Mario Tama gets Above it All

By: PeteChicago


Photographer Mario Tama shoots NYC from above—ranging from cool overhead shots to some insane plane flyovers like the one above. When you can see the seams and rivets from underneath as you’re speeding on the LIE, you know they are damn low.

Another insane one after the jump.

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Thom Yorke’s LA weekend at the EchoPlex


We told you about Thom Yorke’s new supergroup last week, and if you were fortunate enough to be in LA this weekend (and had the cash) to see the shows, lucky you. For those of us who were not privy to the excitement, NME has a play-by-play and setlist up from the first night. After the jump, we have put together a bunch of bootleg videos of the performance.

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Morning Dose of BMX Bandits

BMX Bandits is an Aussie film from 1983 featuring Classic Bikes and a 16-year old Nicole Kidman.  All the ingredients for a cult classic.

adriana lima goes see through


As close to x-ray vision as you’re allowed on a Monday morning.

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-up


Thomas Prior

This Week…

We looked at how much art could be seen in Chelsea in 90 minutes

Banksy updated his website

We wondered about Mike Tyson’s past

Anna Nicole Smith used to look good in Guess?


We interviewed A.J. Fosik about his beer sweaters

friday night fights

By: PeteChicago

Take your shirt off, settle back into the couch, and get all sweaty with some hot heavyweight fantasy bouts like Tyson vs. Ali… just don’t get your ear bitten off.

Grab the Fight Night 4 demo, available now for download on Xbox Live/ PSN (consoles only, natch).

Artorialust: Tumblr edition

Last week we announced that Hot Chicks at Art Openings was on tumblr. We’ve slowly been receiving pics from all over, and felt maybe it would inspire you to send some in if you saw them here. Regardless, peep the tumblr for all credits & locations, and hot chicks.
Hot Chicks at Art Openings Tumblr

Sound Advice 20: Ben Watts


We are pleased to present our 20th installment of Sound Advice featuring Ben Watts. Ben is a New York-based photographer who was born in London, and raised in Australia

Sound Advice 20 – Ben Watts

01. Summertime – Zombies
02. Stop Me – The Smiths
03. Ba Ba Boom – The Jamacians
04. Running Away – Roy Ayers
05. Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin
06. All Night Long – Mary Jane Girls
07. Juicy – Notorious B.I.G
08. Walking into Sunshine – Central Line
09. Turtle Pizza Cadillac – Parallel Dance Ensemble
10. Paris (Aeroplane Mix) – Friendly Fires
11. Golden Cage – The Whitest Boy Alive
12. Vanished – Crystal Castles
13. Shove It – Santogold
14. Trench Town Rock – Bob Marley
15. Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth
16. Dirty Harry – Gorillaz
17. Mirror in the Bathroom – The English Beat
18. Jive Talking – Bee Gees
19. Candy Rain – Soul for Real
20. Kingston Town – Lord Creator

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up all night

Boomtown Rats “Up all night”.

Everyday relive the past.

Fritz the Cat Slip-Ons? Oh yes please.


Robert Crumb’s genius Cat x Vans authenticity means great things for feet everywhere.  Find them at Colette right now.

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Reminisce Over This

Masta Ace Inc., The I.N.C. Ride, 1995

The Drop: Urban Art Infill

Poster 1_19.75x33.75_cyan

Tomorrow, exciting things will be happening in Chelsea.

THE DROP: URBAN ART INFILL is proud to present a day-long festival of public interactive art, music, and fashion projects in Chelsea on 25th Street between 10th & 11th avenues happening Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009 in New York City.

Chris Mendoza will be doing some live painting, and VOOS furniture in Williamsburg will be curating the VIP Lounge featuring friend of TWBE Charles Constantine.

More info on it all here

if 8 million women are doing it, it must be ok!

Stiletto Stoners. Professional women smoking weed, featured on NBC’s Today Show. I love the decorated papers, very stylish. The piece is a great argument about legalization.

small, tiny, and cool: The Aston Martin Cygnet


Back in July, Aston Martin made news for it’s concept car Cygnet. Based around Toyota’s iQ, this little guy is set to go on sale in Europe next year. It does not support the power of the V8 or V12 the AM’s are known for, so think of it more as your zip around the corner car. The one you pick girls up in and do not totally feel like a tool. At first, the production will be limited, as well as your ability to purchase it (one must own an Aston, to be granted the right). The Cygnet will also feature bespoke interiors, could you expect anything less?

Learn more about it here.

Paul Smith goes hunting


The perfect jacket from Paul Smith. It’s getting pretty damn cold these days, so why not treat yourself right with this gem? It’s a quilted regular fit jacket made from black plaid hunting fabric 

Buy it!

From The Plate of Roger Gastman


Belly’s Know How to Suck But Do They Swallow

Remember the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, that’s all that’s running through my mind right now. Bits love marshmallows, remember that. Bits, marshmallows.

Lunchtime Laughter

The art of Window Shopping

Julia Chesky is passionate about department store windows.  So much so, that she combined a borderline obsession with her background in photography.  The result? Really fresh, beautiful photographs that are deep on may levels.  Have a look at a sampling above, and be sure to check out her own blog, Modelizing.

The NY Art Book Fair


The NY Art Book Fair is open all weekend at PS 1 in Queens.  We highly recommend you make your way over there to see what’s going on in Art Book Publishing.  And make sure to stop by our friend Paul Schiek’s TBW Books stand and say what’s up.

More information here

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