Tom Sachs ‘Work’ T-Shirt

If you happen to be both a Canadiens and Tom Sachs fan, this is your shirt.

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Animals as Tools

This dolphin is part of The U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program, but is not used as a weapon.

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Artist Eats: KC Ortiz


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked KC Ortiz to share his favorite place to eat. KC is a Chicago-based photojournalist, whose work focuses on the world’s forgotten and overlooked people.

Continue reading for his answer.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Mike Tyson as Herman Cain

In The Studio of Eddie Martinez

Brooklyn-based painter Eddie Martinez opens a new show, Seeker, in about a half an hour at Peres Projects in Berlin. We stopped by his studio last month to hang out and see some of the work before it got shipped. Here it is.

R. Crumb’s Rejected 2009 Gay Marriage New Yorker Cover

Vice interviews R. Crumb about it

11-11-11 is Also International Nigel Tufnel Day

In honor of amplifiers that go to 11.

Here are some words from Sinuhe Xavier about the videos you’re about to watch.

“I was asked to shoot an interview with Spinal Tap in 2008 for CAA that would later run in Vanity Fair. Art Streiber, Vanity Fair’s photographer, was nice enough to allow me 30 minutes on his set at 5th and Sunset Studios. They have never been shown anywhere but my reel, with 11-11-11 International Nigel Tufnel Day on our hands I felt it appropriate to release these to the world.”

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A Big Thank You To All of Our Veterans of War

My grandfather Norman Tengstrom included, who was a Navy pilot during World War 2. This day’s for you.

Morning Dose of Top to Bottom

Biking down the entire length of Broadway.



Friday’s Vault

Jeremy Wray in Second Hand Smoke

Picture of the Day

Nate Lowman – Thirty Million Dollar Smile

Skateboarding VS Architecture: A Study of Public Space and Materiality in Auckland City

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