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Heather Culp



NY Mag has a nice little profile of this awesome-sounding Record label out of Brooklyn.

Read it here

and visit Woodsist

Oh geez, why is this dude dressed up as the Black Stallion?***Update

Here he is as a deer

Robert Burden

San Francisco-based Robert Burden creates Epic Paintings of the action figures he played with as a child.  Wow.  Check out his prints as well, you will want to buy them all.  Voltron?  Play on player.

This is why I do not watch Fox News…

Watch this clip from some Fox News show: the guys are total dicks, it’s a total douche-fest! It is an older clip about bikini coffee shops creating outrage “sexpresso” but, has been in the news recently again. So I did a little google and found it. In doing so I realized how bad television really is, and how everyone likes to give their opinion.   But anyway, when are they going to open one of these on the east coast?

The artist as a Model…for J Crew


Last year saw Alex Katz‘s presence grace the J. Crew Catalog.  This year add Ryan McGinness (above), Stephen Shore, and Chris Dorland amongst others.  J. Crew has even got a little feature section called OPEN STUDIO to promote it. Art and fashion keep running in tandem.

Peep it here

Reminisce Over This

Big L, MVP, 1995

Hot Chicks at Art Openings, the tumblr


Before there were all of those Hot Chick ______ Tumblrs, we had Hot Chicks at Art Openings (now known as Artorialust). I decided to compete, so we have a tumblr too now, which you can see and submit to here.  As always, look through past Artorialusts for more action.

Hot Chicks at Art Openings


Ron Kedmi


I just discovered the work of Photographer Ron Kedmi. It’s a very beautiful a mix of fashion and art, definitely check out his site. He also has some prints for sale at 20ldt.

april 77 cross blue selvedge


Looking for a selvedge jean this fall? Check out these from April 77, a French label available at Urban Outfitters UK.

Stop on a dime

I don’t really get what a freeboard is since I’ve never been on one but, they’re able to pull off tetris at night using neons.

An herb garden for the designer’s office or home


Nice detail with the scissor slot.  Works a lot better than overpowering the plants with large human hands.

Available at Generate for $49

Lunchtime Laughter

The Marble Sculptures of Thom Puckey

Thom Puckey‘s marble sculptures featuring contemporary subject matter (i.e. chicks with guns) are hands down a success.  Carving out of marble is some serious ish.

excess, expensive, cool

If you have money to burn (some do, some don’t) this is the excess item of the month! The Obscura CueLight pool table is from Esquire’s ultimate bachelor pad in NYC. It features a sensor system and projector that illuminates an image only where the balls are on the table. Its definitely looks fun to play.

Via Geekologie

I forg0t to mention it costs $200,000!

Fred Perry for Fall


Rain is coming, and the trench is in. What you need to know about, is the button through mid-length raincoat from Fred Perry. Simple, minimal lines that are perfect for that weird, obsessive minimalist in you. Details after the jump.

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It’s size that matters folks


I love that shit. Rome, Italy 2009.  Lucky duck

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The Subway Yearbook Photo

Gillian Jacobs is…


Wednesday’s Muse

image from Last Magazine

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