Me thinks We kinda got ganked by the Daily Mail


Our whole 45 Frames of We Were Once a Fairytale, how else is there a way to explain that nearly 3/4 of the shots are identical?

Peep it and make up your mind.

(Untitled) the Movie + Giveaway


We had a chance to see a screening of (Untitled) a couple moments back, and liked it enough to give you all the heads up about it.  Starring Adam Goldberg, a sexy Marley Shelton, Eion Bailey, Lucy Punch, and Vinnie Jones (as a mix of Maurizio Cattelan and Vinnie Jones), the film is based on the NY Art Scene in all of its idiosyncracies. We definitely recommend seeing its debut in theaters this weekend.  As a bonus, we have a package containing a full size movie poster and the original soundtrack for the movie to giveaway.  Since the movies tagline is “Everyone’s got an opinion”, watch the trailer after the jump, then give us your opinion in the comments.  Best one wins.

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10 from the Urban Dictionary (pt. 2)

In this new feature we explore the English language as it was meant to be spoken. We dig deep through the best reference in the world, the Urban Dictionary. Got a nice word or phrase we should feature? Leave it in the comments.

Up All Night

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Happy, 1991

The T-shirt award for the week goes to this guy


via Revok

Reminisce Over This

Tone Loc, Wild Thing, 1989

10 of the Best Hitters Ever


I’m surprised Tony Gwynn wasn’t on here (.338 average, only 434 strike outs in 2440 games).

Anyway, here’s the list from some guy named Joe Posnanski

relationship advice

This pretty crazy shit. I am on the fence if it is intentional or for real.

Momo’s evolving tools of Vandalism aka the $10,000 Bucket


Gotta love what’s going on in this creation.  Momo’s bike reminds me a bit of Tom Sach’s tequila bike for girls, except that it is actually used.  Even greater innovation is the re-tooled roller (after the jump).  See more of what he has going on here

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editors introduce a new way to preview an album


Editors decided to step it up using Google Street View for their new album In This Light And On This Evening, produced by Mark Flood Ellis (U2, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode). Basically, you browse the street view and the maps to listen to the tracks. I have to say this is a really great approach to making it interesting and fun. I have had the album for a couple of weeks now and it’s in heavy rotation. In This Light And On This Evening takes you back in time, as it leaps forward.

Personal Dumpling Eating Contest


I was so psyched when my friend Ben told me about the Dumpling Eating Contest at this weekend’s Dumpling Festival in New York.  Surely, I could match up with competitive eaters and win the $1000 first prize.  Monday night I popped down to Prosperity Dumpling on Eldridge Street and bought 25 dumplings for $5.  My training was to begin.  After getting friendly with Jah, I was more than prepared to house some dumplings, the record was 66 but, I thought 25 would be a nice way to ease myself into it.  The result? after the jump off.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Top Cock, definitely.

Via, Gothamist

Vader wasn’t a superhero

He’s the only one who doesn’t fit.  Regardless, these altered moments in history by Agan Harahap are nice.

And in this dream world, Japanese girls’ underwear will gain the power of flight and make the skies a more beautiful place

Anti Sweden


What a great name for a Scandanavian Denim Brand.  “Anti Sweden is Black Metal going fashion,” their black jeans look nice too.

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Airblaster x Vans Era – Stay Wild Edition

Morning Dose of Awesome

via, PeggyWang

Lonneke Engel is…


Wednesday’s Muse, photographed by Marcus Ohlsson

Picture of the Day


Joseph O. Holmes

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