Mike Ferraro telling stories… Check out DoubleCross for a “back-in-the-day story” from Mike Ferraro from Judge. Very cool site, you can get your straight edge fix.

credit: Mike and Jimmy with Judge at CBGB’s, Photo: Jeff Ladd

What the frills is that?

Apparently down in the sewers of North Carolina they’re breeding baby Jabba the huts.

**Update – A commenter named Mark thinks it’s a rectal exam and we think that is correct. Sorry Mark

Scully chimes in with the correctness

“This is a colony of Tubifex worms. They live in sediment, eat bacteria, and are used as fish food in pet stores.”

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Breathing next level future type of sh%t


This mask looks so cool.

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come on…


We may not be the sharpest tacks but, when we report on people we at least can get their names right. Even if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s called ‘cut & paste’ guys.  Carola…Caroloa…how about ‘Craola?’

Where did these guys go?

Ugly Kid Joe?  Do you really care? Just thought I’d blow your mind with this video.

Carol Honorio is…


Wednesday’s Muse.  And only half of it has to do with the fact she has a sword.

picture of the day


Picture of the day by Afflicted Yard

I used to think razors were gay…

Until I saw this video where these guys ride them like skateboards….I know there will be haters out there but it still looks crazy. But!, there is something odd I cannot put my finger on.

get your iphones ready


The Grassy Knoll has curated the first photography exhibit exclusively for an iphone application. Obviously, you need the application to view, so click here to get it.

“San Francisco Artist Peter Beddow kicks off the bi-weekly exhibit series with his gorgeous flower abstractions. A slight departure from his usual subject matter (the streets), this work demonstrates his ability to make consistently engaging and soulful images.”

Vault 49′s Fairytale Wolf on your couch


Just added to Click for Art is this limited edition pillow by Vault 49  titled ‘Fairytale Wolf‘.  Pillows can be a very cool way to express your taste, and an inexpensive way to buy “prints”.

stolen space’s group show


Looking for something to do in London? Stolen Space’s Summer Group Show opens this Thursday (july 2nd) and runs through the 19th
New works from over 20 represented artists, plus a few new faces.

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

artists after the jump….
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Reminisce Over This

Kool G. Rap ft. Nas, Fast Life, 1995

Eating mushrooms with Ryan McGinness

Whatever this is, it’s amazing


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We revisit: On the Streets of Miami with WK Interact

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Sometimes we like to wipe the internet dust off of old features…
Ran into WK working on the street, around the corner from the Aqua Wynwood Fair in Miami.  He was in the process of putting the finishing touches on a large scale piece involving a tricycle-stealing circus freak.

The cabbage Bra


Edith Zimmerman does some great things with edibles

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Lunchtime Laughter

Free Suicide Girls Pin-Up Set


Yes please, thank you. (18 & older)

Boring Kid given 30-year old Walkman to use for a couple days instead of his iPod


I still get caught referring to my iPhonePod as my Walkman, I’m a bit slow. Here’s this kids rundown, great in concept (where are you 60 Minutes?)

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