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In 1878 lady liberty was not exactly all together. The massive head was on display at the Paris International Exhibition. Attendees to the exhibition could pay to walk around in her head. You have to admit its kind of freaky,very Planet of the Apish.

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It’s Gay to Smoke

New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens ‘It’s Gay To Smoke’

oh the lucky ones…


There seems to be a bit of a revival of industrial music these days, Pigface, KMFDM, and the Revolting Cocks are all out touring. Maybe it was a bad time for Trent to take a break? If you’re in the Chicago area tonight and have tickets to the Revolting Cocks show, you will get a little treat. Al Jourgensen (Ministry), joins them on stage as the special guest. He will also be with the band as they play NYC’s Irving Plaza on the 17th. After party is going to be at Crash Mansion. (btw, I really hate the name of that place, sounds like a video game)

Jonah Samson’s Pleasantville

Vancouver-based photographer Jonah Samson has won us over with his photo series Pleasantville, a place where violence and debauchery run rampant.  Have a look at some of the selections above, and check out Jonah’s site for more.

up all night

PIL, Public Image.

A Jacket by JR


Make a statement this Fall with a jacket from JR’s Face2Face Project.  Edition of 100, Small, Medium, Large, and XL.  Available here

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Reminisce Over This

The Beatnuts, Watch Out Now, 1999

The Baader Meinhof Complex


Cleon Peterson has a new print/movie poster available that he created for The Baader Meinhof Complex, a movie based on a true story of what happens when the children of Nazi Germany grow up.  The trailer is after the jump, and totally worth watching.  The print is above, and totally worth buying here.

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Nothing says ‘wedding slideshow’ like a little Barry Obama

Ben and Joanna’s Wedding Slideshow from Olde English Comedy on Vimeo.

via, buzzfeed

Booooooom’s Where The Wild Things Are Forts Contest


Just the other day, a couple of us were talking about converting a loft space into a series of forts.  Who knew others would be thinking along the same lines?  Booooooom’s contest is simple and ends really soon (October 12th):

“Where The Wild Things Are is filled with references to building a world out of things from your everyday life and that’s exactly what we want you to do!

We want you to create a fort! Use garbage bags, tree branches, tablecloths, prosthetic limbs, wood, gold, whatever you got!”

So you have the weekend to get lifted and make something fun.  Doesn’t sound that bad, right?  More info on submission and all of that jang, here.

Reason to love The Onion #186


Stories like this

Struggling Museum Now Allowing Patrons To Touch Paintings

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Food gets weirder every day


I got this puppy roll from one of those crazy Food Trucks you see all over Manhattan these days.  I should really cut my fingernails, huh?

Lunchtime Laughter

onitsuka tiger celebrating 60 years

It’s all about the 60’s. China is celebrating 60 years of communism and Onitsuka Tiger is celebrating its 60th anniversary as well. We recently received a copy of Onitsuka Tiger’ 60 year celebration collectors box set, I guess you could call it that. It features this amazing laser cut wrapper, and what looks like a hand bound book celebrating the history of the shoe through its advertising, culture, arts, and lifestyle. This is a huge must for any collector! Here are some of the pages to wet your appetite.

han solo blaster pendant


If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your Star Wars obsessed girlfriend, a Han Solo blaster pendant will do.

colorful pen and ink



Amazing work from Japanese artist, Kosuke Ikeda.


could this be the best reality show ever?


Steven Seagal, the man behind the classics Hard to Kill, and Above the Law, has a reality show Lawman. The show airs this December on A&E, so you have not missed anything yet.  Lawman, according to the trailer centers around Seagal, a 20 year veteran on the force… I guess he has been a cop for over 20 years? During the filming of a movie, the Sheriff brought Steven in to help train the officers, and it went so well they deputized Steven and he has been a cop ever since. So follow Steven on the streets of  Jefferson as he saves the town from evil drug running environmental criminals trying to hijack a train with a nuclear bomb on it. In Steven’s words, “It’s not a Job it’s an Adventure”. One last thing, if you like Steven Seagal you also must like Sausage sandwiches…great ad placement!

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Morning Dose of Sexual Senior Citizens

That’s right, Old people learn about safe sex through claymation.  Yup, you’re naggy Jewish Grandma is still gettin’ it.

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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Sticker Kit


Available today at a random moment in time is Shepard Fairey’s latest print, Sticker Kit.  It’s a very informative print, even giving you the stats of running your own small time magazine, Peel, which is who the profits of this print will go to.

“Dave and Holly Combs are wonderful people as well as the founders of PEEL Zine. They took the risk of following their artistic passion and have paid the price of losing their home. I created this print with and for them to raise money to help with their huge debt. PEEL has helped to support and grow the street art community and I believe they deserve to have the favor returned. Profits from this print go to help the Combs family.  Please help out.”


Edition of 450, 18×24, S/N, $50, buy it here

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