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No your browser is not f’d up. We notice from time to time similarites in posts. This one was a little creepy, but so far apart and not planned. We have a library of Adriana images that we pick from, but our picture of the day is of the moment. I looked at the site today, and I was a little creeped out by this one…. Scroll down and look for yourself.

masters of the universe reworked

By: PeteChicago

Skeletor is wearing Cheap Monday and YSL, while He-Man sports Dior Homme.

See the rest from Adrian Riemann here.

Best Burger Name Ever


The Super Scooby

“four beefburgers, eight rashers of bacon, eight slices of cheese, 12 onion rings and three types of relish”

Sounds (and looks) delightful

Lunchtime Laughter

Website updates from Banksy are always welcome

Banksy updated his website and some of his work is so sharp.  Have a look above for a sampling (Simon Cowell x Degas’ish? Tight), and on his website for the complete story.

wolf’s ink


Yohei Takahashi: Wolf pen and ink on wood.

I found this at the Compound Gallery, out of Portland. A really nice piece for $400.00

Mid-Morning Dose of Awesome

Carl Sagan mixed with the Autotune. Guest appearance from Stephen Hawkins, source footage from the Cosmos.

Via Buzzfeed

Well, you know that Joke about old people and cobwebs


The Pope shared the podium with an eight-legged friend over the weekend. We’re unsure if this has anything to do with signs of the oncoming apocalypse but, we’ll let you know if it does.  2012 you wild card, you always keep it interesting.  Video evidence after the jump.

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blu at deitch studios L.I.C.

There must be a wonderful view with binoculars looking East, from the UN towards Queens.  On the River side of Deitch Studios, Blu has painted a gigantic yellow mural of endless machinery.  Deitch could be seen as a factory of sorts, no doubt.

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adriana lima seduces us into monday


Also, a nice wall and either a plush or sandy carpet.

Picture of the day & the weekly round-up


Tim Roda

This Week…

We looked at the Agent Provocateur Fashion Show from a different angle

Hot Chicks at Art Opening’s went Tumblr

We looked through Dave Schubert’s Memorial Zine to Dash Snow

Robert Burden impressed us with Epic Paintings of Action Figures


Gillian Jacobs is the hottest girl we can think of right now

El Mac and Retna: Vagos y Reinas at Robert Berman


This Saturday.  Be there

Big Artist Bean Bag Chairs Don’t Come Cheap


But they do look awesome.  Did I ever write that post about how all french girls should wear those Wonder Woman Reeboks?  Cause that fly Frenchie above is.

Buy the big pillows from The Dirty Cream $421.59

via, coolhunting

Sound Advice 19: Matt Haley


We are pleased to present our 19th installment of Sound Advice featuring Matt Haley. Matt is a Portland-based comic-book artist who loves old Japanese kid’s shows, single-malt Scotch, and The Metal.

Sound Advice 19 – Matt Haley

Meant to be played in order, in the near-dark, while watching a movie with the sound off, say, “Blow-Up” or “Outland”.

Side A –

01 “Without Warning” – Dokken
02 “Back For More” – Ratt
03 “Voyager” – Alan Parsons Project
04 “Crazy” – Seal
05 “El Phantasmo And The Chicken -Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women And Song Mix) – White Zombie
06 “Elysian Fields” – Megadeth
07 “Modus Operandi” – Photek
08 “Sea Of Madness” – Iron Maiden
09 “The Legacy” – Testament
10 “Mayday” – Tomahawk
11 “Short And Sweet” – David Gilmour

Side B –

12 “A Secret Silken World” – David Baerwald
13 “Wild Talk” – D.A.D.
14 “The Suspicious Shaman” – Cypher 7
15 “Marakesh” – Peter Kruder
16 “Take Hold Of The Flame” – Queensryche
17 “Is It Now” – Seefeel
18 “Flight To Nowhere” – Tesla
19 “Insecure” – Sevendust
20 “If I Were A Killer” – Galactic Cowboys
21 “Slow Thrills” – Bowery Electric
22 “Last In Line” – Dio
23 “Core (Ver. 1.2.0)” – Vertex

Download Sound Advice 19 Now!

KMFDM Back At It

I have always been a fan of KMFDM, German industrial at its finest. Tonight, they are playing NYC at The Gramercy Theatre at 9pm. We thought we should take a look at the real amazing work of Aiden Huges, who has worked with KMFDM creating a visual voice for their music.
Check out the video for ” A Drug Against War” after the jump illustrated by Aiden for KMFDM.
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looking for the right things to say?


Just stumbled on this gem. “The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator” is very simple, and rudimentarily executed but, sometimes that’s all you need. Type in a 5 digit number (which has nothing more to do than select the phrases to string together), click the button and BAM, you sound smart…or full of it. It’s fun try it out.

Reminisce Over this

Notorious B.I.G., Big Poppa, 1994

Where our future overlords began

by: PeteChicago


One day, you’ll wish they were all as simple minded as these…

Peruse this massive robot collection

via Hey Look What I Can Do

Watch out! Wheelchair in a mosh pit

1000% respect

via, ignoredprayers

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