MRI sex


Zephyr’s Freight Tribute to Andy Kessler



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Cats in a mosh pit

(Thanks Andy!)

Then Somebody went and made this a T-shirt


Hitler’s so hot right now

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Reminisce Over This

Group Home, Livin’ Proof, 1995

I decided to start re-playing some of the videos that have already been on Reminisce Over This.  Hope you don’t mind, this week will be classic.

Keep Clickin’


Sometimes guessing which body belongs to which celebrity is the best way to spend an afternoon.

House of Flying Daggers

We have a couple weeks until Cuban Linx 2.  waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

Can’t Wait to see this happen…


Scientist Vows To Reverse-Engineer Dinosaur From Chicken

future colors of america at giant robot

Here is a tiny preview for Future Colors of America featuring Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, and Aiyana Udesen. The show opens at GRSF this Saturday, August 29th.

Playing with Your food on a whole other level


Food art by Vanessa Dualib.

WeLoveYoSo did a small Q & A with her here

(Thanks Michelle!)

Lunchtime Laughter

felt whale


Artist Tristin Lowe created this 50-foot whale made out of industrial felt over an inflatable form. The piece is currently at the Fabric Workshop in Philly.

Via Supernaturale.

Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Nicolas Cage smokin’ crack, Eva Mendes lookin’ fine, and Xzibit.  That’s right, Xzibit.

who needs a hummer?


DIY Limo.


Ted Kennedy, Rest in Peace


February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009

Morning Dose of Awesome

The making of the Goonies

via, Buzzfeed

Kacey Barnfield is…


Wednesday’s muse.

Picture of the Day


Tod Papageorge

New to the Internet?


Time Magazine has named the 50 best Websites of 2009.  I just found out about Hulu, and Google, and some censorship crazy site called Flickr.

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