Matzu x Le Sportsac


Big ups to our friend Matzu (Tomokazu Matsuyama) for being Le Sportsac’s Artist in Residence.  I’m totally feeling the lunch bags.

via, high snobiety

the lost art of the science fiction sitcom

Before Alan Alda, Andy Kaufman, and Matthew Perry made it big they filmed pilots for sci-fi sitcoms. Check out io9 to watch them all.



Jessica Michibata servin’ up breakfast.  More here

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Lunchtime Laughter

people of Walmart


This site is still very much in its infant stage but, it could become something, someday.

This T-Shirt totally works


Available at African Apparel for £20

Eye Writer

TEMPT + EYEWRITER August 12, 2009 from james powderly on Vimeo.

Absolutely amazing and inspiring.

More on the process here

Classic New York Street Gangs


This website is a fascinating look into NY Street Gangs from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.  Crews with names like the Savage Nomads, the Black Spades, the Devils Rebels, the Dirty Ones, and the Sex Boys ran around NY long before Williamsburg was a campus and Manhattan was Disneyland.  The Bronx is still The Bronx though.  Great video after the jump

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star wars was creepy

The original trailer for Star Wars was pretty creepy but, the voice over is awesome.

kate moss thursdays


Kate moss in something good

Picture of the Day


KC Ortiz

Pirate Metal


Oh snap, we never knew there was a genre of music called Pirate Metal.  This album above is for a group called Swashbuckle, a killer video is after the jump.  I wonder if they tour with Hatebeak?

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MRI sex


Zephyr’s Freight Tribute to Andy Kessler



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Cats in a mosh pit

(Thanks Andy!)

Then Somebody went and made this a T-shirt


Hitler’s so hot right now

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Reminisce Over This

Group Home, Livin’ Proof, 1995

I decided to start re-playing some of the videos that have already been on Reminisce Over This.  Hope you don’t mind, this week will be classic.

Keep Clickin’


Sometimes guessing which body belongs to which celebrity is the best way to spend an afternoon.

House of Flying Daggers

We have a couple weeks until Cuban Linx 2.  waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

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