Antique Agassi


Nike’s probably already brought this style back?

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Chris Stain & Armsrock at Ad Hoc Gallery

For the final show at Ad Hoc, Chris Stain and Armsrock created a nice installation to send the gallery off.  The opening is from 7 – 10 pm tonight in Bushwick.  Get grimy.

“Chris Stain first became infected by graffiti’s bold colors, striking form, and independent nature as a child in the summer of 1984. As time went by he investigated other avenues of art such as print making, graphic design, and screen printing. Stain’s work is a direct reflection of the people, neighborhoods, and struggles that are swept along with the every day lives of the common American. It is his hope that through the work he will be able to convey the importance of the role of the less recognized individual of society.
Armsrock is an artist and activist whose work focuses on the human condition in the urban environment. By creating hundreds of unique drawings of his fellow citizens, and placing these original pieces on the walls of the city, Armsrock makes an attempt to generate a critical understanding of the stories and fates that house us.”

less than expected….


Jobless rate is down for first time in a year. The economy shed 247,000 jobs in July, less than expected and lowest total of losses since last August. Unemployment rate inches down to 9.4%. Are we in the clear? Read the full story.

Instant Jury


I think this site has great potential if you get the right people involved, or if you like to comment on things and belittle people for your own enjoyment.  With that being said, we’re gonna wrap our heads around some potential case ideas and test them out.  Stay tuned…

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From the Plate of Roger Gastman


Tri-Colored Chips Are Delicious

I like nachos. I also really like when places “DO IT UP” and give me these tri-colored chips. I know they aren’t better for me or anything, but hell, I like the splash of color in my food.

Lunchtime Laughter

Long Duck Dong, cool guy.

You Can’t Do That On Comedy Tour


Tonight at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and friends Brian Blomerth, Frankie Martin and Eyeballz perform Art jokes, comedy videos and short comedy art plays with a special E.T. audio presentation by life artist Zac Carr!  In AJW’s own words

“It is going to be so funny you will forget to laugh!”


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SK8 Face

First a movie that is in post-production (above) and then an Art Show that opens in Philly tonight at T & P Fine Art (below).


The Evolution of the Squirt Gun


Jason Polan illustrated the History of the Water Pistol for Good Magazine.  You can see it big here.  What, no Entertech?  Those guns were the best.  Commercial after the jump.

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John Hughes, Rest in Peace (1950 – 2009)

In tribute, the following are the trailers to most of the films that we grew up with so well from John Hughes’ career.

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Obama So Far


Shepard Fairey chimes in on the Rolling Stone cover

“It’s been six-plus months since Obama took office, and the Rolling Stone cover is the first image of Obama I’ve created in that time. As a candidate, his vision and his message of shared civic duty were inspiring, but as president he faces an unbelievable pressure to accomplish what he set out to do, despite the reality that he can’t do it alone. Much like my “Hope” image was intended to express his vision and his intellectual diligence, I also wanted this new image to convey his focus, but with the added weight and stress of responsibility. Whether media like the New York Daily News are looking to fan conservative flames with “liberals think Obama is the messiah” talking points, or just saying things like that to create juicy headlines, it should be obvious that this image is not about anything divine, but about dealing with the real world job at hand. While he is undoubtedly our leader, the question I placed inside the presidential seal “Will he take bold action or compromise too easily?” is one that I think we all need to ask about ourselves and what we’re doing to work toward what we believe in. The pitfalls of “politics as usual” aren’t reserved for politicians.

However, a lot can and will change. As Joe Strummer of The Clash once said, “The future is unwritten.” In my illustration I make reference to Gilbert Stuart’s famous unfinished portrait of George Washington to capture the idea that, although we’re quick to judge, it’s too early to tell how Obama’s presidency will turn out. Hopefully Obama and all of us who have stood behind him will do everything we can to fill in our incomplete future the way we’ve pictured it.”
– Shepard

Read the Rolling Stone Article here

Friday’s Vault

Sean Sheffey

Picture of the Day


Doris Salcedo,

Installation for the 8th International Istanbul Biennial, 2003.
1,600 wooden chairs stacked precariously in the space between two buildings.

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ODOYGiant Fans Club


I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.  You should Join.

“Freedom From Known, Just Do Art ! Odoygiant with spirit of capitalism Making New Art History in Bandung from 2007 to Tomorrow Never Comes. These arts from me Odoygiant, the Asia petit artist dedicated to the World Art Commune with a new horizon collaboration between Odoygiant and Fans. INCOMING! What’s happening? The next one years in the world of Contemporary Art and Odoygiant ASIA EPIC In The Poem About Art Freedom to the damn’d curators! Who likes to become a member here, must have a complete profile in his/her page, with an acceptable pic.
This is not a “dating” or “sex” group.
Please, DO NOT SPAM THE GROUP. Violators will be reported.
No more tolerance for those who break these rules. Odoygiant Thanks, SHEPARD FAIREY. CEO of the OBEYGIANT to His Propaganda Inspirations Thank’s Dodi Rosadi CEO OFCPhotobucket

I Think it has something to do with this…

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Karin Bubaš’ With Friends Like These

Karin Bubaš kills it with her new show With Friends Like These, which features pastel portraits of The Hills cast.  On View at the Charles H. Scott Gallery until September 13th.

El Mac’s Faces of Life


El Mac works on the next level, and his new work at Fifty24SF will be just that.  Next Level.  Opening tonight.

Rally Cars are pretty cool to look at


And there are a whole lot more to see here

Reminisce Over This

Bushwick Bill, Ever So Clear, 1992



When I saw this picture of Blake Lively a couple weeks ago, that’s what I thought to myself.

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