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flaunt’s casting couch

A feature in this months Flaunt Magazine is CASTING COUCH by Nick Fa’rrell, aka Shameless, who apparently “is adept at getting beatufiul women naked and in front of his camera lens” Not too bad. Here’s the one bad thing about this site, the inability to permalink to features.

The Lobster Dog


Droolworthy for sure.

via, nymag

Lunchtime Laughter

Everyone Poops

Oh My Tits


Check out this photo of Rosario Dawson from Complex’s Hottest Cuban Women Slideshow.  Yep, that’s all.

diy wagon


Check out this little gem from Kid Robot.

Filth, the alter ego of designer Lucas Irwin, is the guy behind this super-rare DIY Station Wagon. Detail it, or let its vinyl radness resonate on your shelf.

Limited edition of 200.

It also comes in orange!

Some people are just wired for success


From The Hollywood Reporter:

“HBO has renewed the comedy series Eastbound & Down for a second season. Production on the new episodes will begin this year for a 2010 premiere.”

I’m Still trying to figure this one out…

I think only a french graffiti artist could pull this off seriously, and Belvedere is trying to nail this downtown thing.  So big ups to Andre for getting Belvedere to promote graff, and money well spent to Belvedere for, well, spending money.

Kate Moss Thursdays


A nice photo spread from Condé Nast UK’s Love

more at egotastic

Picture of the Day



finger boarding to the 10th power

iPhone developer Illusion Labs released a video today showing off what their current iPhone games would look like on a large multi-touch table. The technology behind this table is from TouchTech in cooperation with Crowd.


Birdwell Beach Britches


Birdwell’s have been my bathing suit of choice ever since my father bought me my first pair at age 6 (read: young).  It seems now that the fashion world has caught on to these gems with the news of South Willard’s collaboration with the 40 + year old brand.  With all hope this will be the only collaboration Birdwell’s does, because most of the time basic is beautiful.

Saturday @ Phillips in New York


Just to throw it out into the blogosphere, the upcoming Saturday @ Phillips Auction in New York is in my opinion their best yet.  Maybe it is a reflection of the times, because there are lots of stellar pieces up for consumption.  Included are favorites such as Barry McGee, Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairey, Richard Colman, and Os Gemeos.  We’ll have our normal round-up of stand out lots as the auction draws closer.

See the catalogue here

Reminisce Over This

Dr. Dre, Let Me Ride, 1992

Totally forgot about that $20 Sack Pyramid

guess who’s back…

Eminem is back with a new polished video, “We Made You”. I thought he was fat and on drugs…. but it looks like he has been working out with Dre and making fun of everyone. It also seems like Samantha Ronson is played by Hillary Swank?

Caleb Neelon on Why Prosecuting Shepard Fairey is Bad for Boston


Caleb Neelon had a speaking arrangement at the ICA in Boston this past Saturday. In part of it he spoke of Shepard Fairey’s arrest and made some very valid points about Boston itself.

You should read all of it, which he has published here.

Below, a quick excerpt.

“Shepard’s arrest gave every brand director, location scout, art collector, ad buyer, and trend spotter reason to be wary of doing business in our city – all the while snickering into their hand and shaking their heads at us. People laugh at Boston for being a city of culturally clueless Puritans, and because of that, business that depends on an audience to the contrary, avoids Boston. This arrest has renewed our subscription to this unfortunate perception.”

Caleb Neelon also has a show opening up this weekend at White Walls in San Francisco, go see it.

march madness is over now what?


Well, PopSugar thinks you will be spending your time here. The single-elimination contest is meant to determine who the most popular celebrities are in a given year….. If they were smart, they would figure out a way to license the software so anyone can create these single elimination contests and place ads in it.  I think we can come up with a few of these on our own. But, if your into celebrities check it out. I am confused how they were paired against each other? If you have any ideas, let us know.

sexy stormtrooper strip

Last week we had a pink stormtrooper….this week a stripping stormtrooper. And somehow, they are related. Check out artwars for more info and images.

All Hail The Bacon Sandwich


Scientists have found that a Bacon Sandwich cures a hangover.

“Bingeing on alcohol depletes neurotransmitters too, but bacon contains a high level of aminos which tops these up, giving you a clearer head.”

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