Bike Gear Crank Clock


Pixelthis’s Etsy store is full of awesome clocks like this.

Snacks and Shit


A website that takes rap lyrics literally.  Nothing short of outstanding.

Have a look here

Morning Dose of Harmonica playing, dancing baby elephant

kate moss thursdays


Kate Moss, ready to handle business.


Picture of the Day


Massimo Vitali

via, thePBLKS

Animals Getting Drunk

Just like people, only cuter.

Here is a list of the 20 drunkest animals on YouTube, if you’re into it.

halloween fashion with Tim Burton


What more can you say?  The guy does Halloween well.

Check the spread in Harper’s Bazaar

10 from the Urban Dictionary (pt. 1)

In this new feature we explore the English language as it was meant to be spoken. We dig deep through the best reference in the world, the Urban Dictionary.  Got a nice word or phrase we should feature? Leave it in the comments.

Up all night

Adam and the Ants, Stand and Deliver

Smooooooth X-Ray Vision

via, the Blaaahg

Reminisce Over This

Three Times Dope, Weak at the Knees, 1990

Tuff City Blunt Wraps


It took me a little while to wrap my head around these.  At first I thought the wraps had the trains and graff printed on them.  Then, I slowly came to realize that it was just the packaging that was custom.  Maybe I’ll have to head up to the Bronx and make sure though.  Puff Tuff.

available at Tuff City

get your wood on


Shwood is a new Portland, Oregon-based sunglasses line that features frames made of wood. The Canby style is our favorite, handcrafted with an option for Carl Zeiss lenses. Sweet.


Captain Lou Albano, Rest in Paradise


Sad news as Captain Lou Albano passed away today at 76. Go join your buddies in the square ring in the sky.  For those reminiscing, Goonies r Good Enough is after the jump

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Your afternoon San Francisco bus brawl

This is why I don’t ride the bus. Two women on a San Fran bus going at it! Thank lordy for camera phones.

Bacon Jam


Man…One day I hope to find a woman dedicated to fattening me up with lasagna, and now Bacon Jam.  Bacon Jam for breakfast on toast with bacon and eggs, Peanut Butter and Bacon Jam Sandwiches for lunch…I could go on.  Dessert? Bacon Jam Bacon Jam Bacon Jam.

For the recipe, click here

via, theDW

Lunchtime Laughter


What do you think about Japanese girls (or any girls for that matter) that are into CosPlay?  Are they very prude in their home life, or are they totally like Adina Howard?  I’m very interested.  Here is a selection of CosPlay from the recent Tokyo Game Show.  For more pics check out



Subculture Capital.

The opening is tonight at Collective Hardware and is not to be missed (6-9pm 169 Bowery)

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