Muse

Sound Advice 127: Ewen Spencer

We are pleased to present our 127th installment of Sound Advice featuring Ewen Spencer. Ewen is a British photographer who has a new book out featuring photographs he took with the White Stripes early in their career, called Three’s A Crowd.
Sound Advice 127

01. Hercules by Aaron Neville
02. Walk on Gilded Splinters by Dr John
03. Old Friend Blues by The Kingsbury Manx
04. New Partner by Palace
05. If Could Only Be Sure by Nolan Porter
06. Lonely For You Baby by Sam Dees
07. I Was Born to Love You by Timeless Legend
08. The Hardest Part by Curtis Anderson
09. Move Me No Mountain by Dionne Warwick
10. It’s Alright with Me by Patti Labelle
11. That Time by Regina Spektor
12. Lights Out by Santigold
13. It;s All Over Now Baby Blue by The Byrds
14. In the City by The Who
15. Anenome by The Brian Jonestown Massacre


The Whisky Water Trick by Casey Neistat


Cathy Cowgirl

A video for Ron English’s music collective The Electric Illuminati.

produced by The General Idea.

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