School Lunches


I wish somebody could tell me what to eat for lunch every day, I have such difficulty with that.

See these 20 beauties at CityRag

Lunchtime Laughter

Polaroids of Strip Club Candidates

Be warned: your mother might be in here

The London Police at Carmichael Gallery


These guys are a riot and have a show opening in Los Angeles tonight.  Their work is off the charts as well.

The London Police
Brothers in Arms

Carmichael Gallery / 1257 N. La Brea Ave / West Hollywood CA 90038

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Surf Zombies Must Chill

Big Ups to our man Douglas Haddow for putting this amazing video together.  Watch it!  You may also want to check out his latest piece Zamunda to Queens, which you can peep after the jump.  Do it!

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Chirp Chirp Chirp


Fashion Week is upon us here in NY.  What does that mean for you?  Hopefully a whole lot of birds.

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bad ass motion grfx work

Check out some bad ass motion graphic work by d-sturbed. I am also into the track by ModeSelektor.

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Kate Moss Thursdays



picture of the day


West Indian Parade 2009-via thevoice by Rebecca Smeyne

Ida Ekblad at the Journal Gallery


Tonight in Brooklyn

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Mark Mulroney

After seeing his work at the Ever Gold Show on Fecal Face, we thought to take a closer look.  Awesome, I want all of these.


Random You Tube Search

Searched the term ‘bird’, and am as happy as ever

I had this same idea years ago but, for a coffee table book


Hot Chicks picking up Dog Shit.

After seeing that food site yesterday, I think I need a gang of interns to trove the digital goldmine which is my brain, and then execute on the good ideas (there’s at least 10).  Contact me for job opportunities…

Tonight in NYC


Reminisce Over This

Outkast, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Diamond D Remix), 1994

Point Suite Art Ball


My friend Annika put together this great Black Tie Ball celebrating the upcoming Point Suite Art Book.  The book features forty talented emerging artists, and contains all-original essays discussing the artists, their art, and the current artistic climate.

These artists include:

Marta Abbott, Gabriela Alva, Claire Brassil, Annika Connor, Tom Costa, Jason Cuvelier, Steven Day, Kerry Dean, Teodor Dumitrescu, Mark Dye, Micah Ganske, Tracy Goodman, Chad Griffin, Palden Hamilton, Huber and Huber, Ariane Irle, Melanie Jelacic, Chris Jahncke, Jill Jeannides, Shay Kun, Daniela Mueller-Brunke, Zed Nelson, John Otter, Nicholas Papadakis, Joseph Paxton, Jason Peters, Colette Robbins, Woody Shepherd, Omar Thompson, Jennifer Tull Westberg, James Wolanin, Koichi Yamamoto, and Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin

If you have the chance, you should definitely consider attending the Ball, because Ball’s are fun and their full of hot chicks dressed really well.  More information on tickets for the Ball can be found here

And More info on the Point Suite Art Book can be found here

Road Trip to Providence!


Emma Watson Enrolls At Brown University

So Close…Gene P, you with me?

Who doesn’t really?


There’s a whole lot to work with on this T-Shirt from Fresh Jive.  Buy it here

antichrist, my god!

Think The Shining mixed with Evil Dead (remove the comedy) and you have Antichrist. It’s a really dark, brutal film from Danish director Lars von Trier featuring talking foxes, hardcore penetration, and explicit images of disfigurment. It sounds like a family treat. Just in time for helloween, imagine that.

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