These Condoms Are Pieces Of Art

One of the designs from Keith Haring, Mat Collishaw, or Sue Webster & Tim Noble comes packaged with the upcoming issue of GARAGE Magazine. If you just can’t wait to get one, during the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, and Paris, Le Baron will have them in the bathroom. Just remember that while it is a condom, it’s art, and is not meant for use.

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No Fashion Forward Kitchen Would Be Complete Without It

Double-Sided Camouflage Apron by Stanley & Sons

Japanese BK’s NY Sundae

French toast sticks and soft serve?. Sign me up. I’m still pushing for McDonald’s World to become a reality.

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Lunchtime Laughter

The Sweetest Birth Ever. Reese’s Pieces “Love Child” directed by Cousins

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Cindy Sherman

Jerry Saltz writes about the transformational artist.

Toy Graffiti



Jesus Is Coming. (Inside?) by Glenn O’Brien

Morning Dose of Two Rad Guys

Sam Tartamella is the world record holder for the longest handstand on a skateboard (2,255 ft). As for his friend on the blades, well…

Leticia Zuloaga is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day

Sam Haskins

The Dark Room

One of those Choose Your Own Adventure Youtube games… a nice way to kill some time.

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Boom Boom

A new print from Spencer Sweeney available through Exhibition A.

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