Friday suicide


Bexi Suicide
Age 28
Location Germany
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Reminisce Over This

Common Sense, Take It Easy, 1992

Roger Gastman talks about everything…


My man Roger has started updating his blog.  Pure entertainment.  That’s not him above but, after the jump you can peep the big cookie.

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photographer Polina Viljun


There is something beautiful about this image. The tone, exposure, suggestion…it’s really a great shot. See more of Polina Viljun’s work here

Tracy Morgan on Letterman= Genius

Tracy Morgan was amazing on Letterman.

Lego Wu-Tang

Wu-Tang in Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

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Panda Bread


Possibly the cutest bread on earth.  Click here to learn how to make it

lunchtime laughter

Damn this is good! John Oates (of Hall & Oates) and John Oates’ mustache teaming up to fight crime.

The Complete History of Dead Rap Magazines


Complex did a great job with this story.  I had totally forgotten about The Bomb, plus there are great looks inside of all these old mags.

See it all here

Banksy’s Donuts Print


For the first time in modern times (fall 2006 – present) you actually have a fair chance at buying a Banksy print at cost.  Pictures on Walls is running a lottery system for Banksy’s Donuts print.  Register now through 7am EST July 28th.  More information at Pictures on Walls

Holy Vans, Man


New to the Vans Vault collection is this pair of ridiculously awesome and beautiful leather shoes.  The Akat is a collaboration between Taka Hayashi and Vans and are a reasonable $130

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Together We Are at Barracuda


Go say what’s up and cop a seriagraph at Barracuda this Saturday night.  Los Angeles

Mean Magazine’s Cinemash


If you haven’t watched any of the Cinemash’s yet, do yourself a favor and do it now, at work if you must.  Cinemash is celebrities mashing up scenes from their favorite movies.  For instance, I just got done watching Cheech and Chong get their Tron on.  Another great one is some dudes from RENO 911! and Human Giant taking on Point Break.  Find out more here, and see the upcoming schedule after the jump.

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Gene P: Best of Berlin


Gene P reporting from Berlin where they’ve conspired to use one problem as another’s solution: the glut of unemployed “artists” and an apparent toilet paper shortage.  Luckily a rather nice shirtless gentleman with a rainbow tattoo I met in the bathrooms at Berghain introduced me to a magical combination of poppers, jagermeister and ketamin and I haven’t had to shit for a week.

Friday’s Vault

411 issue 10

picture of the day

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Time Magazine’s Top 10 Guerilla Artists


It is always great when Time does something like this.

I just hope they’re not in order.



This show opens tonight at Collective Hardware in NYC.

“In his highly anticipated debut solo show exhibition, Ellis Gallagher continues his quest in deobjectifying the common street icon and manifests it into the surreal. His sidewalk chalk drawings of the city’s overlooked objects- mailboxes, garbage cans, street signs, bicycles, etc.- have become a trademark in street art culture worldwide. ‘Ocular Echoism: The Autonomy of Ellis Gallagher’ is collectively the artist’s most ambitious body of work to date and includes limited edition screen prints, original photographs, skate decks, fire tags, and an indoor New York City street scene instillation, garbage included.”

You can watch video of Bklyn Organic Still Life where Ellis G. outlines every single plant on a street in downtown Brooklyn after the jump

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Drunk Tits

One of the weirder things we’ve seen in a while.

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