Are you a social retard?

According to a recent study, and Dr. Buzz-von Frienkenshtine… if you spend to much time online you might be a social retard… as you know my spelling sucks…
BTW notice Dr. Buzz or shall I say Dr. Hands really likes broad gestures. Did I mention you can follow us on Twitter….

Waiting for the jheri curl


A great photo of NWA from West Coast Pioneers


Lunchtime Laughter

James Patterson’s world


Here is a perfect example of why we love flash. James Patterson is nyc-based artist who currently has a show at BitForms. He has reminded us why flash is more than just flash. Users can interact with this amazing visceral world of sound color and creatures. There are a few more screens after the jump but, to really understand it check it out here or head over to Bitforms.

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Eddie Van Halen’s got a signature shoe


Eddie Van Halen keeps the surprises coming.

“These classic high top style shoes are identical to the red-black-and-white striped design worn by Eddie onstage for over a decade. Previously unavailable to the public until now, these shoes have a canvas upper and a rubber sole with the EVH logo on the bottom.”

more here

via, Material Interest

Maybe this will help you get a piece


If the idea of majoring in art didn’t help, this could? Lesley Arfin penned a nice little entry on MissBehave titled How To Get Laid (If You’re a Dude). In short, it offers some courteous wisdom and explains that the key to consistent entry is surprises.  One question. Isn’t paying attention usually a surprise?

extreme sheep herding

I saw this on my new favorite UK mens Magazine site Front, a video of extreme sheep herding



Mechafushigi is a cool website whose concept goes way over my head.

“MAKA FUSHIGI” is a Japanese term often used to describe mysterious occurrences. It comes from a Sanskrit term “MAHA” meaning highness and “MAKA FUSHIGI” was originally used to express impressive phenomena in the nature that are beyond human understandings.
The MECHAFUSHIGI is a stock of visual representations of the natural phenomena or people’s work reflecting them throughout the web. I hope these resources will help to understand mechanisms of “MAKA FUSHIGI” and to inspire good design.

Peep it here

Evan Rachel Wood is BonerTown in GQ


Oh Hell Yes

wednesday’s Muse


Ana Beatriz Barros

Picture of the Day


Mickalene Thomas

Lindsay Lohan is having a laugh

things are looking rosie


Rosie Jones for Front Magazine. Not sure what Front is? Neither was I. Apparently, Front Magazine is a “Proper Gents Magazine” (aka NSFW) from across the pond. A little tease after the jump.

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design your custom vans


For a while now, I have been working on designing a pair of Vans to order on the website. But, the experience was…. let’s say it was not so good. Until now. Vans has fixed the store and the custom shop. Check it out now and order your custom Vans. Here’s my current favorite that I am designing, although the problem I have is that I can never commit to the final shoe. I keep mixing it up. If you take a stab at designing your custom’s, send us a screen grab,and we will post for all to see your style.

Reminisce Over This

Questionmark Asylum, Hey LookAway, 1995

Happy days are here again


buy it and wear it

be careful where you sit, really


This is from a Milan Design Week Preview on Core77.

Prickly Chairs by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers at Designersblock

more images after the jump.

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Manute Bol

Be blocking shots.



This new series of paintings for his show at Don’t Come in Melbourne is really fresh.  The girl sitting down by them (after the jump), ain’t half bad either.

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