Great Idea, just hope there’s soap somewhere


Roland Tiangco’s Dirty Po(or)ster

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The Sharpie power of Mike Giant


From The Plate of Roger Gastman


Breyers, You Devil You!

I LOVE ice cream. But if you read this blog I am sure that you know that by now. I don’t really care about popsicles or frozen yogurt. But I’m getting sidetracked… I never really liked Breyers. It wasn’t THICK enough. I like my ice cream THICK. But this ad makes me think different. How the hell did this get through? Praise baby JESUS.

Lunchtime Laughter

Tyler Brûlé


Even though his name sounds like it belongs to an Applebee’s celebrity chef, Dude is killin’ it.

Evidence here

Rainy Day video: The lost coin

The Lost Coin from Dan Britt on Vimeo.

If You’re low on Cash this weekend but still want to feel the party…


…Go down to wherever it is that you get ping pong balls, and then follow these directions

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1980’s Ricky Gervais

This actually explains a lot.

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“We are really hoping that that savvy young man on the train right now is telling his amour that he painted these walls just for her.”


Steve Powers takes a moment to talk with Art Observed about ‘A Love Letter For You.’

Friday’s Vault

Hosoi Vs. Hawk

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Picture of the Day


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Dalek & Delta at Elms Lester


Opening Friday night in London.  If you didn’t know, now you do.

28 August – 26 September 2009
Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm, Thursdays ’til 8pm

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Beck: Velvet Underground & Nico “European Son”

I Love Hot Dogs


A website dedicated to awesome moments of Cinematography.  Take Skatetown for example.

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Artorialust: Ganked Edition

We wish we could have been in Cali for the Seventh Letter x New Era Art Show Party but, hey, Revok put up some pics and we added Mr. Artorialust.  So it was kind of like we were there.  Original flicks by Linus Hentu.

(Thanks Tim!)

Ha Ha… It’s almost good


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Reminisce Over This

Jemini The Gifted One, Funk Soul Sensation, 1995

I decided to start re-playing some of the videos that have already been on Reminisce Over This.  Hope you don’t mind, this week will be classic.

Sick Skateboarding Stencils


Trase One coming out of Singapore

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Random YouTube Search

Went with the term ‘pensive’ today

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