Work in Progress: Os Gemeos mural on Houston & Bowery


We stopped by this afternoon to check in and cannot wait to see it finished!  The Haring mural was great but change is always good.  More to come…


Surf School

Just wanted to give a shout out to this underappreciated, straight-to-dvd movie from 2005

the Dopest Detail: The Porsche Panamera’s key


When you buy a Porsche, expect the complete package.  A key in the shape of the car?  Ridiculous.  The 4-door ride is not too shabby looking either.

Superego Editions


Debuting at Milan Design Week, SUPEREGO Design has corralled some great artists to do ceramic editions with them.  We are very partial to this Jeremy Fish bottle (above) and the super slick work of BO130 and Microbo (below).  All of these works can be purchased through DesignDesign

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Cake Wrecks


All good things end in cake, results may vary.

Lunchtime Laughter

Stranger than Eviction


Holy Shit this is good.


“I am making this site to chronicle the craziest living situation I have ever taken part in.  In the month that I subletted a room in this house in St. Charles (a suburb of Chicago), the police have come to the house 5 times, my landlord has been handcuffed twice, and one roommate has been hospitalized.  The focus is on my crazy landlord, Gary.  Gary is a 63 year old, currently unemployed, overweight, homeowner who enjoys a frequent alcoholic beverage and cigarette.  I believe he had bought this house with the intention of selling it for a quick profit.  This did not work out, and last I’ve heard the house is going under foreclosure in September.”

12:34:56 07-08-09


Today is about numbers, a day to make money. What are you doing at 12:34:56 on 07-08-09?

Mark Jenkins Greenpeace Polar Bears now in Rome for g8 summit?


After much success in DC, it seems that Greenpeace has brought Mark Jenkins’ Polar Bears to Rome to help sway some support for actions against Global Warming at the upcoming G-8 summit.  See more pics here

North Korea’s First Beer Commercial

Man, this commercial is really awesome when you can’t understand anything.  Visually it is so on point.

After the jump is a pretty bland but informative video by the AP talking about it

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Ironlak Team Usa

Augor, Enue, Ewok, Jaes, and Pose.

Writers sponsored by a spraypaint company, it doesn’t get much better than that.

video by We Are Supervision

Katie Fey is…


Wednesday’s Muse.  (Thanks guys for figuring out who this was!)

Picture of the Day


The Arab Parrot

Well, it’s 5pm EST. Maybe that devasting solar storm isn’t coming today?


Silly crop circles.

The Women of Marion Barry


Being from DC, I hold a place in my heart for Marion Barry.  I wish I could still purchase one of those ‘Got Damn Bitch Set Me Up’ t-shirts.  Apparently he has gotten himself into another tangle, I liked this summary of his womanizing by the Washington Post

How big do we want our breasts to be?

Great sculpture, good music, fun times

michael jackson’s, “most ridiculous funeral in funeral history…”


…is set to begin. Check out what you need to know over at NYMAG (funny but true) here’s a little tease “swat team”

Danny McBride on the fall of Kenny Powers


A pearl of wisdom in this interview from Material Interest

“You know, it’s him getting all “man in black,” trying to put on this rock-star attitude, that sets him back. The moment he got so consumed with this image of himself as a famous person, Mr. Not-To-Be-Fucked-With, that was when he lost his fastball. I think you see that a lot—when a person stops focusing on whatever it was that made him famous and starts thinking too much about just being famous, it’s all downhill. Kenny’s definitely absorbed in all the trappings.”

Reminisce Over This

E.S.P., Valoompadoom Pink, 1992

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