feral houses in Detroit


Detroit in its modern state of decay is so intruiging.  It reminds me of those weird towns in Atlas Shrugged, where all that remains is mayhem.  And for Detroit, all that remains are the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings.

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Food + Sex Magazine



“Collage art food magazine, Food + Sex, is a combined effort of artists, writers, farmers and foodmakers exploring how desire shapes the food environment. By weaving erotic, shocking and thoughtful layers of beauty, wildness and the human spirit, we peer into the fire of hope and fear to find the hidden, seek the cosmic and reflect on the elemental connectedness in life that opens us to new ways of being. Included in its pages are a visual patchwork of uncommon art, essays and excerpts by thinkers, makers and doers from the food underground and beyond.”

See a preview here

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Lunchtime Laughter

Nixon plugs


Very cool Nixon headphones. They come in black, red, and white for only $40.00. I am feeling the red pair (above).

Holy Crap, Beanie Babies

What a strange collectible those were.

Narrated by that kid and that girl.

The Lego house


A house made of Lego in a vineyard.  Something that I would have never thought of.  I want to have sex in it.

More at ArchDaily

When is this being re-made into a poster?


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‘The Colouring’

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Evolve Devolve offset


This 24″ x 36″ beauty is releasing at a random time today (9/1).  No rush though, it’s signed and in an open edition. Only $35

Picture of the Day


Nick Zinner

“Do Whales Count?” or At Home With The Enablist

This video takes home third prize.

A Lego Crossbow


This is super old but, whatever, still cool.  See one in action after the jump

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Todd James at Colette

Opening tonight or tomorrow in Paris.

Cats are the New Monkeys


Seriously. It used to be monkey this monkey that, and now all I hear and see are cats and kittens.  People need to start adopting monkeys and taking more funny videos of them to rid our culture of this feline infestation. Bring monkeys back!

The Vilena Pose

The Vilena Pose, basically Russian women taking photos of themselves in a mirror in a modified doggy-style. Apparently it blew up a couple months ago, as a multitude of ladies began taking the pics for their social networking profiles.  The strange thing is, I have only been able to find the same 10 or so pics on the internet.  Here are 7.
(Thanks Dave!)

Reminisce Over This

Mobb Deep, Shook Ones Pt. 2, 1995

In Japan, pigeon’s are art critics too


What will they think of next?

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Pogo Ball

Man, the Pogo Ball was a great way to exhaust me from my 1980’s sugar rushs.  Great thinking, Parents!

I’m just waiting for the streetwear version of this to come out


The American Comfort Quilt designed by Bradley Price & Joel Yatscoff.

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