For all things totally f%*ked up on Etsy, Regretsy.  The sexual Teddy Bear is above, after the jump, the HIV clock.

via, Peggy Wang

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That’s what Friends are for

Love.  A dog saves its injured dog friend on a highway

Rich Jacobs’ Move 19 at Fifty24SF

Our friend Luke Martinez dropped by Rich Jacobs’ Move 19 the other night and brought back some pictures and words. Enjoy…
Rich Jacobs opened his curated show Move #19 at Upper Playground last Thursday night, showcasing an unusual assortment of artists who are tied together through Jacob’s personal admiration for each. Listening to him talk of his longtime friendships with artists such as Jordin Isip and Melinda Beck, his childhood fascination with 80’s skate photographers Pete Diantoni and Mofo, and his drive to give his friends Andrew Scott (owner of Needles & Pens) and Brian Flynn (Founder of Super 7) some artistic attention of their own, help to bring the individual aritsts together in the show, and actually give a great insight into the curator himself. own work in the show is highlighted by a piece by his father, a drawing done from way back in the day. Its another glimpse into the curator himself, a man who is at a point in his life that he is more interested in showcasing his friends and loved ones, in bringing his own inspirations to light, than about highlighting
himself. It’s admirable, and its a bad ass show. Check it out and you’ll walk away knowing a bit more about Rich Jacobs, and about those artists that have influenced him, and continue to influence him.

up all night

Fishbone, Party at Ground Zero

Puff!, the Best iPhone App ever


Leave it to the Japanese to be one step ahead.  I did not know this but, the iPhone is sensitive to blasts of air (through the mic) as well as touch, which brings us to this app called Puff! One blow on your iPhone and a burst of wind lifts the cute Japanese girls skirt, creating endless upskirts for your entertainment.  Easy, seamless, wonderful.  See the videos after the jump.

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Reminisce Over This

Fat Joe, Watch The Sound (feat. Grand Puba & Diamond D), 1993

Jason Douglas Griffin’s Getting to Know Someone : 80’s Babies at Leo Kesting


Our homie Jason Douglas Griffin opens a new show tonight, 7 – 10pm at Leo Kesting in the Meatpacking District.  Be there, we will.

“The raging 80’s- a time of sex, white lines and financial excess, gave way to a generation of twentysomethings worlds away from their baby boomer parents. With a title seemingly cribbed from a John Hughes’ film, “Getting to Know Someone: 80’s Babies” explores the intersection of self and city in a generation freshly bereft of their cultural icons.

80’s Babies continues Jason’s dialog with the 1980’s generation. “These works are elaborate profiles of the subject and the city in which they live,” states gallerist David Kesting, “With the incorporation of found materials, Griffin’s paintings capture the relationship between the city, the viewer and his subjects.”
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it’s a ny thing

20-plus years of subway ads that are still a little odd when you stare at them long enough – brought to life in a trippy, yet quite direct, tv ad…

the perfect doormat


If you are like me, many times I have made it halfway to the train and screamed “FUCK”. This little rug will help avoid that situation. Available at Urban Outfitters for $18.00

The Penfield Rockford is back


Penfield, based out of Massachussetts, USA, has been making quality winter wear since 1975.

These were quite hard to find last year, but have resurfaced – The 2009-2010 Penfield Rockford.

Also check out the Stapleton – freshly added to our shopping cart.

Peanut Butter in Recipes from around the World


I was randomly on Jif’s website earlier, and came across all of these recipes using peanut butter from around the world.  Some of these sound so good…

African Beef Peanut Butter Stew

Chicken Peanut Mole

Hawaiian Meatloaf with Peanut Glaze

Now, I need some pretty girl who like Peanut Butter to teach me how to cook all of these things.

(The image above is of a man making Peanut Butter in Haiti, unrelated to Jif at all)

Lunchtime Laughter

Shame when that happens, always remember.  Look at the Mom.

How to Mount an Elephant

I know I’ve always wondered how to do this. These photographs from the American Museum of Natural History are from early last century, and amazing.  See more in their Picturing the Museum photo collection

star wars the remake… kind of

I love “likecool” and I love this remake of the Star Wars trailer. It does pose the question, when will they remake the films with different directors and CW stars? As you know, “Remake” is the new black. It would be pretty cool if they remade “A New Hope” and told it from Darth Vader’s point of view. You could have someone like Ridley Scott direct it.

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!


The best Kids Show in the World, Yo Gabba Gabba!, is set to go live with Yo Gabba Gabba!: There’s a Party in My City.  Tickets are available for pre-sale now, and go on sale to the general public tomorrow, Friday October 9th for the shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.  No doubt this will trump the Ice Capades!

More information here

rock block


Vintage 1959 Fender Bassman amps up for auction at Christie’s

Adbuster’s Commercial Breakers

Commercial Breakers

Big Ups to Our friend Doug Haddow on this one

Kate Moss Thursdays


Kate Moss in Vogue Paris

Picture of the Day


Paul Schiek.  Toothpaste Sex

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