The Rickford Institute All-Star Classic, Livingston Street Market, Lola Schnabel, Paul Wackers, & Paranormal Hallucinations

Lots of good stuff happening this weekend. That’s a piece by Paul Wackers (above) whose show Of Life opens tonight at Morgan Lehman.

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Weekend Watching: Sid Vicious – Sid! By Those Who Really Knew Him


Yuketen Maine Guide DB Chukka

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6 Business Days Until Christmas

Until the Friday before Christmas, we’ll be posting one product a day to help make the holiday the most gifted one yet

Filson Rutland Duffle Bag ($325)

Nips: Hpnotiq

You shouldn’t drink antifreeze. Just in case this isn’t obvious there are numerous safeguards in place to prevent people from boozing the stuff, including skull and crossbones on the label and an additive called denatonium (the bitterest substance known to man). The main ingredient in antifreeze, ethylene glycol, is sweet, smooth, and clear. It’s delicious and costs about six dollars a gallon, just one fifth the price of Popov Vodka. You can see why it’s tempting. So to make it absolutely, completely and totally obvious that humans should not consume it, manufacturers color it bright blue, the color of deadly poison.

I don’t know what Hpnotiq tastes like because I didn’t drink it. Obviously.

—Arlo Crawford

Lunchtime Laughter

Phil Hartman

4 Words in One

Pref is making outstanding graffiti.

Figure out what the pieces say here

Great Moments in Novelty Goods…

or as the NY Daily News calls it “World’s Stupidest Inventions”

This Guy.

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“Look, I’m a reasonable guy. But, I’ve just experienced some pretty unreasonable things.” – Jack Burton

Christian Bale Faces a little trouble in big China

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Morning Dose of Facebook in the ’90s

Seinfeld nails it.

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Friday’s Vault

Danny Sargent in Useless Wooden Toys

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