Margaret Kilgallen in the Juxtapoz Archive


To put it modestly, Margaret Kilgallen’s influence in art has been far reaching. In the most recent scanned issue from Juxtapoz’s archive there is a great profile of her as well as the added bonus of artists Walton Ford, Winston Smith, and the Clayton Brothers.

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it’s all in the paper


Papier (= paper), is designed by Stefan Diez for Saskia Diez. The bags are made out of a material named Tyvek, which is a synthetic paper made from PE that is extremely tearproof, lightweight, waterproof and recyclable. Really nice looking after some wear and tear.


Lost Tribes of New York City

This video takes the prize for Totally Awesome.

Created by Urban Anthropologists Andy & Carolyn London, the film uses a blend of stop-motion and audio footage to bring to life inanimate objects that we pass by everyday.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Defend Equality Merch


Help raise awareness for the fight to overturn prop. 8 by visiting the F.A.I.R. Love Unites store and purchasing one of the many items available.  It could be a dog t-shirt, some greeting cards, a mouse pad, maybe even a sweatshirt or t-shirt.  Whatever it may be…

“The money raised at this store goes directly back into the fight for marriage equality. When you buy a Shepard Fairey shirt from our store you’re not just showing your support for marriage equality, you’re catapulting our movement forward and getting us one step closer to reclaiming our fundamental civil rights.”


Picture of the Day


Marlene Marino

Why the F*** do you have a kid?


The photo above is like a step-by-step to teenage pregnancy.

The website Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid? is a hilarious, visual argument for contraceptives.

via, gorillamask

Reminisce Over This

Lord Finesse, Strictly for the Ladies, 1990

Hymen Lipman


Inventor of the pencil eraser.

Best Name I have heard today.

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Jimmy Fallon’s petition to re-unite the cast of Saved by The Bell is a worthy one

Saved By The Bell was the show of my childhood. And that Kelly Kapowski / Lisa Turtle fascination I had? It continues to this day.

sign the petition over here

Mag Cloud


MagCloud is in essence a DIY magazine service, taking the photocopied zine and turning it glossy. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

NY Times gives a little insight

Pixação: feet on top of shoulders on top of feet on top of shoulders

Nice video from the Cool Hunting folks

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The Only Kind of Gossip we like to Read


Kate Moss beat Lily Allen in a drinking contest.

Lunchtime Laughter

The Ramp House


Chalk this up to a simple fact. If you have enough money, you can turn your childhood dreams into reality.

The Ramp House was designed by Archivirus Architecture and Design of Greece, for a client who made a simple request that the house be a ‘skateable environment’.

See more at Architectural Review

Random YouTube Search

Searched the term ‘crystals’ today

all points west (jersey city)


Here’s a reason to come to New York Jersey, All Points West just announced the line up for this summer’s festival. One highlight… Kool Keith, that’s all you really need to know…

Here’s the line up…..

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Bite Your Tongue


The ShamWow guy got arrested last month for beating up a hooker after she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go. All things considered, that is one of the better hooker mug shots I have seen.

more at The Smoking Gun


Damien Hirst wants you to skate on his Supreme deck


Damien Hirst’s spin painting skateboard decks for Supreme arrive in stores this Thursday, April 2nd.  In a promotional video on the stores website, Hirst explains that he thinks “they’re pretty cool” and “hopes you do to.” But, if you plan on putting it in a museum or on your walls, Hirst lets you know that he hates that more than anything.

More info here


Enjoy The Morning Sun with Adriana Lima


Adriana Lima fun time. Good Morning Monday

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