Up All Night

Taco, Putting on the Ritz

Shoot Andys Only

A video still from Cory Arcangel’s 2002, I Shot Andy Warhol piece. This is last week to see his Pro Tools exhibition at the Whitney, so go see that.

Reminisce Over This

Masta Ace Inc., Jeep Ass Niguh, 1993

Some Art-Related Happenings Tonight in NY

Brandon Friend & Emet Sosna: New Works” curated by Ginger Shulick at Spattered Columns Gallery

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Stabby Women

Part 1 from Kid Acne

Superior Labor Socks

Made in Japan by The Superior Labor for Inventory Items

For Use At Home, Alone.

Or else you’ll get a pizza to the face. The Sony HMZ-T1 3D head mounted display.

“The World’s First 3D Compatible Head Mounted Display Equipped With HD Organic EL Panel-Offering a new 3D-viewing style with movie theater-class virtual screen experience.”

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21st Century Food Coloring

Edible food varnish spray from The Deli Garage

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Lunchtime Laughter

Let’s hope Eddie Murphy hosts the Oscars in his outfit from Raw

Scion iQ: For The Big and Small Alike

While looking at a tiny commuter car, tall people are usually very wary of getting inside for both the fear of the big-guy-in-a-little-car syndrome, as well as just the pure potential uncomfortability of the experience. There is legroom in the new Scion iQ… for both the passenger and the driver. To optimize space, the designers went as far as converting the glovebox into a drawer underneath the passenger’s seat. And while the car does have four seats, the ideal situation would be for three passengers to ride. Each benefitting from the knowledge of being protected by 11 airbags. That’s a lot of safety for a small space. As far as how it drives, the Scion iQ gets a combined 37 miles per gallon and while it doesn’t have street race pickup, the iQ can move fast, and is nimble enough (12.9 ft turning radius) for any city dweller.

The 2012 Scion IQ rolls out nationally in February

The More You Know: Sitting Down

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Maryland Pride

As a former Terrapin athlete and current fan, I’m stoked to see more details of the new football uniforms from Maryland-based Under Armour.

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