Bar Refaeli


Egotastic has got more images and a video.  She is so damn pretty.


Grassy Knoll video mash-up of miscellaneous musicians with footage shot in New York City and Brooklyn. Very cool.

Best Month Ever…Ever


We finished up June and took a look at our Analytics and were surprised to see a nice increase from our other Best Month Ever.  Thanks to all of our readers for your continued support and we hope to keep you entertained indefinitely!

~ The Enablist & Texas Reason

Reminisce Over This

Ultramagnetic MC’s, Two Brothers with Checks, 1993

WK Interact Book Launch at Jonathan Levine tonight


There’s going to be tequila there.  ugh

“To celebrate the release of their new title WK Interact 2.5 New York Street Life, available for the first time in the US, DRAGO Publishing presents a special event at Jonathan LeVine Gallery on Wednesday, July 1st, from 6—8pm sponsored by Inocente Tequila.

The book launch will feature an artist talk followed by Q&A session. WK will be in attendance for this speaking engagement with an exclusive presentation about his new exhibition of work—Motion Portrait, on view in the gallery—and available to sign copies of the book for guests. Copies of WK’s previously published sold-out monograph Exterior/Interior Act 2 will be available, as well.”

metal moments

Kiss – God of Thunder Live

Old Calculators + New Technology = fresh applications


HP released three new applications for the iPhone featuring digital replicas of the HP 12c, HP 12c platinum and HP 15c calculators.  More at Design Boom

drinking illy


If you want a “good” cup of coffee then let me suggest Illy. I just found out that they are serving their goods in cans now. I have not tried one of these yet, but I hope to. Illy sets a high standard on their coffee, so to go this route it must be great.  If anyone knows where to get them, please let us know.

If you’re a hot chick who likes hamburgers and doesn’t mind looking a little slutty, this is your job


Do it girl, come on.

“The winner will have the chance to appear in an upcoming Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s marketing campaign, a $1,000 cash prize and an all-expense paid trip for you and a friend to Las Vegas.

This is a great chance to star in a video that has the potential to be seen all over the internet along with the opportunity to appear in an upcoming Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s marketing campaign.”

Lunchtime Laughter



Mike Ferraro telling stories… Check out DoubleCross for a “back-in-the-day story” from Mike Ferraro from Judge. Very cool site, you can get your straight edge fix.

credit: Mike and Jimmy with Judge at CBGB’s, Photo: Jeff Ladd

What the frills is that?

Apparently down in the sewers of North Carolina they’re breeding baby Jabba the huts.

**Update – A commenter named Mark thinks it’s a rectal exam and we think that is correct. Sorry Mark

Scully chimes in with the correctness

“This is a colony of Tubifex worms. They live in sediment, eat bacteria, and are used as fish food in pet stores.”

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Breathing next level future type of sh%t


This mask looks so cool.

via, notcot

come on…


We may not be the sharpest tacks but, when we report on people we at least can get their names right. Even if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s called ‘cut & paste’ guys.  Carola…Caroloa…how about ‘Craola?’

Where did these guys go?

Ugly Kid Joe?  Do you really care? Just thought I’d blow your mind with this video.

Carol Honorio is…


Wednesday’s Muse.  And only half of it has to do with the fact she has a sword.

picture of the day


Picture of the day by Afflicted Yard

I used to think razors were gay…

Until I saw this video where these guys ride them like skateboards….I know there will be haters out there but it still looks crazy. But!, there is something odd I cannot put my finger on.

get your iphones ready


The Grassy Knoll has curated the first photography exhibit exclusively for an iphone application. Obviously, you need the application to view, so click here to get it.

“San Francisco Artist Peter Beddow kicks off the bi-weekly exhibit series with his gorgeous flower abstractions. A slight departure from his usual subject matter (the streets), this work demonstrates his ability to make consistently engaging and soulful images.”

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