ThumbSaver Magnetized Nail Setter

So necessary.

Tom Otterness Cookie Jar

We need more cookie jars in the world.

Available here

Lunchtime Laughter

Human Giant: Escalating Interview

For The Win: Arrested Development in Lego Form

Created by Matt De Lanoy

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Door Knob Girls

Everybody has a fetish… some are just more in-depth and strange than others.

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Okay Sure Why Not?

Tom Waits’ Private Listening Party

Bad As Me is Tom Waits’ first studio album in seven years.

“Like a good boxer, these songs are lean and mean, with strong hooks and tight running times.”

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Morning Dose of Paganini Caprice #5

By Cory Arcangel

Queensbridge, USA

Sacha Jenkins intro to this Nas interview from ego trip’s first issue in 1994 is classic.

“Welcome to Queensbridge, USA – a world parallel to America’s old wild west. For instance, you’ve got the “general store” system firmly in place. There’s usually two and three stores strategically placed around the nerve core center of any housing establishment. Each of these stores is always fully stocked with the best foods that little or no money can buy. Everything from Cheese Doodles, faded boxes of King Vitamin cereal, and the ultra healthy 25-cent juice beverages which are available in a lovely assortment of colors and flavor. (Smurf Blue has been known to prolong erection.)”

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(photo by Danny Clinch)

Picture of the Day

Peter Beste

Dischord Records Gear

The first new Dischord shirts in 30 years, along with the first re-printing of the original Dischord shirt in 18 years.

Available in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

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Pint-Sized Preachers

Also known as talented little monsters.

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