The Gray Ghost gets gaveled


From The Times-Picayune

“the Gray Ghost…pleaded no contest Tuesday to the charge of criminal trespassing in New Orleans Municipal Court Division D.

He received a 60-day suspended sentence for overpainting a graffiti-style mural on the corner of Press and Burgundy streets in Bywater on Oct. 22. Under the conditions of the suspended sentence, he can no longer remove graffiti without first getting the property owner’s OK. City and state properties are also out of bounds without permission.”

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Lunchtime Laughter

Models with Gundam


The following are some ridiculously awesome shots by Steven Meisel from an editorial for Vogue Brasil.

The full set is here, with some favorites after the jump


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New Green Porno

Isabella Rossellini talks to Vanity Fair about the new upcoming season of Green Porno where she explores the underwater sex life.

prince’s new album gets reviewed


The little purple one has a new album that hit the shelves of Target this past Tuesday.  The writers at Vibe review it.

new banksy painting in celebrity undies auction on ebay


“I think it’s the duty of any civilised country to provide refugees with the basics of human survival. Just because I personally only change my pants once every six weeks doesn’t mean every asylum seeker should have to do the same.”

More info here

And if you like, a link to the actual celebrity undies auction which features the likes of Helen Mirren, Jordan, Robert Crumb, Rickey Gervais, Jarvis Cocker, Fergie, Daniel Day-Lewis and many more…

Kate Moss Thursday


shot by Terry Richardson on some lucky rocks

Picture of the Day


Massage Circle

Where the Wild Things are Trailer

The most hyped movie on the internets

Kid Cudi’s Fan Tribute Super Boo video

I have been into Kid Cudi since I heard the songs Maui Wowie and Embrace the Martian.  One of his fans created this video with a set of super-dope ladies named The Beautiful Warriors. This makes it perfect for a day focused on muses.

The Urban Cook Book


Creative Recipes for the Graffiti Generation.

When I first picked this book up, I thought it was going to be writers and artists favorite recipes.  It is not.  The book is a melding of artist/creatives profiles and recipes the author, King Adz, wanted to publish.  A simple mish-mash of everything.

Buy the book here

Reminisce Over This

Craig Mack ft. Q-Tip, Get Down (Remix), 1994

we love/hate media temple


We hate when we are down, and love when we are up. We have had some tough times these last few months. Anyway today I spoke to a very nice and helpful, tech I believe his name began with a S, I do not want to butcher it or be wrong. S, was really helpfull and hopefully we solved our performance issues. Thanks again Media Temple  E>. TWBE

China Versus Japan


Who ya got?

See the visual evidence at SBTVC

Shepard Fairey on The AP, OBAMA, & Referencing


These are just some bullet points (my new favorite thing) from Shepard Fairey’s extensive blog post

  • I am fighting the AP to protect the rights of all artists, especially those with a desire to make art with social commentary.
  • the photograph is just a starting point.  The illustration transforms it aesthetically in its stylization and idealization, and the poster has an altogether different purpose than the photograph does.
  • I did not create the Obama poster for financial gain. The poster was created to promote Obama for president, and the revenue from poster sales was re-invested in more posters, flyers, stickers, etc..

Read it all here



We have a bunch of friends in this show, so stop by and show some love.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Paleontologists Discover Skeleton Of Nature’s First Sexual Predator

Marilyn Minter’s Green Pink Caviar

Our friends at Material Interest pointed us to this trailer for Marilyn Minter’s new video installation which will go up in Times Square April 1st.

Thru You


Click here for the link.  Radical.

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